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11 Best Breweries in India to Chill in the Weekend

Friday is here, and have you decided what are you going to do during the weekend? If not, then why not this weekend let’s cheer with some quality beer. Yes, we are talking about some quality time with your loved one or your friends at some quality breweries in India. The brewery scene in India is quite developed to the date and nothing beats the taste of these freshly brewed beers at the top microbreweries of our country. From traditional ales and stouts to innovative and new brews, let’s see what suits your taste and preference.

Breweries in India

1. IronHill Bangalore

The spacious brewery that is spread over 1,30,000 sq ft redefines the craft brewery standards. Iron hill is one of the world's largest microbreweries located in Bangalore. This large area is nothing less than a luxurious resort. 'Ironhill' offers 8 varieties of freshly brewed beer and delightful appetizers amidst the scenic beauty of the location. You will get to see enchanting water fountains, old-style bridges, and prolific modern artwork and sculptures all around.

The outdoor seating space is designed like a resort. Travellers can plan romantic dates in artificial water bodies. The wooden furniture, gushing water fountains, refined seating areas- everything looks rich and classy. Florian is the man behind Ironhill. The brewmaster who hails from Germany holds over 8 years of experience in serving exquisite craft brews. He uses traditional German mashing methods to brew flavorful beers. The name of the 8 beers is German Hefeweizen, Belgian Witbier, English Red Ale, Summer Lager, Ragi Ale, Irish Stout, New England IPA, and an Apple Cider. The microbrewery serves a super large platter of dishes. The extensive menu includes a wide range of street food, pizzas, sandwiches, and the main distinctive main course.

Address: Sy no 90/7 & 90/8 Radisson Blu, 8, Outer Ring Rd, next to Hotel, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037

Contact: 080 69299999

Ironhill Bangalore

2. The White Owl

The White Owl is one of the best and most seasoned breweries in India providing its customer's high-quality beer with new-age and traditional brewing methods. The pub mood is light and the brick wall setting gives it an aesthetic old-school vibe. Overall, the place is a good spot to relax and for get-togethers with your buddies. The Irish Red Ale or the Belgian Wit is a definite try for the newcomers. Seasoned visitors generally go for the English porter, Munich lager or American pale ale. You can also try new stuff from the array of new flavours provided by this bistro.

Address: B-1, Ground Floor, Manoj CHS, 962, Shankar Ghanekar Rd, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400025. Contact: 022 2421 0271

The White Owl Mumbai

3. Broadway The Brewery

Broadway serves its customers top-notch beers brewed afresh in their advanced breweries. It is also among one of the best gigantic pubs cum restaurants serving quality dishes and desserts in the area. Whether alone or a couple of seats or a friendly get together, this pub accommodates all occasions with grace. Massive glass walls and modern Broadway-themed decors provide a cosy interior ambience for its customers. Some signature flavours, that are a must-try from this brewery are Belgian wit, apple cider, and the White Rabbit.

Address: Rina Mandal Road, CBI Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana500033. Contact: 091333 16699

The Broadway Brewery Hyderabad

4. Windmills Craftworks

The brewery is as much known for its ales, ambience, jazz music, and food. Be it varieties of seasonal ales like, American Amber, Coconut Brown, or Bohemian Pale, or the standards like an IPA, Stout, or Helles, this brewery tops both sections. The bookworms can sip their beer with the pages of their favourite book in the library and the music lovers can rejoice to the tunes of live performances in the jazz theatre. Visitors can enjoy their time with the lounge vibe and warm lighting inside as well as out in the open with the alfresco vibe.

Address: TOWER-1, 5B Rd, next to L&T Infotech, EPIP Zone, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048. Contact: 088802 33322

Windmills Craftworks Bangalore

5. Quaff Brewing Co

Winning for consecutive 5 years in a row the Best Microbrewery award by Times Nightlife and 2 back-to-back Best Microbrewery Awards by DLF Food Excellence is enough to speak for the reputation of the brews and foods served in this gastropub. The ambience takes you on a nostalgic ride of Central Perk, McLaren, and Monk, all wrapped in one. This is one of the few pubs which serves beer from taps in the city. Their Hefe (German wheat beer), Blonde ale (Belgian ale), Neipa (New England IPA), and Weizenbock have won the heart of its customers multiple times and is ready to win yours, the moment you sip it.

