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Unveiling Bangalore's Culinary Gems: 12 Must-Visit Eateries With Mesmerizing Themes

We all know Bangalore is famous for its casual pubs, classy breweries, swanky restaurants, and innovative street food. The food scene at Bangalore was always top notch and we all know that. Then what makes us write and you read this blog? Good food is easily accessible with multiple restaurants available but that too with some mesmerizing ambiance? Now that is rare, isn’t it? Or why not flare up your taste bud with some authentic dishes rather than your usual order? To your very surprise, multiple eateries in this city go beyond just satiating your hunger. Going above and beyond with decors and lighting just to elevate the dining experience of the customers, or for their authentic dishes from various countries, these eateries are worth a visit at least once. From the Mughal era to swampy rainforest, and Mexican to Asian cuisines, we will list the top 10 eateries in Bangalore with unique themes and cuisines for you to try out.


1. The Black Pearl - Koramangala

Whether you are a fan of Jack Sparrow and his crew or One Piece, this restaurant will make you leave in awe of it. Fashioned along the footprints of Captain Sparrow’s ship, this restaurant is well known for its Caribbean, Mediterranean, North Indian, barbecue, and European cuisine paired with superb alcoholic (pirate adventure without some rum? Are you kidding me?) and non-alcoholic beverages. Enjoy your time with pirate mannequins at every corner, swords and cannons dotted around, waiters and waitresses in pirate gear, and chairs made out of human skeletons. Embark on an exciting journey of treasure hunting along with delicious food with your loved ones at Black Pearl.

Black Pearl Restaurant Koramangala

2. Gufha – Jayanagar

Take a ride back from where humanity marched forward. Dimly lit with flame torches on the walls, tiger-skinned chairs, and rocky interiors with multiple sculptures, the restaurant is rightly named after its cave-centered theme. The owners have even taken the ambiance a notch higher with subtle rippling sounds of water and noises of the jungle as well as waiters dressed as hunters. From their serving of Indian, Northwest Frontier, Peshawari, and Afghani dishes, you should try the succulent kebabs and tikkas, along with signature dishes like the Laal Maas, Afghani Dum Murgh Biryani, and Kumbh Peshawari. However, we must warn you, after visiting the Gufha, you might not want to return to this civilized world.

Gufha Restaurant Jayanagar

3. Chinita – Koramangala, Indiranagar & Whitefield

Want to try some authentic Mexican food? Then Chinita is the place you might be looking for. Sorry to break to you but there is nothing extravagant with the theme this time, but if you want to treat your taste buds to some authentic spicy and tangy Mexican food, and not some Indian derivation of it, you must straight away head to this restaurant. Although a simple and decent ambiance like other restaurants, Chinita is a great place to hang out with your gang. Coming this place’s biggest flex, the food! From spicy chocolate cake to burrito bowls, this place has it all. Don’t forget to try the Almond Horchata, which is a traditional Mexican beverage. One visit to this place and you will be coming back for more. They have opened two more outlets in Bangalore now.

Chinita Restaurant

4. Stonny Brook – Rajarajeshwari Nagar

With the rising heat, you might think of escaping to the mountains, but it is not always possible to escape reality, and with too much crowd in the mountains, it is all packed. And why go to the mountains when you can at least replicate the soothing feeling of enjoying a meal with a stream flowing past your feet at Stonny Brook! The owner of the restaurant was inspired by an establishment in the Philippines where the tables are set at the shallow end of a riverbank, allowing patrons to soak their feet while dining, which is why he chose to replicate the same ambiance here. For our nature concern friends, no the water is not wasted, the water used to create the artificial stream is recycled. The cobblestoned floors, potted plants, and flowers everywhere give off strong naturalistic vibes. On the added side, they offer superb pan-Asian delicacies out of which the Spicy Crab Meat Soup, Teriyaki Fish, and Thai Green Curry need a special mention.

Stonny Brook Restaurant Rajarajeshwari Nagar

5. Hunger Camp – JP Nagar

If you love to be in the army, but never got the chance, head straight to this war camp-themed restaurant, the ‘Hunger Camps’. While good food and delicacies are a far cry in any army camp, the hunger camp is here to change that. Dine out of a tent, in a corner surrounded by war hero stories, a community table, or from the bottom of a bunker, gas lights, and all! The attention to detail is spot on with military water flasks pouring out drinking water and grenade-shaped salt and pepper shakers, and staff dressed in military gear! Both North Indian and South Indian foods such as Dal Tadka, Dal Makhani, Tandoori Chicken, Appams, Neer Dosa, and buttered rotis are available here. If you’re feeling indecisive, you can also go for a Plate Meal, their version of a thali, which comes in a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants, each one better than the other.

