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A Guide To Get A Perfect Tattoo

Travelling decades, tattoos have now become too mainstream in Indian society. We often see 3 out of 5 men on the streets with impressive needle-art on their neck or back or biceps, flaunting them with pride. You can't disagree that you too had or have the urge to get your first tattoo done after seeing those amazing needleworks, can you? Well then fear of what people will say, getting the wrong tattoo, or rumours of skin cancer, have ultimately stopped you from entering the tattoo parlour. Guess what? We bring you this blog so that you can tick that box of ‘Getting my first tattoo’ with complete satisfaction.

Tattoo For men

A Historical Overview

Tattoos have been around the corner since the ages of mummies. This body art is even considered sacred among many tribal races and many perform a sacred ritual in the event of their first tattoo. However, becoming part of the mainstream culture was not easy and quick for this art. In India, tattoos became a mainstream culture not before the 21st century, before that this form of art was only sported by a few brave hearts.

Historical Overview of Tattoo

Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are not only just art forms, they connect to your soul on many levels and should have a meaning. These art forms showcase your personality to the observer. Hence choose what reflects you the best.

1. Small but Aesthetic

If you are a first-timer and don't want to make a big fuss with the ink, you can go for small tattoos. Remember small or large doesn't count as long as the tattoo seems meaningful to you. Also, small tattoos are a safer option, as you are trying something new. You can go for stars, feathers, arrows, leaves, wings, or whatever you like.

Simple Tattoo

2. Religious Tattoos

A very rich and amazing context with various perspectives to try on. A religious tattoo if pulled correctly with ink, looks insanely cool on any body part. An ohm, Shiva's Trishul, Krishna's flute or feather or small vertical Sanskrit texts, or Rudraksha malas, all are great options to try. You can even combine or mix and match two or more options to come out with your very own tattoo idea.

Religious Tattoos

3. Animal Tattoos

Animal tattoos are often associated with deeper meanings and personalities. If you are an alpha, you should get a lion or tiger tattoo, which symbolizes power and leadership and gives the message loud that the wearer is not the one you would like to mess with. A wolf tattoo is perfect for you if you are a sigma who loves to work alone and out of the box. You can also symbolize these personalities with birds like eagle or phoenix or owl or swallows, or ravens. All you need to do is decide on your spirit animal, and let the needle do its work.

Animal Tattoos

4. Tribal Tattoos

Not only the tribal tattoo designs are a treat for the eye, but they are also at the same time aesthetic, bearer of masculinity, strength, and bravery. They are a puzzle on their own, with a hidden message, meaningful only to the wearer. You can search on the internet for a tribal tattoo with your meaningful message. Let's rock it like 'The Rock'.

Tribal Tattoos

5. Realistic Tattoos

Realistic tattoos are simple depictions of nature like the moon with clouds and stars, constellations or mountains and trees, flowers, or objects like clocks or compasses or skulls or arrows. Now you can mix and match like you can put a skull on fire with a rose, or a broken clock struck by a broken arrow. The goal is to keep the art as aesthetic and creative as possible.

Realistic Tattoos

6. Family Tattoos

This tattoo portrays the eternal bond one shares with his parents or partner. It can be in form of a portrait of your family member or an album photo, or a special moment that you shared with them.

Family Tattoos

7. Zodiac Tattoos

As the name suggests, these are tattoos on zodiac signs or symbols. If you are an Aries, you can draw just the symbol, or you can draw the symbolizing animal which in this case would be a ram. You can add an aesthetic environment to it, like a ram standing on a mountain top on a full moon. Customize it according to your choice.

Zodiac Tattoos

8. Fictional Tattoos

Your childhood favorite superhero, your current favourite superhero from Marvel or DC, or a new anime you watched, is a great idea for a tattoo. Or instead of drawing a big tattoo, you can use symbols like Bat symbolizes Batman, a Shield with a star symbolizes Captain America, Four Triagram Seals symbolize Naruto, two wings symbolize Survey Corps from Attack on Titan, and so on.

