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How To Choose A Underwear Which Suits Your Body And Personality

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Indian men often slide away when there is a discussion about innerwear. It is kind of taboo, either they are not aware of the options in it or are very comfortable with a particular one and hesitant to try something new. People shy away about this but, did you know that even if there is a small issue with the material or support in your underpants it will spoil your mood and your day completely. Some styles will perfectly suit your body and needs which in turn gives you confidence but you might have not tried them.

Various types of underwears for men

The underpants were originated in the early 1930s but not everyone is still aware of what type will suit the clothes they wear along with providing the right support. Whether you are sitting at a desk the whole day, working around in the store, or binge-watching your favorite show lying around; Comfort and support are what you will need always. The following table makes it easier to understand briefly what body type can prefer which style of underpants. Also, the Material and the type play a key role in choosing the type of underwear.

Parameters of the material to keep in mind while choosing the right one. - That easily absorbs sweat and other bodily fluids. - Reduces friction and provides support for the genitals. - That provides maximum comfort and regulates body temperature.

Underwears as per your body type

Let’s look into the details of various types and when can you wear them. 1. Briefs Briefs came to being after the boxers, they are also called “tighty-whities”. They have less coverage compared to other types and have an elastic wide waistband with a Y-shaped fly for complete coverage. They come in various colors however, white is usually prevalent.

Ideally, briefs are comfortable for men who are slim or have a medium physique. Due to the silhouette of this style, it may seem uncomfortable for people with a belly paunch or thick thighs. It is also the best for short guys, as the boxer briefs or other styles might look more like shorts rather than underpants. Briefs can be worn with most of the outfits especially shorts, athletic wear, and sportswear. It is usually said that men who wear briefs take life as it comes. A sensitive, multi-tasker, and open-minded person are some of the personality types who will prefer the briefs.

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2. Trunks

When the trunks came into the picture, it grew popular among the male audience and was preferred more than others. This was because the trunks resemble both a brief and a boxer brief. It is also defined as a boxer brief with short legs. Overall, they appear square. If you are used to wearing a brief and would like to try something different, then trunks are your best option in men’s underpants style. Wear it with almost any attire, either while going for your daily job or any moderate sports events. They are also a perfect accompaniment when you go swimming.

A small difference between the trunks and the boxer briefs is that the trunks are shorter versions of boxer briefs and are more comfortable for the slim to medium-built guys with thinner thighs. Since they still belong to the brief family, it is good if men with wider waists don’t go for it. Men who have a muscular structure or thin to medium frames can still go for it. Men who choose trunks are usually experimental, open to trying new things and are quite social.

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3. Boxer Briefs Boxer briefs are the most worn type of underpants by Indian Men. They are common, comfortable, go with most of the outfits, and do not take much decision-making skills while buying them. You can call them a hybrid of boxers and briefs (Of course, the name itself says that). They are as comfortable, stretchable, and long as the boxers; they also have a design element of the briefs with the fly shape which makes them best for support.

They have less bunching than boxers and look good under any type of trousers and pants. They go best on all body types. However, they are must-haves for tall men as any other style would look too tiny for their frame and misbalance the proportions. Mature men who are settled and are not in the mode of experimenting go for classic styles for being classy and timeless. Men who wear boxer briefs are surely the ones who don’t break a girl’s heart.

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4. Boxers It is a season of boxers as men are in their comfort space due to the remote working situations. Boxers are the comfy go-to choice for any man, however; they are ideally not preferred to wear under the pants. Boxers cause bunching and make the trouser or pants looked stuffed up. These boxers are ideal for men on the healthier side as they wear pleated pants and comfortable fit pants. They are far more comfortable than briefs or any other type for plus-size men.

Men in boxers like to stay in their comfort zone and will never do anything that pulls them out of it. He is happy in his own space, and least bothered about anybody’s life. They can be worn as beachwear or loungewear and are not ideal for workwear.

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5. Others The least worn or considered types of underpants are thongs, jockstraps, and g-strings (yes, even for men). Jockstraps are the mini version of briefs, which hold the buttocks yet expose the thigh with elastic bands that support and a pouch for the genitals. Thongs are similar to jockstraps but, they do not provide any support to the rear of the wearer. G- string has very thin elastic strips just to hold the pouch and it is the most experimental of all. These are usually meant for men who involve in active sports and are often in gyms as they are airy and light and enhance the body-hugging gym-wears. They also spice up your partner’s interest if you are keen on adding the spark to your relationship

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Now you know the types and what you can choose under which outfit. Three things to always keep in mind while choosing any innerwear be it a vest or underpants are Quality, Material, and Longevity. Materials from which you can choose are Cotton, Suprima Cotton, Swiss Cotton, Micro Modal, Tencel, and so on.

Since underpants are the most staple and important element of the outfit, always make sure they are right and wear colors that are close to your pants. Obviously, no one would want to see the dark shadow of the underpants appearing when you wear beige or light pants. Have multiple colors in your wardrobe according to the colors of your pants. Want to still understand more and find the right one for your lifestyle and body type? Connect with our experts.

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