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How To Wear Colors As Per Your Zodiac Sign?

Updated: Mar 17

Your energy is what opens up the paths ahead in life. Energy is there in every form and colors are the biggest source of energy. If these colours are complementing with your zodiac signs then they can create wonders. They can boost trust, calm anxious energy; reinforce courage, and so much more. It is also a powerful communication tool that helps you express certain things without having to say a word.

Colors suited as per your zodiac sign

However, colours can be perceived subjectively. This is due to the influence of culture, environment, and values. But, there are colours with a universal meaning approach that does not differ much. Chromo-therapy is where colours are believed to heal a person which is why it is a strong influence. Read ahead to see which colour in YOUR zodiac sign brings out the most important traits! A different planet rules each zodiac sign, which indicates that all the zodiac signs have different effective colours.

Aquarius – The Water Bearer (January 20–February 18): Sky Blue

Aquarius is an air symbol, which indicates that you are intelligent, thoughtful, charismatic, and a communicator with expertise. You dislike a know-it-all, strongly believing that one never stops learning in a lifetime. You like to be individualistic and sometimes contradict the status quo. The colour of the sky and sea is sky blue. Depth and stability are also associated with it. You combine your charisma with the new trends. Blue pairs well with virtually every other colour, including vibrant warm hues like orange or red and more muted neutral tones like beige and grey. A deep blue is best worn with neutrals and light colours, whereas a soft blue is best suited with darker shades.

Karthik Aryan in blue denim jacket

Pisces - Fish (February 19–March 20): Light Green

Pisces men are flirty, sweet, and romantic but also introverted and sentimental. As a water symbol, Pisceans are the most sensitive sign of all. Green is a cool colour that signifies material phenomena and nature. It initiates calmness and evokes compassion. Green is also a colour that symbolizes a fresh start. It pairs well with a wide variety of colours including neutrals like brown and grey, as well as vibrant shades of yellow and blue. If you are more of a formal wear person add colours like Pista green or olive green and if you prefer casual then you can experiment with dark and leafy greens.

Ayushmann Khurrana in Neon Green Jacket

Aries – Ram (March 21–April 19): Red

The male personality of Aries is practically an image of pure masculinity. You are a person who evokes the greatest respect. You know how your charm works. Red creates the most intense feelings of any shade. The warmest and most ambiguous of the colours is considered to be red. Black, white, beige, camel, navy blue, brown, and grey go well with red. These neutral colours give you a classy look. Since red is a vibrant colour you can wear it as a t-shirt and layer it with a coat or use accessories of red to keep it subtle and elegant.

Sushant Sign Rajput in Red Pants and shoes

Taurus – Bull (April 20–May 20): Green

One of the most reliable and trustworthy signs of the zodiac is Taurus. You are genuinely compassionate and intelligent. You will be inclined to have a life that is organized and balanced. You take your time to make a decision and you appear to become very persistent after making your choice. The colour green is firmly connected to nature and portrayed as reliable and it is often characterized as good, green, and restful by humans. Forest green and brown are well-matched due to them being very calming shades. Green as a cool colour can be paired easily with shades of blue. If you are of a dark skin tone add lighter colours like cream, light blue, or grey with dark green. If you are of lighter skin tone then pair it up with blacks and navy blues.

Men in Olive pants and jackets

Gemini – Twins (May 21–June 21): Yellow

Gemini is a smart and curious symbol that thinks rapidly. You are a masterpiece of warm empathy. You are a versatile creature who needs a little foresight. Through your ambitions and views, you significantly change. Truly inspirational yellow boosts the spirit of Gemini and it causes curiosity and bright ideas. Yellow is a color of sunshine and it goes well with any dark color. If you are an extrovert and want to create an impact then go for the brighter shades and if you want to keep it casual and subtle choose muted shades of yellow.

Men in Yellow sweatshirt and shirt

Cancer – Crab (June 22–July 22): White and Silver

The indigenous people of cancer are all about the household. You are very dedicated and loyal to friends and family. Oftentimes, you have a desire to be embraced and supported to feel at ease. You can handle discouragement and can persistently survive in harsh circumstances. Silver and white are shades of wisdom and purity, much like the shimmering surface of water or the bright face of the Moon. White allows your love to flow at its deepest level. White, being a neutral colour, is a colour that can be worn with all colours. Add prints to make this an interesting colour. If you are going for a plain white shirt, pair it with textured or striped chinos and if you are going for white trousers go for a printed shirt and they can make an amazing combination.

