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  • What is Enzo League?
    Enzo League is a Personal Styling & Grooming platform for men who require a direction towards the journey of success. We are exclusively for individuals who want to build their identity and create an impact wherever they are. Enzo league offers styling and grooming services that are personalized for every man. Men's fashion has taken a new twist with us by their side.
  • What does Enzo League means?
    'Enzo' is an Italian word which means 'Winner' . Therefore Enzo league is on a mission to create a 'League of Winners'
  • What does Enzo League Offer?
    Enzo League focuses to make personalized styling & grooming consulting available through an team of exceptional stylists and image consultants both inhouse and highly experienced freelance professionals , who create customized look books, chats with you both on phone or in person, helps in personalized shopping ,provide online style catalogues for the individual. available for any other value-added services as per customer requirements.
  • How is Enzo League different from other shopping websites?
    Enzo League provides personalized recommendations of the products , based on the information you provide about your personality ,your preferences and your lifestyle through which you can buy products from the existing shopping websites instead of searching from thousands of inventories present on their websites.
  • How do I get started on my Style journey?
    You can connect with our team here where you can share your requirements and we will recommend the right service for you. You can also directly meet our team and the stylists at our office in Bangalore (appointment basis only) or you can also go to our Service section and buy any of the services and we will reach out to you accordingly.
  • Where will the Styling session take place?
    For all Style Consultation(appointment basis only) you can visit our office in Bangalore or call us directly. All offline services are planned and scheduled at the venue mutually agreed by the customer and the stylists.
  • How does Online Styling services work?
    Once you have booked the online styling service .You will receive a call from our team within 24 hours. Style Questionnaire will be sent at your registered email id , which has to be filled and submitted by the customer. Based on your questionnaire you will be matched with a stylist addressing your requirements. The Stylist will get in touch with you and schedule either a call or a skype session. You will then receive an interactive pdf as per the service taken.
  • How does Offline Styling services work?
    You will receive a call from our customer support to confirm the service signed up and check the availability for the styling session with you. Style Questionnaire will be sent at your registered email id , which has to be filled and submitted by the customer. Based on your questionnaire a qualified stylist is matched to your requirements. Our Stylist will contact you to schedule a face-to-face appointment either in their office or at a mutually agreed upon location. Post the session; your stylist will prepare look books for you with recommendations on wardrobe and accessories that best suits you which can bought directly from the pdf.
  • What is Personal Styling?
    Personal Styling is very specific to an individual aligned with his choices and opinions ,where it evolves with the personality and doesn't change with every season like fashion.Personal Styling is normally done by style experts who are known as Personal Stylists.
  • What is Personal Stylist?
    Personal Stylist is an expert who helps individual to dress right as per their personality by using his personality attributes and lifestyle like body type, complexion, personality type, hair color, eye color , occasion and budget.They understand individual needs in details and brings out the message the person wants to convey through his dressing and create the right impact and impression.
  • Who can benefit from a Personal Stylist?
    Building a personal style and managing your personal branding is not just for celebrities. It is for anyone who wants to improve their dressing and want to look confident in their profession. This is for everyone who aspires to look great by getting insight into creating a functional wardrobe that suits their lifestyle
  • How often should we cut our Hair & Beard?
    It is recommended to trim the beard at least in 1-2 weeks and you can cut the hair at least in every 4-6 weeks.
  • How can I buy the services?
    You can buy the services from the service page. Choose the appropriate service and add it to the cart, make the payment using credit/debit/netbanking/wallets and you will receive a mail with the confirmation and your invoice.
  • What is the duration of the services?
    Each service will have a different duration. Online services like personal style reports will take 15 business working days and other services can be done within 3 business working days. Please talk to your stylist for exact duration required for the service you chose.
  • Can I gift Styling services to my friends or family?
    Yes, you can choose a 'Gift Card' option from styling services and choose the amount for the gift and do the payment. Gift card will be receiving an email with the voucher code and how to use it to book any of our service . In case of any more questions you can always reach out to us at
  • What does is the minimum booking amount for the services?
    There is no minimum booking amount . Whatever you see the prices on the service section for each services is the final price you have to pay by booking the service in advance. More specific questions or customized pricing plan contact us at
  • What is your refund policy for services booked?
