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How To Use Rings As Accessories On Various Occasions

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Whenever it involves style accessories, men can easily opt for a watch or at the most, sunglasses. There is more to that. We are visiting to speak about how easy and funky rings are for men.

Indian Men showing his rings

Rings have been an elemental part of human fashion for ages. Rings are jewelry made out of various components. Throughout history, rings are worn as symbols of power, position, or respect. Rings actually came way back from around 2500 B.C. Rings were especially worn to point out the status, wealth, and legal status. However still, things haven’t really changed except people now wear rings in line with fashion or astrology.

Jewelry trends are like the evening waves, whereas the rings have always been a mark of an eminence. So here are some tips for you where you can use a hoop as an adjunct for your day. If you want to know whether it suits you but you are not aware of how to wear it, then this blog will help you with it. There are no set rules for wearing a ring.

How To Wear Them

1. The Pinky Finger

If you are confident yet fierce and want to make a statement of your own ten, the pinky finger is the best choice. It is a safe bet as it is not connected to any religious beliefs or cultural connotations.

2. The Ring Finger

As it is already popularized for rings, this finger is usually reserved for the special rings from your beloved. Wedding rings or engagement rings are ideally worn in this.

3. The Middle Finger

It is unusual to wear a ring on this finger(I know you must be thinking something else now ). However, if you are wearing only one ring for the whole hand then you can wear it here which can be bold or that creates a statement.

4. The Index Finger

This finger signifies power and authority which is why family heirlooms, zodiac rings, or any religious rings are worn as a sign of honor. The most commonly worn ring type in this is the signet ring.

5. The Thumb Finger

A ring on this finger signifies the status of a person. The bolder the better, as they are commonly associated with a man’s wealth. You can also wear rings that make a statement to define your personal style.

Rules To Wearing Rings

You can wear as many rings as you want until it does not hamper your work or productivity. Make sure you do overdo it, one or two rings per hand should be good enough. If you are amongst the ones who make a style statement of your own then you create your own rules. Always match your metals in an outfit, be it with the watch or the bracelets, even the metal of the frames matter.

How To Style Rings On Various Occasions

1. When In Business

It could be a business meeting or with investors and you want to impress by not just wearing a watch, but by going up a notch you can definitely wear rings. You can go for square signet rings (with stone or without) and to balance, add a simple silver band ring on the other. The key is to keep it simple and not intermediate them with your choices.

Man wearing rings for business meetings

2. When In Weddings & Family Gatherings

For weddings and gatherings like these you apparently go ethnic so you can go for gold plated band rings, stone rings or carry a family heirloom because Wearing rings also have important symbolic social functions and have been entwined with a person’s emotions and desires especially in relations to relationships such as friendships, engagement, and marriage. Go for precious and semi-precious jewelry along with stones that complement your outfit and metals that match your other accessories.

Man wearing rings for weddings and family gatherings

3. When In Parties

You would definitely want to stand out when you go to a party, everyone wants to. So here you can know-how. First off, pinky finger – wear a signet ring with a cool club embark or a lion maybe. Second, finger ring – wear a class ring, it has a stone and a rustic feel in it. Third, index finger – go for a cameo ring, these rings had a carved cameo-like structure on them. It has a vintage look. Usually, these cameos have images of gods, saints, and portraits. Lastly, thumb – carry an iron wide band ring it will complete the look and if you are feeling a little extra try knuckle rings or multi-finger rings it will really lift the look.

Man wearing rings for parties

In India, there is faith, culture, and heritage that influence even the attire and accessories you wear. Every ring has its own significance and it gives a certain value to a person. It’s important that you wear the right ring on your right finger. Though Indian men don’t prefer to wear rings to designate their wedding, engagement rings are still worn. Astronomy and zodiac signs have a strong impact when it comes to rings, the countless rings you might see beautifying their fingers are worn for astrological reasons.

Accessories are like vitamins to fashion – as such, You should use them liberally.


People, who are new to wearing rings, remember that everybody encompasses a personal style. A hoop that appears great on somebody else, may not suit your style. Newcomers might want to start out with something more simplistic and go from there. Men with a protracted background with rings can more easily identify their style. It is well said that some extra jewels are self-explanatory. Carry confidence, carry retrofit, carry personality, and carry you! If you are still not sure of what suits you then, connect with our expert stylists to pick the best accessories for you.

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