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How To Choose A Perfume That Enhances Your Personality

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

You might be wearing the most stylish clothes, keep a well-groomed beard, have your hair done right, and even harbor a chiseled body – but oftentimes, the most underrated element of a man‘s ensemble is the fragrance he is wearing. A good perfume can, more often than not, make all the difference in creating a lasting and impressive impression.

Fragrances & Perfumes

IIf you‘ve ever enjoyed a particular perfume on someone else and then tried it on yourself, only to be confused when it didn‘t smell the same on you, you‘re not alone. There‘s a scientific basis for the perfume‘s perplexing behavior. While a certain perfume may have the same fragrant notes in it, wearers‘ individual body chemistries can heavily influence how it reacts on the skin. In fact, perfume may smell different on the same person at two different times during the month. Diets can even dictate how perfumes smell and how strongly they linger after initial application. Individuals who favor savory or flavourful dishes may find that their perfume picks up wisps of these scents as they seep through their pores.

Hormones may also have a say in how any perfume behaves. Researchers have found that the usage of perfume that suits your skin and personality often helps in the secretion of hormones that are good for our health and promotes inner self-confidence.

But isn‘t it tiresome work to choose the best men perfume for yourself out of the wide pool of perfumes for men available in the market right now. Don‘t worry we have got you covered here is the list of carefully hand-picked Best Perfume for Men you can pick from as per personalities and style statements.

1. The Playboy

Matt Blanc and Ranveer Singh

This isn't really about the play. It's about power, social status, and using them to generate attraction. So for the playboy, when he walks into any situation, he wants to come off as the alpha – as the man that's in charge. If you come off as in charge, if people are calling you sir, you look like you're in a position of power even if you're not. You have high social status – which means you'll be perceived as more attractive, both to men and especially to women.

Want to feel like the confident Casanova Ricky Bhel or ask anyone ― “How You Doin'?” like Joey Tribbiani from our favorite sitcom 'FRIENDS', then the perfume will help you get popular among the ladies. Fragrances like rosemary, musk, lavender, cardamom, sandalwood, and amber are perfect for a playboy.

The Man Company  Eau De  Perfume
Police Eau De Perfume


2. The Corporate Powerhouse

Adar Poonawala and Ranveer Allahbadia

If suits are your middle name, then corporate powerhouse is your game. Climbing your way up the professional ladder has been a series of made-to-measure suits, seven-fold silk ties, and pocket squares, plus shined-to-the-hilt brogues — all of which perfectly accessorize that take-no-prisoners attitude in the boardroom. But at the end of the day, you not only dress for pleasure, you dress for results.

Adar Poonawala and Ranveer Allahbadia lead this personality in real life like no other. Even if you aspire to be one of them, signature cologne must be your top priority. If you are confused about which one would suit you best then do check our YouTube video. So why lag behind with inappropriate choice of perfumes for self. Always choose the scent of victory. Fragrances that suit your personality are the aroma of citric fruits, exotic spices, and woody vanilla.

Park Avenue Eau De Perfume
INVICTUS Paco Rabanne Eau De Perfume

Paco Rabanne – Invictus – Buy Now

Park Avenue – Buy Now

3. The Adventure Junkie

Rannvijay Singh and Ranbhir Kapoor

Your streetwear style is perfect — 100% of the time. The layered parkas, distressed denim, jogger pants, snapbacks, and high-tops speak volumes. But you aren't necessarily following trends. You, want an audience and realizes that the street is the modern-day runway. You actually have a separate closet for that embarrassment of sneakers. So it goes without saying that fashion collaborations always catch your attention. Canvas jackets, twill, plaid flannel, and corduroy in natural tones also make regular appearances on your frame, even further weaving the story behind your adventurous treks around town. Musky-wood-based colognes must be your favorite.

Rannvijay Singh‘s real life is that of an adventurer. The street style guy is a risk-taker who pushes the envelope and goes bold with color and casual style. I want to wander the world tirelessly like Bunny from 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani' then adding the right perfume can help you get rid of the tiredness. Add few fragrances like – lemon caviar, black pepper, rosewood, leather accord, and mint – to be more impactful.

United Colors of Benetton Eau De Toilette
Bvlgari  Wood Essence Eau De Perfume

United Colors of Benetton – Buy Now BVLGARI Man – Buy Now

4. The Fashionista

Siddharth Batra

This guy is all about adopting trends and going with the right brand at the right time. He's going into all the fashion magazines, he's following the runways, he knows what is going to be hot this season. The fashionista guy doesn't want to think when he puts his clothing on. He looks to lead fashion by making trends and to send signals of success with his image.