Yash wearing white suit

Leo – Lion ( July 23–August 22): Gold

Leo has big plans for his life. You are competitive and ambitious and you always want to shine through the crowd. That is why your colour is shining gold. It gives the attention you are looking for. Other colours that appeal to you are purple and red. You can show your zodiac colour through accessories like watches, Rings, Chains, and even phone cases. You can also wear shades of mustard yellow if you are not into bright bling of gold. Pair it with darker shades like blacks and browns for a cool combination.

Allu Arjun wearing  Gold Jacket

Virgo – Virgin (August 23–September 22): Green and Brown

Virgo's are loyal to their family members almost always. You are the face of the perfectionist and are not afraid of learning new skills through diligent and constant practising. You are clever and have a successful personal outlook. Original, real brown and green keep Virgo stabilized and solid growth centred. Brown reflects stability and embraces the Virgin's patient and diligent outlook on life. Green in essence is the colour of prosperity, reinforcing the lifelong plight of Virgo towards the soul. Brown is best paired with neutral and pastel shades. If you have a neutral skin tone that is close to the shade of brown then elevate your outfit with bright hues of a light color.

Siddharth Malhotra wearing Emerald Green

Libra – Balance (September 23–October 22): Pink and Blue

The Libra symbol embodies equality and justice. The Libra man is a master orator. In most cases, you know exactly the right words to say. In all aspects of life, you try to achieve equilibrium. Pink and light blue help unlock and calm the presence of the Libra's core. These pale hues offer Libra's personality a soothing and compassionate appearance. Light blue, symbolizing a calm, subtle wind, increases clarification and stability, while pink brings up the loving and gentle essence of Libra. Pink is a color that men usually do not prefer however, pink is a boon for neutral skin tone men. This colour paired best with navy blue and black or any neutral colour. Incorporate this colour into your wardrobe by at least starting with the subtle shades of pink.

Prabhas wearing Pink Shirt

Scorpio – Scorpion (October 23–November 21): Black

Scorpio is the zodiac's most misinterpreted and enigmatic sign. You are faithful, devoted, and trapped in your ways, but you are emotionally versatile and filled with energy at the same time. You are enthusiastic, ambitious, and unashamed of blazing your road. Dark and enigmatic black makes Scorpio deeply fascinated and transformation-focused. Black reflects the darkest corners where the Scorpion lives and increases its urge to feel below the horizon and challenge it all. Black is the easiest colour to create a combination from as it can be paired with any colour or print. It is a must-have colour for people on the heavy side as it plays an important role in camouflage. However, if you have a dark skin tone use neutral colors to complement it.

Shahid Kapoor wearing black jacket

Sagittarius – Archer (November 22–December 21): Purple

Sagittarians are fun to love and an amazing company. Men born under the sign Sagittarius have an optimistic view of life even though they may face complex challenges. Vibrant purple drives the intellectual mind of Sagittarius towards salvation and transparency as the colour of salvation and knowledge. Purple, also a colour of abundance, promotes the natural fortune and optimistic disposition of Sagittarius and pushes it to continually extend its possibilities. Purple again is not favoured by most Indian men, however; it is the colour of royalty and suits best for all Indian tones. Start by having violet, lilac, and Mauve shades in your wardrobe as they go best for formal occasions. They are subtle and can be paired with neutral colours.

Hrtihik Roshan wearing Muave Suit

Capricorn – Goat (December 22–January 19): Brown and Grey

In general, individuals born under the Zodiac Sign Capricorn are tolerant, diligent, forgiving, and staying strong. They are very conscious of their personal and mental well-being. Earthy grey and brown help Capricorn find the most powerful and realistic direction in life to pursue. These strong but neutral colours reinforce the consistency, stability, and traditionalism of Capricorn. The conservative character of Capricorn and its no-nonsense attitude to life are increased by a combination of contrasts — white and black—grey. Brown signifies strength, and it aims to achieve its objectives. Brown and grey themselves are a unique combination however they look great when paired up with pastels in a formal setting and bright hues for a casual environment. Make sure you choose a shade that does not merge with your skin tone. Pick a few shades of light or dark from the hue of brown.

Rohit Saraf wearing brown collar neck t-shirts

Want To know more about what works for your zodiac sign? Watch the Below Video Series

Now that you know what colours vibe in with your zodiac signs and personality, why not give it a try? You also have seen how you can pair it and incorporate it into your outfits so, why to wait to explore the world of colours? Match your colour energy with your personality and see what amazing results you achieve.

Personal Color Analysis

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