    The services once booked cannot be refunded however the amount can be adjusted with any other service listed on the website. For more details check our refund policy.
  • What is a Personalized Look Book?
    Look Book is a head-to-toe look with collection of product images of clothes and accessories for an specific occasion that are specially designed for your personality attributes like body type, complexion , hair color, eye color, personality type etc.It will help you visualize how to coordinate different pieces together. Also, contain the products which can be bought through the look book just by a click from your favorite destinations like Myntra,Amazon, Zara, H&M etc.
  • What is Personal Shopping?
    Your Personal Stylist will analyse your body type , skin tone, personality type,occasion and the budget to plan and help you create a functional wardrobe. Once you book the Personal shopping , a stylist will accompany you for a personalized shopping session at a scheduled time ,date and venue mutually agreed upon by you and the stylist.The expert will pick the outfits suitable for you, where all you have to do is, just the trial. Recommendations will be made for alterations of worthwhile pieces and a handy guide that will help you with future combinations.
  • Is there a minimum hours I have to book for Personal Shopping?
    Yes , the minimum of 2 hours of booking is required for Personal Shopping.Every additional hours post your 2 hours will be charged hourly basis.Hourly cost ₹2500. For more details please contact us at
  • Does Personal Shopping price include the cost of clothes?
    Personal Shopping Service charges only include the personal stylist fee for consultation and for curating the look-books that help you pick the right pieces. Payment for purchases of clothes will be made by you at the store.
  • What is Hair & Beard Styling Service?
    Your stylist will assess your face type and plan a few hairstyle and beard style as per your face-type, after which you will be arriving on your appointment date to our partner salon. Our stylist along with the hairstylist will give you the suitable look. You will also get a handy guide as to how you can maintain the look in the future and some hair and beard care products recommendations.
  • What is a Personal Style Report?
    It is a end-to-end detailed handy guide that helps you to get to know yourself in details like what is your body type , what color suits you , what prints/checks should I wear etc and maintain your wardrobe with right pieces suited to your personality. After your personalized analysis, the stylist will recommend products that suit you with a few utilities that help in your style journey. This report will also contain hyperlinked images to shop online as well as certain ideas to shop offline. This comprehensive report will make your everyday dressing easier.To get a demo of this report please contact us.
  • Will the report include what to buy and where to buy?
    Yes, the report will include specific links for online shopping and a guide for offline shopping.
  • What is 'Ask A Stylist' service?
    This service is for people who have last-minute queries on what to wear? Or how to wear it? etc. It is a service where you can consult the stylist and ask the relevant questions for 15 minutes. Get answers to your immediate queries. For longer duration calls with the stylist please contact
  • What is the difference between 'Ask A Stylist' service & 'Online Consultation?
    'Ask A Stylist' is a 15 min call with the stylist to answer any last minute queries for your outfit woes for any specific occasions. Online Consultation has 3 different categories to choose from where you can get either Body Analysis , Hair & Beard Style Recommendations or Grooming routine.In online consultation you get to speak to the stylist with your requirements and get an interactive pdf with products recommendations as per your requirements.
  • What is a Professional Portfolio?
    A set of photographs curated by the style experts and professional photographer. This portfolio will depict your personality and can be used for your professional requirements like marriage portfolio for prospects, modelling career, dating profile or social media to create a strong personal brand of your own.Your outfits in the images will be decided by us and styled well to make you look presentable in all the pictures.
  • What is Personal Color Analysis? What does it contain?
    The personal colour analysis will identify whether your skin tone falls under a cool or warm colour palette. Our stylist will provide you with a range of colours that suit your skin tone. You can use this information to choose right colours for your clothes, jewellery as well as for accessories. You will receive a personalized colour palette that suits your skin tone, with the help of which you can make various outfit combinations every day.
  • What is a Wardrobe Audit?
    Your personal stylist will audit, plan, and help you create a functional wardrobe. It is a systematic process of assessing the clothes in your wardrobe based on colour, fit, styles, lifestyle needs, and occasions. The worn-out or unwanted pieces will be discarded and recommendations for new updated pieces will be given by the stylist. Your stylist will be arranging your wardrobe in manner to be used easily on daily basis with outfit combinations created from your existing clothes and recommendations list will be provided with the missing pieces.
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