Hunger Camp JP Nagar

6. Hae Kum Gang – Brigade Road

If you want to taste some authentic Asian cuisines, then Hae Kum Gang must be there on your bucket list. This restaurant serves authentic Korean, Chinese, and Japanese all under one roof. The food here is great and the atmosphere is homely and simple which is a great combination to have a pleasant experience. However, it is a fair warning that Asian dishes are way beyond noodles and chili chicken, those who know, that Asian foods are a bit on the raw side, and it completely depends on the palette of the individual if they like a cuisine or not. If you have never tried authentic Asian dishes, you can get the idea and taste from this restaurant.

Hae Kum Gang – Brigade Road

7. Central Jail – Jayanagar

Oh no not the criminal one, but accept it or not, we all have wondered how jail might feel like. We hope you never find out but this prison-themed restaurant can give you a small taste of how’s life behind bars, except for the fact that the food is great. Hanging bulbs reflecting off exposed brick walls, ‘prison cells’ where diners (or we might say inmates) can enjoy their food, they even have numbered ‘prison cells’ for seating areas. To sum it up, totally a riveting atmosphere. Thankfully, their commitment to creating the theme has not extended to the food. They have an extensive menu featuring Indian, Chinese, and several seafood options that will, unbelievably make you commit some crime if that was the deal to visit the place.

Central Jail – Jayanagar

8. Ruh - Bellandur

Ruh will make you feel that you had always belonged to the world of Arabian Nights. Sporting an elaborate middle eastern theme with chandeliers, candles, and ornate mirrors along with the classic touch of red and blue lighting gives you an authentic Arabian vibe. The resto-bar offers you a charming experience and lets you tuck into mouth-watering Mediterranean and Mughlai dishes. You can even sit back to enjoy a spot of hookah.

Ruh Restaurant Bellandur

9. Atta Galatta – Koramangala

Nothing special about this café except that it is a special destination for all the bookworms. All book lovers know warm coffee and books are an irreplaceable pair. This place offers a variety of coffee and delicious baked food and also a lot of books. Sometimes there are even books reading events that you can be a part of. With value for the money, Atta Galatta is a perfect place for self-study, discussions, and some alone time from the noise outside. This is a book cafe that offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere to unwind.

Atta Galatta Koramangala

10. ShakesBierre – Ashok Nagar

ShakesBierre is a Shakespeare-themed restaurant cum bar that will take you on a trip to medieval Rome. The additional details created with Roman sculptures, classical paintings, and wooden paneling makes the place come alive. The huge space with multiple types of seating is designed to look like a medieval watering hole with bar fights and rambunctious performances! Also, there are varieties of foods that you can try from, Mexican and Italian to Kodava and Mughal cuisine. They have a lot of vegetarian options available as well. Don’t forget to visit this place at least once and spent some quality time at the Colosseum.

ShakesBierre Restaurant Ashok Nagar

11. Oia – Hennur

Oia, the largest pub cum restaurant in Asia, has recently opened in Bangalore, offering an unforgettable night out experience. With a diverse menu of Indian, Asian, and European cuisines, including must-try dishes like Mezze Platter and Butter Garlic Prawns, Oia satisfies all cravings. Their drink selection is impressive, featuring a variety of beers, wines, cocktails, and mocktails. Alongside great food and drinks, Oia provides top-notch entertainment with a state-of-the-art sound system, a large dance floor, live music performances, and DJ nights. The venue boasts a stunning ambience, spacious seating options, and a beautiful outdoor area overlooking the city skyline. Oia is the go-to destination for an exceptional night out in Bangalore, combining delectable cuisine, exciting entertainment, and a captivating atmosphere.

Oia  Hennur

12. Shiro – UB City

Shiro, a renowned fine dining restaurant in Bangalore, elevates the culinary experience with its upscale Japanese-inspired offerings. The restaurant's elegant decor exudes sophistication, boasting sleek lines, rich dark wood accents, and a serene color palette that sets a tranquil ambiance. Shiro's menu is a culinary journey through Japanese cuisine, featuring an extensive selection of dishes crafted to showcase the intricate flavors and artistry of the culture. From sushi and sashimi to robatayaki and tempura, each dish is meticulously prepared with the finest ingredients, ensuring an exceptional dining experience. With its commitment to excellence in both cuisine and ambiance, Shiro stands as a premier destination for discerning diners seeking an exquisite Japanese dining experience in Bangalore.

Shiro  UB City

These according to us are the top 10 restaurants that you should visit at least once if you are from Bangalore or thinking of visiting Bangalore. Handpicked keeping in mind the best food, drinks, and their marvelous themes, these restaurants will guarantee you some out-of-the-world experiences and special memories with your loved ones that you will cherish for the rest of your life. For more such amazing bucket lists and amazing blogs, follow us on Facebook, and Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Also, join our WhatsApp community to be a part of the largest grooming platform in India.

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