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How To Develop A Confident Personality?

Ever happened to you, that the girl you like went into a relationship with another average looking guy only because you couldn’t gather the courage to approach her first? Or the credit for the brilliant idea which came to your mind first, is taken by other people only because you felt shy to express it?

Confidence plays a role in the motivation to pursue your goals. Studies show that higher levels of self-confidence in athletes have an increased motivation to practise their sport of choice. Your level of confidence even affects how you present yourself to others. It in fact happens on a daily basis in colleges and offices to the introverts. A study says 50% of Indian guys are introverts. Are you an introvert too? Then let us see some of the ways we can level up your personality game from shy to confident.

Personal Growth

1. Don’t Compare

Whether others are more handsome than you, or more attractive than you, don’t compare. It makes your mindset negative and drops your confidence level to zero. APJ Abdul Kalam, Sachin Tendulkar, Ratan Tata, neither of them is handsome but yet are the heartthrob of every Indian with their exceptional hard work. Always remember you are the king of your own kingdom.

Comparing each other

2. Assuming Too Much

You assume too much of everything. In a gathering, if a group of people are laughing among themselves, you assume they must be laughing at you, or you are too shy to express yourself, assuming this will make you sound like an idiot. This assumption binds your personality and prevents you from being you. Just let people mind their own business and you mind your own.

Assuming too much

3. Wear What Suits You

If you are wearing something or carrying any accessory that genuinely makes you feel that you are looking good, your confidence automatically climbs up on its own. But if you experiment with your looks and wear something that you feel is not suiting you, will continuously eat your confidence from inside and as usual, you will start assuming heavily. So, wear what makes you feel confident and be confident.

Wear What Suits You

4. Accessible Social Circle

If you want to be an extrovert or want to develop a strong confident personality, try to develop an accessible social circle, like when your best friend or your brother asks you to hang out with their friend circle, just go out with them. It will be awkward for you at first, but after 4-5 meets you will ease up and also will end up making new friends. Also, during the first meeting, if you feel too much awkward, you will have your best friend or brother to talk to.

Social Circle

5. Find The Roots

To solve a problem, you have to find the root of the problem you are facing. Figure out when your confidence drops, whether while talking to girls, in a public gathering, or in presence of more attractive people. After you figure it out, it gets much easier to work on it as you now know what is stopping you from being confident.

Root Cause of the problem

6. Positive Attitude

Develop a positive attitude towards life. Whenever you find anything difficult to do, just take a deep breath and repeat in mind, yes you can do it. In fact, many people who give big presentations, or people who address millions of people over an issue on TV, don’t you think they feel the pressure? They keep their mindset always positive and once you start doing this, this will become a habit and you will see yourself doing stuff that seemed to you impossible.

Sandeep Maheshwari

7. Speak Genuinely

If you think speaking with a fake accent or in English will make you sound confident and cool, then you are no doubt the biggest fool. Confidence comes from originality, not from fake accents. If you are more confident in your mother tongue, then speak in it. Big countries like Germany, or Japan, speak to the world in their mother tongue and you think only English is the coolest of all languages?

Speaking Genuinely

8. Extracurricular Activity

Extracurricular activities are quite underrated in developing self-confidence. Besides school or college, join music, art, dance or your favourite sports classes. Learning something that only you or a few people in your batch knows, will automatically make you cool. And once people begin to think that you are cool, your confidence will automatically climb the ladder to the top.

Extracurricular activities

Confidence is such a great weapon that it will make you look classy even in the average clothes and accessories. More money will not make you more confident if you don’t feel it from the inside. A 2018 study published in “Personality and Individual Differences” reports a direct link between envy and the way you feel about yourself. Specifically, researchers noted that when people compared themselves to others, they experienced envy. The more envy they had, the worse they felt about themselves. So, let go of the focus on others and look into your self-development.

Now since you have read this article, follow these simple yet effective 8 steps to say goodbye to your shy you and welcome the confident you this festive season. If you further want to know, how you can style your garments to look classier and more confident, our panel of experts is always there to help you.

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