Siddharth Batra has been a great influence on these personality traits. He realizes his clothing needs to send a message – and when it sends the message he actually wants, he puts it on endless repeat. And he knows that he's taking a risk. He also knows vanilla goes best for his colognes. The luxury woody fragrance will uplift your fashion style. Add a tinge of this exotic fragrance to take your style a notch higher.

Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Male In the Navy, Eau de Toilette
The Man Company - Eau de Toilette, PROBUS

Jean Paul Gaultier – Buy Now The Man Company – Buy Now

5. The Passionate Professional

Aamir Khan in Taare Zameen Par

The Ivy League has nothing on you and your double-breasted blazers, precision-pressed khakis, and bucks. However, your waspy sartorial ways aren‘t completely stuck on the collegiate track. You know the ways of the world, and there‘s an inner hipster in you that rears its head in the smallest of details. So, yes, maybe sometimes you are unapologetically wearing an edgy printed T-shirt under that formal jacket — or skipping the polished formal shoes for the trendy sneakers. But your look is all the better for it.

Service personals like teachers, coders, software developers, graphic designers, writers, tutors, and corporate trainers all come under this category. Aamir Khan‘s character Ram Shankar Nikumbh from 'Taare Zameen Par' gives us the perfect example of this personality.

Fresh fragrances with a tinge of exotic spices are a combination to own for this type of personality trait. The powerful notes include oud, patchouli, coriander, cardamom, star fruit, ginger, cedar, and vanilla.

Calvin Klein - Eternity Now For Men, Eau De Toilette

The Man Company – Buy Now

Calvin Klein – Eternity Now – Buy Now

6. The Gentleman

Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor

Here we have a strategic dresser who's clear with his message and very calculated. He's spent a lot of time upfront developing his uniform, crafting his look, and then he's set it on cruise control. A uniform doesn't have to be a suit or a sports jacket. It could be very casual clothing. This gentle soul guy doesn't want to think when he puts his clothing on. He's often very driven and wants to focus on other things, like building a business or growing a non-profit organization.

Saif Ali Khan's character as Rohit in 'Kal Ho Na Ho' or Shahid as Aditya in 'Jab We Met' is a perfect example of this gentle soul personality. Perfumes with notes of pepper, lavender, black vanilla, patchouli, and honey-amber; suits your personality the most.

Fogg - Xpressio, Scent For Men
Givenchy - Gentleman, Eau De Parfum

Fogg – Xpressio – Buy Now Givenchy – Gentleman – Buy Now

7. The Jock

Virat Kohli and K.L. Rahul

A sports man's clothing is practical, hardwearing, and masculine. It's made to be functional – to actually stand up to manual labor. - 'Just do it' has always been your mantra — on and off the field. When it comes to your style scoreboard, your sartorial winning streak is going strong when it comes to athleisure and functional fitness wear. So, yes, you‘re a player, but not in the same sense as your Flirt counterparts. Even if you‘re not upping your game by pounding the pavement in tracksuits as your alter-ego running man — you still put on the high-performance gear. Technical sportswear, such as nylon vests, jerseys, and joggers, get mixed with denim and button-downs — and maybe even a blazer on occasion for the ultimate work-play combination.

Being a sporty spunk Virat Kohli and KL Rahul must be your ideal in all terms. Looking at your personality, the cologne that you choose for yourself should be powering, without being overpowering. It must bring about a sense of freshness and rejuvenation. Citrus notes such as lemon and bergamot along with floral scents of violet leaves and tonka bean are a must-have for you.

Fastrack - Trance, Perfume Men
Skinn by Titan - Raw Perfume For Men

Fastrack – Trance – Buy Now Skinn by Titan – Buy Now

According to an Australian survey, women are instantly attracted to men wearing good cologne, even if those men aren‘t physically attractive! Women have also stated that men who wear perfume tend to come across as well-groomed and confident. Therefore, it goes without saying that a good perfume could be the most important element of a man‘s ensemble, helping him create a great first impression.

The way you smell can make or break your impression. The type of fragrance a man chooses, speaks a lot about his personality and the way he is perceived. Indian Men's grooming industry has gone through a great overhaul over the years and now it‘s no more about smelling like a working man but more about smelling the best, a man can; as per the time, place, and person they are going to meet.

This guide will help you to start choosing the right perfume for your personality. Consult our experts, for detailed assessment, that will help you to find a perfect aroma for your personality that always leaves the best impression on the person you meet.

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