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A Beginner's Guide To Men’s Bags

When we think back and looked at our mother’s collection of wide arrays of bags, we would wonder why she would need so many. Bags are no doubt the most important accessory in the life of men, be It academic or corporate. But your durable backpack serves the purpose, hence why the need? Growing up now, as we all have separate outfits, watches, and shoes for every occasion, why not bags? Let’s see what you had been skipping out on.

Messenger Bags

1. Backpacks

The most simple yet fashionable in the bag family, the synonym for versatility is the backpack. Be a business-casual commuter, weekend storehouse, or gym companion, a backpack serves all purposes effortlessly. It is the most common go-to for every Indian, whenever we talk bags.

Men with a backpack

Get one with adjustable air-mesh straps to maximize your comfort. Leatherworks is best when it comes to corporate deals, and synthetic polyester will save your contents from the weekend downpours. And please leave your old school bag alone, out of respect for its durable service. These are some of the bags you can try.

Fur Jaden Laptop Backpack

Lenovo Laptop Backpack

Fur Jaden Backpack- Buy Now Lenovo Casual Backpack - Buy Now

2. Tote

The tote is not the primary choice when it comes to bags, but these have gained quite the popularity owing to their enough space and yet sleek design. The simple design and its easy-access feature, help it climb the top of the list with ease. However, with its feminine features still at the point, you might get some mockery from your friends at the cost of comfort.

Men with a Tote bag

Coming to the point, leather and nylon suits your office purpose, while canvas can be good for casual shopping or weekend get-away. Go for the ones with straps and zippers for more convenience and security. Some of the bags you can try.

Green Upcycled Tote Bag

Zara Leather Tote Bag

Green Upcycled Tote - Buy Now Zara Leather Tote Bag - Buy Now

3. Briefcase

A briefcase is convenient and a very practical choice for city life. Guess the 90s villain were quite smart to choose briefcase for their ill deeds. However, mentioning them, can’t avert the term that they are kind of outdated, but the leather version is as trending as ever.

Men with Briefcase bag

Although used majorly by lawyers for carrying documents, it is now a style statement in the formal sector. Nothing can complement your suited booted corporate life like a briefcase. It pours out that 007 aura out of you without effort. Match the colour with the colour of your formal shoes. A few briefcases you can try.

Hammond Flycatcher Briefcase Bags

CROSS Briefcase Bag

Hammonds Briefcase Bag - Buy Now CROSS Briefcase Bag - Buy Now 4. Barrel

The cylindrical bags are better recognized as gym bags to the Indians. Whether you hit the gym or not, having a duffle can be quite useful at times. Sports activities which require the minimum kit to be carried like boxing, football, or yoga, are a good reason for you to buy this one.

Barrel Bag for Men

You need to choose the right material for a long-lasting and sturdy bag to carry the necessary equipment and to give up the excuse of not exercising as moth bit your bag again. It is better to opt for the ones with the additional benefits of a drink holder and running shoe space. A few choices for barrel bags

HRX Barrel Bag

F Gear Gym Bag

HRX Gym Bag - Buy Now F Gear Gym Bag - Buy Now

5. Cross-Body

If you don’t like many variations from your old-school backpack, then we might have the right thing in store for you. Cross-body comes with the fashion of sling bags, keeping the statement of the backpack intact. Not meant for laptops though, this bag can carry the rest of your everyday essentials like wallet, notebook, or keys.

Cross Body bag

You can opt for bright colours and really implement the sense of styling according to your choice or you can go monochrome to keep it casual yet in a formal way. Some of the options for you

Red Lemon Cross Bag

Clownfish Cross Brown Bag

Red Lemon Cross Bag - Buy Now Clownfish Cross Bag - Buy Now

6. Duffle

It is just a bigger and wider version of your gym bag in a fashionable way. Duffle reflects a man of taste and leisure. It is perfect for your essentials and the excess content that you want to carry but can’t forfeit, for your weekend trip.

Duffle Bag for men

Due to its wider space and accommodation, it superbly works as a hybrid between work and private life. Leather is always a premium choice if you are buying a duffle. And you know the rules, match the colour to your boots and you are ready to go. Some duffle bags for you

Fur Jaden Duffle Bag

Clownfish Duffle Bag

Fur Jaden Duffle Bag - Buy Now Clownfish Brown Duffle Bag - Buy Now

7. Sack

Sacks are merely a more casual version of backpacks. Usually, with no extra pockets or divisions, these bags come with ropes instead of zippers which are indeed risky. Having a fold-up flap gives some extra protection.

Sack Bag

These bags are commonly used for the gym but can serve other purposes too. The sack also known as a feed bag is generally prepared from burlap or canvas. Some even come with waterproof material for an added advantage. Add these to your wardrobe

Puma Peacoat Blue Sack Bag

Puma Gym Sack Bag

Puma Gym Sack - Buy Now

Puma Peacoat Sack Bag - Buy Now

8. Messenger

The name goes back to paperboys or mailmen or middle-aged commuters. The refurbished new version of this ever-green accessory is hitting the trends once again.

Men wearing Messenger Bag

Modern versions tend to keep their utility intact throwing in some aesthetics. It is great for laptops, paper works, files, and all other necessary items. Whether, the retro sporty look, or classy leather, these bags set the message right. Adjustable straps and zippers along with a fold-over flap make things more convenient and secure. Check out these messenger bags

Hammonds Messenger Bag - Buy Now Storite Brown Messenger Bag - Buy Now 9. Fanny Pack

It is a pouch in form of a bag with a zipper to take care of your minor things for minor events like picnics, or get-togethers. They are popularly known as bags attached to belts and have become quite popular in contemporary days.

Fanny Pack for men

Although meant for just the bare essentials like your wallet, keys, napkins, etc, the bags now manufactured are considerably larger in size providing extra accommodation. Nylon-polyester is the material you should be looking for. Some fanny packs you can try

Clownfish Leather Fanny Brown Bag

F Gear Fanny Bag

Clownfish Leather Fanny Bag - Buy Now F Gear Waist Fanny Bag - Buy Now

Have you ever wondered that there are so many options that you can try with bags just like your other fashion accessories? Your backpack might serve the purpose of convenience and comfort, but there is no harm to try new things. On the positive side, these will make you look smart and dope squeezing out your fashion sense all over, just like the sky bag says, “Move in style”. Connect with our panel of experts for a session for more details and other fashion-related queries. We would be more than happy to help you.

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