Fictional Tattoos

9. Quote Tattoos

You come across several relatable and amazing quotes in your life, either from your friends, your elders, or your lover. So, what's stopping you from getting those tattooed? A good quote looks amazing and keeps your hopes up when all odds are stacked against you.

Quote Tattoos

Steps to Come up with Your Unique Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos have become a mainstream culture doesn’t mean you have to try only mainstream ideas. Like we said before, tattoos are very personal and this art connects with your soul. You should invest your money and bear the pain to carve out something meaningful, not what is recommended. Here are a few steps on how to find your unique tattoo idea:

1. Think about your life. Think about those persons, moments, and incidents, that stood out. Think about what memory you would like to connect eternally through this art. 2. Think about the message. The message that life shared with you, the philosophy that guides your life, the message you want to share with the world. 3. Think about a theme. What would you represent your connection with? An animal or object or quote or portrait, pick a theme for the tattoo artist to work on. 4. Think about the style, you want your tattoo to be. Do you like colours to play around with or intricate and detailed works with black and white is all up to you?

Unique Tattoos

Best Places for Tattoos

The best place for a tattoo can be best defined according to its shape and size. Wings of a bird or tribal tattoos need horizontal space and hence are best suited for chests and backs, while portraits or religious tattoos generally consume vertical space, and are best suited for sleeves or shoulders. However, the most common places for tattoos for men are sleeves, shoulders, chests, backs, and calves. You can even cover up a scar meticulously with the help of a tattoo. It is better to consult with your tattoo artist about the idea and value their input. You can also refer to the tattoo pain chart given below, and find your suitable position.

Body Chart for Tattoos

How to Maintain a Tattoo?

While your dream may be achieved with inks, the aftercare journey had just begun. Although claimed as a piece of art, tattoos are concerned with needles pouring ink underneath your skin. Anytime you are prone to allergic reactions, scarring, and infection, the moment your aftercare regime goes wrong. Here is a detailed aftercare routine, which will keep both your art piece and you safe:

How To Maintain a Tattoo

Day 1

After the tattoo is drawn, the artist will cover it with an absorbing pad and bandage over your tattoo to absorb the blood, excess ink, and ointments. Keep it on for as long as the artist recommends to get the best result. On removing the bandage, you will see clear fluid oozing out from the tattoo, and the place will be sore, warm, and red. Don't worry, it is quite natural and the clear fluid is blood plasma. Clean your hands and wash your tattoo with fragrance-free soap and normal tap water. You can apply an anti-inflammatory balm to reduce the swelling and pain as recommended by the artist.

Day 2-3

Your tattoo will now have a cloudier appearance which is a result of the healing of the skin. Wash it once or twice a day, as told, and apply a fragrance and alcohol-free moisturizer or continue with the ointment if the pain is prominent. During the washing, you might see some ink running into the sink, don't worry these were the excess inks that came up through your skin.

Day 4-6

The redness should be gone by now or at least fade out. You can also notice minor scab formation over your tattoo. Don’t prick them, as this might result in scarring and degradation of the art. Keep the washing and moisturizing routine rolling over.

Day 6-14

This is the trickiest part as the scabs that have formed will now start to itch. Don't pick or pull any, as these might pull out the ink and leave scars. Apply the moisturizer over and over again to soothe the itch. If your skin still looks red and swollen, even at this stage, it is better to consult a doctor. Chances are you might have caught an infection.

Day 15-30

During this last stage, all the scabs and dead skins will fall off on their own. The tattooed area might look dry, but keep the moisturizing process on to keep the skin hydrated. To attain its complete majestic form, the tattoo will take 3-4 months, as the lower layers of the skin take time to heal compared to the upper layers.

So, here in a nutshell we have tried to provide maximum information on getting a tattoo and how to take care of it. But the thing which you need to flaunt the tattoo with pride is confidence. If you are too shy to flaunt it and keep on covering it with a piece of cloth, what did you pay for? Take pride in your piece of art and connect to it to unlock the maximum potential of your tattoo. For such a better vision of fashion and grooming, join us in a one-on-one discussion session, or our Whatsapp group and follow our Facebook, and Instagram page.

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