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10 Must Have Pants In Your Wardrobe.

While we men run behind shirts, watches, and shoes blindly, the most important essential below our torso gets neglected by most of us. Right trousers can be quite a powerful style statement if given proper attention but, get it wrong and it can snatch away your glow in an instant. From hanging out with your friends to going on a date, that denim of yours needs some rest. Let's see some remarkable alternatives, which you should have given a try.


1. Corduroy

Corduroy trousers or which go by the name of cord pants are a long-lost trouser material that is gaining popularity back again among men's wear. The material is composed of woven, twisted cotton or wool, which results in parallel lines, the special feature of these trousers.

Men wearing Corduroy pants

These trousers can be a bit warm and are best preserved when the cold starts. They rock both your casual and formal outfits and hence it is up to you what you want. You might go for a get-together with these and just a sweatshirt, or match it up with a blazer for any formal cause. Try these corduroy pants.

Mast & Harbour Burgundy Corduroy Pant

Tommy Hilfiger Brown Corduroy Pant

Mast & Harbour Corduroy Pant - Buy Now Tommy Hilfiger Corduroy Pant - Buy Now

2. Chinos

Chinos are my personal favourites. They are old-school and give out a profound masculine vibe to their owner. Made out of cotton, tailored by a quality craftsman, it is one of the best trousers you can invest in.

Chinos Pants

With the upcoming summer month, they provide a great, breezy, and classic alternative to any trousers. For a heavy occasion, dark colours like navy, grey and black do a great job, while cream, beige, and green can be a great option for get-togethers and parties emitting that casual vibe. A few chino pants for you

Indian Terrain Men Charcoal Chinos Pant

Indian Terrain Grey Chinos Pant

Indian Terrain Charcoal Chinos - Buy Now Indian Terrain Grey Chinos - Buy Now

3. Linen

Linens were a disaster and were readily brought down from the menswear section. They were sweaty and non-reliable in case of comfort. Thanks to modern technology and engineering, they are back with a boom.

Men wearing Linen Pants

Tapered bottoms and breezy characteristics of modern linen trousers hold them in high regard in the men's trousers section. Be as a part of a linen suit or to ooze out that dapper old-school vibe with a touch of modernity, they blend well with every choice. Brown, navy, cream, and beige are great choices to cover up your legs. Linen Pants for you

Highlander Men Linen Pants

H&M Men Beige Linen Pants

Highlander Blue Linen Pant - Buy Now H&M Beige Linen Pant - Buy Now 4. Drawstring

While other trousers might sit tight on your belly preventing you from enjoying your meal wholeheartedly, the drawstrings draw out those discomforts and throw them away. Supreme comfort and durability are what made them a wise and renowned option in the men's section.

Drawstring Pants

Made of high-quality wool and linen, they are the best casual and comfortable trousers you can own. Whether sport it with sweatshirts or shirts or tees, they give you the much-needed casual and smart-casual look. Drawstring Trousers you can try try

Blackberrys Drawstring Pant

Urban Ranger Drawstring Pant

Blackberrys Drawstring Pant - Buy Now Urban Ranger Drawstring Pant - Buy Now

5. Denim

Denim jeans are versatile and sturdy, making them a staple in every man’s closet. It is the epitome of comfort and everyone does have at least one pair of it. However, they are always considered to be an option for casual wear. You can wear t-shirts, casual shirts, sweatshirts and many more with these pants. Denim pants are available majorly in shades of blue and black but you can also try the other colours in it.

Denim Pant

Denim pants come in various types, styles, fits, and features. The most recommended of them all is to have solid denim which will look professional in a formal setup instead of the washed denim. A few things to keep in mind while selecting the right denim are its rise, its fit, and length. Choose the high, mid, or low rise depending on your body type. Select a fit that does not spoil your proportions, slim fit and slim tapered are one of the most sought-after fits nowadays. In terms of the length make sure you get it altered for your height or fold the edge while wearing. This gives you a better and sharper look

Denim pants you can try

Wrogn Black Skinny Denim Jeans

Flying Machine Blue Denim

WROGN Black Denim - Buy Now Flying Machine Blue Denim - Buy Now

6. Joggers

These athletic sporty wear have gained the limelight recently. They are comfortable and breezy keeping the sweat and itchiness at bay. These are prime examples of when fashion and function join forces for the greater good.

