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How To Include Necklace & Chain In Your Outfit

We have generally stereotyped the jewellery to be owned by men. Other than the typical gold chain during the festivals or the wedding, men have no idea about the array of options available in the Neck-chain section. Men are always taught from childhood that; they wear watches and women wear jewellery. Standing today, that preaching has become quite blurry as Ranbir, Hrithik, Pandya brothers and many other celebs are rocking their looks with a simple pendant or heavy jewellery of their choice. Necklaces in fact are louder than any other accessory you wear. So, let’s dump the patriarchal quote, ‘Aurat banne ka shaukh hai?’ and dive into these attractive accessories.

Men's Necklaces and chains

What are the types?

1. Dog Tags

These are specially referred to as ‘war chains’, since they were typically worn by the soldiers during the civil war and world wars as identifications, in case of any casualty. Dog tags became famous after it was given as a badge of honour in the Youth adventure show 'Roadies' by famous MTV VJ and host Rannvijay Singha. These chains have moved their way up the fashion line and are a style statement nowadays. Today, you can engrave anything on dog tags besides your name. This reflects your maturity and gives a soldier vibe to your persona.

Men wearing a dog tag

2. Chains

Chains come with a broad family to choose from. Either it is cable chains, or ball chains, or snake chains, or marines, all of them are strands of rings, discs, or beads, that interlock each other. If you need nothing but some real piece of raw art, then these are the ones that you must decorate your neck with. This adds a subtle layer of raw and royal instinct to your personality.

Men Chains

3. Pendants

Want something catchy yet subtle at the same time? Then pendants are your go-to. This necklace is a bit fancier than the rest of its family. It is always better to choose a pendant that resonates with you. It can be a feather, anchor or claw, coin or any material that reflects a part of you. Every pendant has a story to tell, what’s yours; you would like the people to know?

Men wearing pendant

4. Beads Necklace

This is one of the oldest members of the family. The record states the earliest known beaded necklaces were made of shells about 1,00,000 years ago. Although various metals have come to light be woods, plastic, or stones, you will still find the shell ones at any beach market you visit. The beads have a relaxed and yogic vibe associated with them. Get ready to free yourself from all the responsibilities with this around your neck.

Beads Chain

5. Leather Necklace

Leather gives you that premium feels you have been looking for. Whether it is a mere leather strap or has a pendant to it, it can outmatch every accessory you have and levels up your style game to the next level. Keep in mind to synchronize your necklace to your watch or belt strap for a better-uncluttered look. However, leather might not be the best choice for many when it comes to necklaces.

Leather Necklace for Men

How to Rock Any Necklace?

Whether it is a solid chain, a fancy pendant, or untamable leather, there are a set of things that you should be clear on or understand, before you unlock the true potential of this accessory.

1. What’s your story?

As told, necklaces are the loudest piece of accessory you can wear as it tells a lot about you. And if it so, you better pick up one that narrates your story better. Matching your necklace with your personality can totally level up your style game.

Necklace story

2. What’s the occasion?

Whether it is your personal life, your corporate life, or your time for a holiday vacation, there are necklaces for every occasion. Just like you can’t wear a 10 mm thick chain to your office meeting, you can’t also ruin your beach mood with a leather one.

Men wearing thick chain

3. What matches Which?

It is very important to keep your outfit and your necklace in synergy with each other. Your necklace should match colour with your outfit as well as your other accessories. If you are wearing accessories other than necklaces, then try to keep them as cohesive as possible.

Matching combination

4. How many?

This totally depends on your taste. Some are satisfied with one, while others like a combination of 2-3. If you love wearing more than one, keep the combinations rolling. Two chains of different thicknesses with a beaded one would look better than three chains of the same thickness. However, wearing more than 3 is a bad idea if you are not Bappi Lahiri.

Men wearing multiple chains

Necklaces or any piece of jewellery adds a whole lot of personality to you. Wearing the right necklace with the right outfit is the key to opening the door for compliments and attention. As men’s jewellery is always made to complement not overwhelm.

“Jewelry is like the perfect spice… It complements what’s already there.” ~ Diane Von Furstenberg

Still confused? Want to take a deeper dive? Connect with our panel of experts now and see what works best for you.

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