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Cufflinks – An Interesting Accessory To Enhance Your Personality

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Cufflinks are an accessory that can uplift a person's ensemble as well as persona. Technically, it is a functional ornamental accessory that was first seen in the seventeen hundreds out of necessity, and today cufflinks are a symbol of sophistication. They were known as sleeve buttons that were made of silver or gold with etched or stamped designs or with precious gems. The idea of wearing cufflinks became popular mainly during the 19th century, wherein shirt studs and cufflinks were essential for every gentleman's wardrobe.


Has it lost its importance now? No, it's not as it will always remain timeless and a worthwhile investment in your wardrobe. Cufflinks reflect your personality as well as adds meaning to your personal brand. Don't limit them just for your tuxedos and suits, incorporate it even with formal shirts; see how well it reflects your character.

All geared up to try one? You should have the right shirt for it. The shirt should have French cuffs or Convertible cuffs as shown in the image to add the cufflinks. You cannot wear it like the usual buttons; it needs some extra space for extra emphasis. There are various styles of cufflinks that are worn based on your style preference, metal match, and occasion. If you wear formal shirts every day and blazers, ties, etc., feel out of place in your work environment, then the cufflinks are apt to elevate your essence of style. Here are a few ways you can choose the right pair of cufflinks for you.

Ways to wear Cufflinks


In this world wherein the focus of styling is on the individuality of the wearer, it's a really good idea if you are thinking of getting your cufflinks customized. Personalization is always a green flag as it shows how much effort you have put into your outfit. The more things you find that complements your personality, the more sharp is your look.

a. Initials are a go-to way

Want to leave your impact wherever you go? Subtly show your authority by emphasizing your name via initials in your cufflinks. It is a simple method to increase self-love and portray your leadership qualities. If you are looking for the right tool to increase your confidence then, pick the cufflinks with your initials.

Silver Copper Letter K Cufflinks for Men

Silver Copper Letter K Cufflinks for Men

Alphabet A Statement Cuff Links

Alphabet A Statement Cuff Links

b. The power of your sun-sign

It is a fancy way of handling "The Fault in (y)our Stars". Usually, the birthstones are recommended to be worn as rings however, if you are not a big fan of rings then cufflinks are your getaway. Your luck and your fortune will stay in your hands as long as you pick up your game of style with the appropriate cufflinks. If you are a Leo, who wants to control your aggressive behavior as well as look stylish then, these ruby red cufflinks are for you. You can get the original stones embedded in the cufflinks with any design you desire.

Red Brass Cufflinks

Red Brass Cufflinks

 Gemini Cufflinks for Men

Gemini Cufflinks for Men

c. Match your passion with action

If you are crazy about cards, jets, travel, cooking and so much more, show it with your cufflinks. You might be a CEO and Superman still resides in your heart or a Software Developer who loves coding, get cufflinks in all shapes and colors. It's not a sin to have a collection of cufflinks that states your identity. After all, you are what you wear!

Superman Cufflinks

Superman Cufflinks

Ironman Cufflinks

d. Connect character to shapes

If you are a person with great organizing skills and a perfect planner the symmetric squares must be your choice. If you are a start-up entrepreneur looking after the end-to-end needs of the company then the round shape suits you as an all-rounder. A shy person with an artistic nature can go for an intricate pattern that resembles your deepest emotions.

Round Vintage Cufflinks
Silver Lightning Cufflinks

Round Cufflinks - Check Now Silver Lightning Cufflinks – Check Now

2. Complementing it with your Outfit

Most of the shirts we use are of light colors as for this, you have to match the shades with your metals. Pair cool colors with silver and warm colors with gold. Wear silver metal cufflinks if you are wearing a shirt in the shades of blue, lavender, grey, pista green, etc. Wear gold metal cufflinks for the shirt in the shades of yellow, beige, light reds, tangerine, etc. Shirts in black and white can be paired with either of them depending on the occasion.

If you are wearing cufflinks with a blazer, tie, and pocket square then with the base of gold or silver that matches the shirt make sure it contains an element from the color of the tie or pocket square. If you are wearing a light blue shirt, a navy blue blazer, and a red tie; silver cufflinks with red stone will pair perfectly with it. Similarly, match various accessories to complete your everyday look.

Gold Engraved Cufflinks

Silver Knot Cufflinks

Gold Engraved Cufflinks

Silver Knot Cufflinks

3. Pay attention to the Occasion

Understanding what accessories to which event is very important as you cannot dress in vibrancy for a business meeting or stay sober for a wedding. Choose a cufflink that is simple with a single color and design which is not over the top for a formal business event. Choose an intricate pair, embellished, embossed that creates a statement for a gala night or a wedding. It will remain the smallest accessory in your outfit yet create a strong impact on all the events and occasions. For day-to-day use, you can go for personalized cufflinks which will remain as your signature style.

Silver Enamel stripe Cufflinks
Crystal Gold Cufflinks

Silver Enamel stripe - Check Now Crystal Gold Cufflinks - Check Now

Your outfits and accessories go hand in hand in developing your brand. Isn't it interesting to know that your first impression is created just in 3 seconds after the person sees you? Why not create an everlasting impression with the cufflinks that elevate your style as well as your personality.

"Accessories are an exclamation point in your outfit"

Thus, Cufflinks not only bring the cuffs together but also bring a look together. It is not only a very go-to accessory but it is pomp being a functional ornament for men. You can be experimental in terms of the colors and types of cufflinks. You should choose a cufflink that compliments your ensemble, not one that empowers it. Having a tough time selecting a collection of accessories for you? Get in touch with the experts of Enzo League to help you choose the right pair. It's excellent if you build a cufflink wardrobe that includes various styles so that you have many options for making your look appropriate for your mood and occasion.


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