Jogger Pant

However, not being able to join their versatile brothers, this is purely casual streetwear for pubs, gyms, and even at home. For days that you feel extremely tired and lazy, they come in form of bliss. Just put them on with a tee or henley or shirt and feel the comfort. Joggers you can buy

Louis Philippe Brown Joggers

Celio Beige Joggers

Louis Philippe Brown Joggers - Buy Now Celio Men Beige Jogger - Buy Now 7. Wool

Excusing about skipping the casuals and bringing a tinge of formals. The wools used to rule the trouser section before denim showed up. Well, the cycle of time-reversed and these trousers are back. If you are looking for a versatile pair, dunk your jeans and put wool trousers on.

Wool Pant

This classic look good in all formats be it as office wear or as a party outfit. As good as blazers, and overcoats complement it, so does your casual sweatshirt, or sleeves rolled shirts. Try the woollen pants

Blackberrys Navy Blue Wool Pant

Van Heusen Wool Trousers

Blackberrys Blue Wool Pant - Buy Now Van Heusen Wool Trouser - Buy Now

8. Relaxed Leg

Well tired of the skinny-legged or slim-fit trend? We might have just the right thing in store for you. Say hello to your comfortable leg companion, the relaxed leg trousers. Turning the time back to the 1950s, these garments are still a top choice for many.

Relaxed Leg Pant

While it might be your comfort garment but one thing that you have to keep in mind is its length. Either it will have just one fold before it ends or no fold at all. Excessive folds will make it look like a floor dragging bootcut and too short of it will make it look like a three-quarter. Relaxed Pants To Try

Men Loose Fit Trouser

Men Beige Linen Trouser

Breakbounce Loose Fit - Buy Now H&M Linen Loose Fit - Buy Now

9. Cargo

As for casual, cargoes offer a variety from slim-fit to slim-fit to relaxed feet. Earlier sported as an army essential, these trousers have come round with more versatility.

Cargo Pant

The key is to ensure that the cargoes cover your legs slim yet spacious enough for movement. Some prefer large pockets, while some opt for smaller pockets to go with the fit. Sand or camel will give you a classic- casual look, or you can opt for darker shades as well. Shirt, sweatshirts, tees, anything will do as long as you got your cargo apt. Try these cargo pants

Louis Philippe Cargo Pant

Camel Brown Cargo Pant

Louis Philippe Cargo - Buy Now Men Camel Brown Cargo - Buy Now

10. Pleated Trouser

If we are talking about timeless classics, then how can we miss this? Sticking to its classic section, the pleated trousers are another pair to decorate your wardrobe with. It is simply up to you if you want the regular fit or the tapered ones. Those who wear jeans might find it uncomfortable to adjust to the regular fit ones.

Pleated Trousers

Pair up these vintages with Cuban collars, t-shirts, and classic button-downs, that are rolled at the sleeves to strengthen your aesthetics. While for formals, they go hand in hand with blazers or overcoats.

Pleated trousers to add to your wardrobe

Mr Bowerbird Pleated Trouser

Mr Bowerbird Charcoal Pleated Trouser

Mr Bowerbird Pleated Pant -Buy Now Mr Bowerbird Charcoal Pant - Buy Now

From chinos to tracksuit bottoms, there are many styles of trousers that suit a range of occasions and create a pleasant change from regular denim. Fashion is a dynamic topic as it keeps rolling with time again and again. If you want to keep up your style statement, you have to try out things and see what suits your needs the best. If you are still confused, come and reach out to our panel experts for more vivid and clear guidance on outfits. We would be more than happy to guide you on your style journey.

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