Address: Building No 10-B, Ground Floor, DLF Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurugram, Haryana 122001. Contact: 096546 59050

Quaff Brewery Co Gurgaon

6. Motor Works & Brewing Company

Creating an aesthetic ambience of a garage with loose vehicle parts and bikes around as a part of interior design, this pub rightly holds its name. From Stout and larger to pale ale, you will get everything in this pub at a comparatively moderate price than its competitors in the city. This place serves 6 different types of craft beer and their signature beertails, among which Turbo Shandy and Irish Car Bomb are a must-try if you visit this pub. They even provide you with samplers, so that you can get the taste of what can suit your tastebud. They have Beer Up tables with 10 seats. Book one of these tables and get free beer for up to 2 hours.

Address: HCCJ+WV9, EN Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091. Contact: 098744 48334.

Motor works & Brewing Company Kolkata

7. The Hoppery

This brewery nestles itself among lush green foliage arguably providing one of the best views of Hyderabad. No fancy or cool stuff, just a pleasant split-level space which transcends into a charming and lively spot to chill out after the sunset. Bodacious brews and fine delicacies made this place a favourite spot for the zythophiles without any question. The interiors give a pleasant regal vibe with an old architecture built. However, people often go for outdoor reservations for the view. Apple Cider, California Dream and the White Spice must try if you hop into the Hoppery.

Address: Inside Durgam Cheruvu, Road no 46, Near Ambedkar University, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033. Contact: 095731 17862.

The Hoppery Hyderabad

8. Geist Brewing Factory- Restaurant & Beer Garden

What could be more romantic and exciting than a beer date with your soulmate under the stars? Far away from the madding crowd on the outskirts of the city, this brewery provides you with the tranquillity you had been searching for. And not only that, Geist beer garden provides you with top-notch ales, food, and a surreal, outdoor & laid-back ambience. Their speciality lies in Belgian-style Witbier, American-Style India Pale-Ale, Bavarian-style Dark Wheat, Session India Pale Lager, Belgian-Style Strong Blond Ale and numerous new styles for your thirsty tastebuds.

Address: No.23/3, 21st KM Stone, Old Madras Road Nimbekaipura, Bidarahalli, Hobli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560049. Contact: 088677 07102

Geist Brewing Factory - Restaurant & Beer Garden

9. Soi7

Soi7 is a quality rooftop venue for authentic Asian cuisines and freshly brewed beers. The interior has a different energetic vibe with live music or DJ performances along with a dance floor where you can unleash yourself to the hypnotic tunes. The outdoor sitting accommodations are also recommendable with fascinating chairs and comfortable sofas. As a brewery, they give you a tester to choose from 4 fresh beers and the Wheat beer has won the poll multiple times, which makes it a must-try. You can try other brews too according to your taste preference.

Address: Cyberhub, 205 To 209, Gurgaon - Delhi Expy, DLF Cyber City, DLF Phase 2, Gurugram, Haryana 122002.

Contact: 8130200606

Soi7 Gurgaon

10. Toit Brewpub Mumbai

This brewpub is recognized with its own signature Indian and American beer flavours and warm and stylish wooden interiors and brick-lined walls settings with soft music. Using its own traditional brewing technique, this brewery provides a wide range of independent flavours from pale ales, and double IPAs to porters, and larger. Some exotic examples might be the Independence Brew (smoked rye ale), Belgian riot (Belgian style ale), Breaking Matt (Indian pale ale), CzechMate (Czech style lager), The Dark Knight (speciality brew), Tintin Toit (light brew) and A Winter’s Ale (Scottish ale). The only downer for this place is that, since they brew their own beer, there aren’t any options in packaged drinks.

Address: Zeba Centre, 242, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel West, Mathuradas Mill Compound, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013. Contact: 093245 55223

The Toit Mumbai

11. The Grid

Not only located in the heart of the city, but this microbrewery is also the heart of the bong zythophiles. As the night falls, this brewpub comes lively with soft music, chilled beer and warm food to prove why they are the best in the business. With its exposed brick and industrial space, this place deals in handcrafted beer flavours. Some special in-house brews like Piedmont, Caldera, Hogback, Tundra, Towhead, Eskar and Tombolo are among the must-tries for the first-timers. If you are in Kolkata or from the city of love, you should at least visit this gastropub once.

Address: 86A Topsia Road, Haute Street Building, Kolkata, West Bengal 700046. Contact: 084440 00888.

The Grid Kolkata

We know there are too many amazing breweries in India which we might have missed on our list thanks to our space crunch. Too much alcohol consumption is injurious to health, but to snooze the workload of the weekdays, some booze on the weekend is not a bad idea. Here are some of our top recommendations for you to spend some quality time in the top breweries all over India. Tell us about your experience there, or any quality brewery we have missed out on.

If you are planning to visit any of these, make sure you dress well. To be sure of what you are wearing and get the right outfits, you can contact us on our website and social media pages. Join our men's community via WhatsApp & Telegram Group. Please don’t overdrink and drive guys, have a happy weekend.

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