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10 Best Affordable Perfumes For Indian Men Under ₹2000

A perfume can make or break your day and even make the people around you remember you helping you make an ever-lasting impression on them, so you must be sure to make the right impression. Being fully groomed and dressed up has always been important for many people, but it’s not enough anymore. People want to feel and smell good too. That’s where wearing a pleasant-smelling perfume comes in. A good fragrance not only adds to your overall appearance but also boosts your confidence and makes you feel fresh and pleasant. It’s like an extension of your personality and can leave a lasting impression on others. It all depends on your taste and the type of impression you want to make. Here are our top recommendations that you might think of adding to your collection to try or change your taste:

Man smelling perfume

But before diving into the list, let us go through some of the basics so that you never set a foot wrong at your cologne game.


It’s important to know what kind of fragrance suits you and which is your signature scent.

  • Floral - This is the flavor of fruity and floral extracts, which are traditional fragrances and will have that subtle feel to them.

  • Fresh - A tinge of citrus that gives that refreshing feel, this flavor is breezier and has a close-to-nature kind of effect to it.

  • Oriental – This flavor is somewhat mysterious and strong appeal to it, like the vanilla, cinnamon, and patchouli give this.

  • Woody – As the name suggests it has an earthy effect mainly consisting of sandal, cedar, moss, and others for more of a powerful manly scent.

The Fragrance Pyramid

These are the basic fragrances and choosing them for the appropriate occasions is important. The floral and fresh fragrances are considered to be for daylight or warm seasons whereas oriental and woody are for evening times and cold seasons.



The longevity of any perfume depends on its concentration. The perfume oil concentration is the most essential thing to note during shopping for the fragrance. The price and the durability of the cologne depend on the concentration of the perfume oil. From the following chart, you will be easily able to guess the longevity of perfumes:

Fragrance Longetivity

How to Apply:

People often try to apply perfumes like they are applying deo, spraying puffs all over their body which is wrong on so many levels. The way you use the perfume is as important as investing in it. Just randomly spraying it over your shirt does neither work for you nor be good for your fabrics. Here are some of the steps for applying it the right way:

How To Apply Perfume

  • Understand your skin texture, this defines how much you should apply and how often. 

  • For dry skin, moisturize yourself generously especially a dab more near the pulse points before applying the perfume. This type of skin will require 2-3 sprays and you are good to go for the day. 

  • For oily skin, moisturize normally and apply 1-2 sprays at the pulse points and that would suffice. This skin texture will hold on to the perfume and thus wouldn't need much effort or quantity. 

  • Always dab your perfume, and avoid rubbing it.


Important Pulse Points

1. Behind the ears

2. Wrists

3. Inside of elbows and knees


Some Of The Affordable Fragrance Brands 

With so many options available, it can be challenging to find the right fragrance that suits your personality and lifestyle. That’s why it’s helpful to have a list of the top perfume brands in India to help you make an informed decision.

1. Fogg

Fogg is a fragrance that delivers a delightful, long-lasting blend of woodsy notes that is both affordable and high-quality, making it the perfect way to complete your daily grooming routine. Thanks to its stronger perfume strength, you can enjoy the captivating scent longer after the initial spray. This versatile fragrance can be worn on special occasions or every day at work, providing you with a boost of confidence throughout the day. The Fogg Extreme line of international perfumes is an essential addition to your collection if you want to feel fresh, stylish, and invigorated from the moment you wake up.

Add to your collection now

Fogg Perfume


2. Villain

If you’re looking for a distinctive and long-lasting scent to complement your wicked style, look no further than The Villain perfume range. These premium fragrances are crafted to leave a lasting impression, and their rich notes will linger on your skin for hours. The Villain’s men’s fragrances are designed to be gentle on the skin and safe to use. It’s undoubtedly the best perfume available for men, and you can apply it to your clothes and wrists for the best results. The Villain range provides you with an irresistible scent that exudes power and confidence.

