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Why Short Men Shouldn't Worry About Their Height?

Coming from contemporary society, guys dating tall girls or girls dating short guys are seen as taboo. This is by default set by the society that guys should always be taller than girls and is indeed a very wrong prenotion. What people need to understand is, “Babumoshai Height Badi Ho Na Ho, Dil Bada Hona Chahiye”. However, some girls like men who are taller than them and that is a matter of choice.

Tall and Short men

There are quite a few advantages of being short and some tall women have themselves confessed why they find short men attractive.

1. Short Men Have More Character Development 2. Short Men Are Cute And Charming. 3. More Options To Choose From For A Very Tall Women 4. Short Men Are More Open-Minded In A Relationship 5. Short Men Have More Successful Romantic Relationships Than Others 6. It Is Easy To Get Intimate With Short Men & More Pleasurable. 7. Short Men Have a Good Sense Of Humor.

It is ok to have insecurity when it comes to dating women taller than you. Unless the woman you choose is open-minded and loves you as a person, it does not matter what the world thinks. Getting weird looks and constant comments should not hinder your love towards one another. By using dressing and grooming as a tool, you can overcome this hitch towards leading a confident life. Here are a few hacks that you can use to look taller and add height to your body structure. 1. Wear Darker Trousers

Generally, the height up to the torso is the same for both short and tall guys. However, shorter guys tend to have shorter legs. If we are talking about hiding height then you would not like to let those legs expose you. Dark trousers can be an optimal solution. You can also go with 'dark on dark' outfit ideas, like all black doesn't sound a bad idea at all. Also, don't tuck in, as it exposes where your torso is and highlights the fact that your legs are short.

Monochrome Look

2. Illusion of Height

There are some style games that can provide an illusion of height. Anything that is less in width and a bit taller in length tends taller to the human eye. So, if your clothes fit you well and you have a toned body, you will automatically seem taller. Also, vertical stripes are a good idea to wear. Jumpsuits and blazers are also great ideas since they look like a single piece of cloth and create an illusion of tallness.

Vertical Stripes Shirt

3. Right Way to Wear Shirts and T-shirts

The right way to wear shirts is that you always fold up the sleeves and while tucking your shirt in, remember to avoid baggy wrinkles while tucking in as they add width which makes you look shorter. In the case of t-shirts try skinny-fit which are not too long and baggy. The ideal length of your t-shirt should be to the middle of the zip of your pant and your sleeves should be tight near your biceps. This gives the illusion of tallness and muscularity.

How to Tuck in shirt

4. Small Prints, Dots, and Checks

Try on small polka dots or prints as they make you look sharper and muscular. Also, if you want to wear checks, try out smaller checks. Larger prints and checks will make you look shorter than you actually are. Also, avoid baggy clothes and widespread collars as they tend to make you not only look shorter but also idiotic.

Printed Shirt

5. Tailored Pants

Every short guy knows how much difficult it is to get a pant that fits him both in width and length. It is a very rare occasion that you get what you desire. Most of the time, you have to tailor what you desire. If you are folding it with wide folds twice to thrice then it won't look good and makes you look short. Get your pants customized according to your length and they would look much better.

Tailored Pant

6. Right Shoes

If you are thinking about what shoes go with your height then let us make it clear to you. If you choose a bright colour, then everybody can't help but notice your shoe and will automatically notice your short legs. Wear sober colours like black or brown. Also, you can try loafers that come with a heel. That will give you an additional 1 inch of height. Make sure the colour of the pants and the shoe match as it makes your legs look elongated.

Black Shoes and Black Pant

7. Haircut trick

This is quite an effective one if you can pull it off. Try to keep the volume on the top of your head and try some quiff hairstyles like pompadour or slick back. Also, you can try simple spikes. This is quite a simple yet effective illusion that can add to your height.

Quiff Hairstyle

8. Correct Body Posture

Always maintain your body posture. What most people do is slouch a lot which makes them look short. Your hands should be parallel to your shoulder, your back straight and your head up. Try correct body posture and you will find yourself, that you are not as short as you look. Keep it straight and confident.

Body Posture

Above everything own what you are. Your height doesn't define your masculinity but your personality does. Height is never really an issue until you make it one. Good communication and staying through the highs and lows of life are the key to a relationship and not your partner's height.

“Love comes in all shapes and sizes, it's up to you to be un-bias”. ~ Tina Marie

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