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8 Colours To Add To Your Wardrobe This Summer

This summer has set off the alarm for some major wardrobe changes. It is high time to switch to clothes that are easy and comfortable and change the shades of black and whites with some vibrant tints. Colours play an important role in your outfit choice. They speak tons about your personality. Men generally avoid vivid colours and stick to hues of white, navy, grey, and black. But life is too short to stick with the same shades. There is no harm to add new colours to it.

Men wear multiple colors

Just by adding colours that enhance your body and uplifts your personality you can create a different version of yourself. Having a diverse wardrobe also gives you so many options to try and wear different outfits. Here are a few colours that you can add to create a versatile productive wardrobe. 1. Shades of Green

Green, the colour of nature, is one of the most versatile and underrated colours. Talking about this colour, it is not as loud as other bright colours, yet prominent. The colour green always meant refreshness and rejuvenation. Those who are new to green can begin with the common olive or sage green. Other than that, bottle green, sea green, or military green are also among my favourites. The new mint green colour is also picking up a quick pace to be among the favourites in the family. T-shirts, or kurtas, or Bahaman Shirts, pair it up with white chinos or black and blue denim or shorts. An olive blazer with a black shirt is a deadly combo. Shades of green are going popular like wildfire this summer. So add the colour green to your wardrobe to add some freshness this summer and feel rejuvenated.

Men in Green Shades

2. Shades of Pink

Pink, which had been always labelled as a feminine colour, was not as such before the 20th century, before the appearance of Barbie or Disney princesses. First things first, we are not talking about the bubblegum shade that you will often find in a kid’s room. We are talking about much more mature hues of colour like dust, peach, salmon, and rose. Secondly, thanks to the modern generation of men who started normalizing pink as a gender-neutral colour. Be a kurta, shirt, or tee, pair it with olive or white chinos or light blue or black denim or shorts. Also, you can try a pink blazer with a white shirt to keep your work atmosphere light. Thirdly colour Pink signifies love and sensitivity, so it adds to your personality and makes you look charming and loving individual.

Men in Pink Shades

3. Shades of Yellow

Compared to other colours, yellow is a much more tricky and difficult colour to ace. The Colour yellow signifies optimism and positivity since it borrows its colour from the sun. Always remember while sporting yellow, keep the sole focus on it. The simpler you keep the look, the more you will squeeze out of it. Hues of honey, mustard, lemon, and mango are keeping the market to themselves. You can pair your yellow tee with blue flannel and olive chinos or with blue shorts. Yellow long kurta with white pyjama looks dope. A yellow blazer along with a black shirt is a lit combination. You can also try a plain yellow shirt with blue or black jeans or shorts.

Men in Yellow Shades

4. Shades of Purple

Purple has always been a symbol for evil spirits be Disney villains, wizards, or goths. Originally purple stood for wisdom and royalty. Gen Z however chose the paler version of the hue to be their goto. Hues of black currant, lavender, or orchids are beautiful choices for the summer. Be a purple kurta or shirt or tee or even a blazer paired with a black or white shirt, everything looks regal when worn with white or sand chinos or black denim or shorts. Add the purple shades to reflect the learned person in your personality.

Men in Purple Shades

5. Shades of Orange

The colour orange holds an altogether different emotion for us Indians. It is the colour of our national flag, as well as related to the colour of sacrifice and purity. Hues of saffron, orange skin, and punchy orange can easily help you stand out from the crowd. Much like yellow, orange loves all the attention to itself, so it is wise to keep the outfit simple. Orange tees, shirts, or kurtas go pretty well with shades of white, grey, and black. Get the right amount of attention in an office meeting with an orange blazer over a black shirt.

Men in Orange Shades

6. Shades of Red

Red is the colour of power and unlimited zeal. It also symbolizes danger, but only in the case you mess up with such a bold colour and we won’t let that happen. Shades of red are a sophisticated and royal choice. Hues of maroon, cherry, and wine are the top performers in the family. The Black or olive bottom wears complements the color very well. You can also try the top wears with sand or white or beige shorts. A red blazer with a black shirt will grab the limelight for you.

Men wearing Red Shades

7. Shades of Blue

This is the shade of coolness and productivity, what else do you need to chill out in the summers? Yeah, we know navy is nothing new to the community of men but the hues of cobalt blue, sky blue, teal, and Prussian blue are. Rules are straight and simple. You can sport a tee, or shirt, or Kurta with black or beige or white shorts, jeans, and chinos. Pairing them with white bottom wear does the justice to these shades. In the case of blazers, you can go for black or white shirts, and if the blazer is a darker shade of blue, you can go with a teal shirt as well.

Men wearing Blue Shades

8. Shades of Neutrals

These might not be the best shots to wear at a barbeque party, but these will surely get you hooked on the look. There would be days when you won’t be in the mood to go bright and colourful, and neutrals will become your guardian angel. Modern-day neutrals stand for hues of beige, stone, cream, and pale grey. Henley tops or tees or Bahaman shirts in cream or beige with white or black bottom wear looks dashing. Stone or pale grey kurta with black jeans is also a stunner. In the case of a blazer, layer it with any bright and vibrant shirt to do the magic.

Men wearing Neutral colors

Try these colours as a mood and game-changer for this summer. Colours have the power to dash as well as crash an outfit. As much as you must choose the right color for your outfit, you must also own it with confidence to unlock your maximum potential. Confidence is the key to rock any outfit to its core and pulling the best out of it. However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind like your skin color and outfit combination. Join our Whatsapp community and follow our page on Instagram and Facebook to know more interesting things like this. You can also book a one on one session with us to know the hacks of various outfits.

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