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How To Make Your Partner Happy In Bed?

One of the insecurities from which men suffer the most is whether they were good in bed or not, whether they lasted long or not. Since 86% of Indian men start watching porn at the age of 10, their notions of lasting longer in bed are falsely warped. It is not about the 45 minutes of longevity but of the 15 minutes of quality. You already have known by now about the benefits of a good diet or pelvic muscle exercises. Let us give you some useful tips which you might find interesting and helpful.

Beautiful Couple Together

1. The Thumb Rule

No matter if you last long or short, you must remember the gentleman’s rule of letting the lady first. The majority of complaints during a survey was not of men not lasting long in the bed but of them reaching their climax first and then sleeping without a care in the world. If you are involved in sexual intercourse, you must care about the share of your partner’s happiness too. So, next time, let your partner reach her climax first and then you reach yours. You will see how magically your sex life boosts after this and this honestly has to do nothing with the duration.

Lemon Squeezing

2. Condom to Prevent Sensation

If you are having trouble lasting long and just give in within a few minutes in the beginning, then this simple hack can save your manhood. Next time during intercourse try using a condom. Condoms are excellent in absorbing the majority of the sensation around your shaft.

The simple logic is that less the sensation, less the stimulus, more time to reach your climax and hence more is the time you carry on your act. Try this and the results will surprise you.

Condom Use

3. More Attention to Fore Play

Ladies tend to give more attention to the minute details rather than the main activity. For them, the act of sex begins from the moment the two of you get intimate. Giving more attention and detail to the foreplay alone can increase the duration of intercourse. Instead of slamming the door and just beginning the sexual activity, try out soft kisses, small conversations, laughter, or a good massage. Everything contributes to the duration. Add these before your intercourse session to spice things up a bit. Not only does this lighten up the atmosphere but also gives a power boost to the main activity.

Foreplay Joke

4. Give a try to Edging

Edging is the process of building up an orgasm and letting it go at the last moment before you ejaculate and then building it up all over again and repeating the procedure. This is a great weapon to last long in bed. Since you don’t reach your orgasm, your body won’t give in till it does. Try to edge as much as possible and in the end, when you reach your climax, I assure you, that will be the best orgasm of your life. You can try the same with your partner to increase the duration furthermore. However, this technique requires practising and it is okay if you fail to do so in your first few attempts. You will master it with time.


5. Changing Positions

Changing positions is a good idea to last long. Try out different positions and your duration will increase automatically. If you don’t know much about positions, you can search them up and discuss and try out 3-4 positions that you and your partner both agree on.

Just when you realize you are reaching your climax, instantly change the position and repeat the procedure till you want to stay active. In fact, this needs no practice like that of edging.

Sex Positions

6. Distraction

A distraction like the above can be a powerful weapon that will help you to increase your duration. Though bad in many senses, it works magic in your climax moment.

Whenever you feel like climaxing, just distract your mind with some random thoughts like what will you do tomorrow, what you had for dinner, what’s 69*69 and stuffs like that. You will see how suddenly, your urge to climax goes away. Repeat this till you are satisfied with your duration.

Distraction while having sex

7. Pause-Squeeze Method

Though scientifically an effective one, this method is on the least favourite list. The pause-squeeze method is basically whenever you feel like ejaculating, just pull out your shaft and press the tip of it till, the sensation to ejaculate wears out and continue building up all over again. The reason this process is least favourite is that it is a complete disconnection from the activity. Changing positions is also the same but this is a bit more disconnected. On the other hand, edging and distraction are more useful regarding higher durations of sexual activity.

Pause Squeeze method

8. Masturbate before Sex

If you masturbate before sex, your urge to climax will be much less than what you will urge if you begin without masturbation. For time being, your shaft will be immune to the tingy sensations and you can continue for a longer time without climaxing. However, this process is not very durable, since sensations vary from person to person, but this process will surely give you a head start to continue longer.


9. Kegel Exercises

If you want to increase the strength of your pelvic muscles stay longer in bed. Kegel Exercise will do wonders to that. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles, hold the contraction for three seconds, and then relax for three seconds. Try it a few times in a row. When your muscles get stronger, try doing Kegel exercises while sitting, standing or walking.

A simple technique you can use is the start and stop pee method. When you start peeing just in between tighten your pelvic muscles and stop the pee for 10-15 seconds(just count 10-15). Again start peeing and do it again. Do this at least 3-4 times daily. This technique will work wonders in just a few months if you are very consistent.

Kegel Exercises for men

You can also enhance your performance by consuming the right foods and supplements.

1. Drink a lot of water minimum of 3-4 litres.

2. Consume lots of raw fruits and vegetables.

3. Consume meat like salmon & oysters.

4. Nuts and seeds are a great source of zinc.

5. Apples, berries & other citrus fruits are great libido boosters.

6. Here are a few products that help you boost your performance.

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According to a study over many countries, the duration for sex is in general 5-6 minutes. Don’t let these porn videos fool you with sex going on for hours and hours. However, to be honest, there is no particular duration for sex. It is completely up to you and your partner to decide the optimal time. If both of you are satisfied you can end immediately and if you are not, then you can go for as long as you want. Don’t let these insecurities ruin the beautiful relationship you have.

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