Add to your wardrobe

Villain Perfumes


3. Beardo

Beardo Eau De Parfum’s impeccable appeal boasts of irresistible masculinity that gets you noticed and establishes your dominance over testosterone clichés. The fragrances are the perfect choice for day and night activities with their versatile mixes of various notes. This is the scent of success. Going for bold because decadence is thrilling, not-so-gentle man, elegant and impertinent in equal measure, an intoxicating, powerful blend that starts fresh and moves onto a spicy leather accord. A range of arresting alchemy of full-on seduction.

Add this perfume to your collection

Beardo Perfume

4. Titan Skinn

Skinn from Titan has made it into the line of top 10 perfume brands in India. The range consists of a variety of Eau de perfumes and deodorants, each with its unique blend of notes falling under the categories of fresh, woody, or spicy. Popular Titan Skinn fragrances for men include Celeste, Raw, Steele, and Verge. These scents are designed to last a long time and are for young, urban men seeking a signature fragrance and carving their mark.

Try the fragrance

Tata Skinn Perfume


5. Ustraa Perfume

USTRAA is one of the best affordable men's perfume brands in India that want to make a strong and lasting impression. This unique scent combines warm, spicy notes with fresh and woody undertones to create a fragrance that’s both bold and sophisticated. At the heart of this cologne are spicy notes of Black Pepper and Clove, which are balanced by the fresh and invigorating notes of Bergamot and Lavender. The base notes of Cedarwood and Vetiver add a touch of warmth and depth to the fragrance, making it perfect for any occasion.

Add this to your perfume collection

Ustraa Perfume


6. Axe

Next up we have the king of the affordable perfume market ruling for decades, the Axe. The ‘signature’ range of perfumes are fragrances that are designed for men who are looking for a high-quality, premium scent. It is part of the Axe Signature range, which is marketed as a more upscale line of fragrances than their regular body sprays and deodorants. The fragrance itself is inspired by the warmth and intensity of Italy. It features a blend of notes that are intended to create a complex and sophisticated scent profile. Some keynotes in the fragrance include Sicilian lemon, mandarin, lavender, and vanilla. The ‘Signature’ holds the potential to be your true signature perfume.

Buy the perfume

7. The Man Company

The Man Company offers one of the best affordable men's perfumes in India and a fragrance that is designed for men who are looking for a bold and powerful scent. The Man Company's range of men’s perfumes are complex and sophisticated scents that feature notes of bergamot, lavender, black pepper, cardamom, musk, coriander, patchouli, and whisky. These notes are intended to create a bold and masculine scent profile that is both modern and timeless. Oud, Fire, Blanc, and Night are the delightful and captivating fragrances that the company offers.

Try this fragrance

The Man Company Perfume

8. Denver

Denver Hamilton Perfume comes with a range of fragrances designed to give men a bold and refined scent that lasts throughout the day. It features a unique blend of spicy and woody notes that come together to create a complex and intriguing scent profile. Cinnamon is one of the primary notes in the fragrance and provides a warm and inviting opening to the scent. This spicy note is perfectly balanced by the addition of lavender, which is a floral note that adds a touch of sweetness and complexity to the fragrance.

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Denver Perfume

9. Park Avenue

Park Avenue is the OG of the perfume market. Park Avenue perfume range is a fragrance mist for men designed by the Park Avenue brand. It’s marketed as a refreshing and modern scent that is suitable for everyday wear, whether it’s at the office or out on the town. The fragrance features a blend of fresh and woody notes, including citrus, lavender, and amber. These notes come together to create a unique and invigorating scent profile that is both masculine and modern and one of the best men's perfumes in India.

Add this to your collection


Park Avenue Perfume

10. Wild Stone

Wild Stone perfume range is a sensual high-quality fragrance designed for men who want a long-lasting and sensual scent. The fragrance features a unique blend of bergamot, lavender, and musk notes that come together to create a seductive and masculine scent profile. Each note provides a warm and sensual base for the next that ties all of the other elements together, creating a fragrance that is both sophisticated and masculine.

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Wild Stone Perfume


To learn more about perfumes.Do watch this video.

They say you’re never fully dressed without a smile. While that is true, wearing perfume can significantly uplift the wearer’s mood and confidence. So, we say that you’re never fully dressed without a few puffs of your favorite cologne. Find your favorite range from the above list and make it your signature scent for your endeavors. For more such interesting information subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be part of one of the largest WhatsApp grooming community. 

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