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Viva Magenta: Elevate Your Style With The Color Of The Year

Viva Magenta! Sounds familiar? Probably heard somewhere recently but can’t recall. Welcome to the world of men if you have never known the name of the color and identify it as another shade of purple. Men always have this problem with identifying colors, especially those who are from the 90s. That is not all our fault as well, since we have grown up around some basic colors and a major part of our teen circles around the cool color ‘Black’. Well coming back to Viva magenta, it is a bold, brazen color that encourages a joyful, upbeat celebration and creates a fresh narrative. And also those who think it is a shade of purple, it is not. It is a derivative of crimson red. The roots of this reddish hue symbolize fresh power. Fine, but why it has become such a hot topic? The reason is, it has been named Pantone’s color of the year 2023. Well if you are eager to incorporate the color of the year into your wardrobe, then we might help you.

Viva Magenta - Pantone Color of the year 2023

Interesting Fact

During the early 1800s, a French chemist patented a chemical formula derived from coal tar that yielded a magnificent red-purple color. The color turned out so magnificent and unique that it couldn’t be compared with any color seen before. Initially, the color was called ‘fuchsine’ as it showed major similarity to the color of the flower of fuchsia. A half-century later, fuchsine was the celebratory color selected to represent the French-Sardinian victory over the Austrians in the short but highly significant Battle of Magenta in Italy. Thus, the color was known from then on as magenta!


You can try this color with several combinations like,

- Emerald, Green, Mint, Sage

- Lemon, Peach, Mustard

- Navy, Turquoise, Teal, Cyan

- Black, Charcoal, and Grey

- Neutrals, White, Cream

Here’s how you can incorporate it into your everyday outfits.

Ranveer Singh in Viva Magenta Suit

1. Suit It Up

Pulling out a majestic look formals with this lively color might not be as difficult as you think. Since the color is bold and has an essence of its own, even the simplest outfits with suits will stand out. The outfit is simple to layer and looks niche and premium. To ace the color with a suit, you should try the viscose or silk blend. You can also try a full pair of magenta tuxedo and trousers if you want to go the extra mile of boldness. Pair your formals with a lighter shade of pink or white or black to get that definition of layering. Always remember to create contrast with layering and choose your shades of light and dark alternatively and accordingly. The color might not be in the limelight so far, but you surely will.

Try these blazers & suits

Viva Magenta Men's Suits

2. Tie The Knot

If you feel like a suit is too much to go for, you can try tints of this shade in various parts of your outfit. For example, a tie. It will be wonderful to have a Viva magenta tie in your wardrobe collection. You can make the tie pop out by wearing it with neutral-tone suits like grey or black. To make the look crunchier you can go for checked formal shirts instead of your regular ones. However, with too much contrast, the tie will lose its charm, hence try avoiding too many colors with this one. You can try patterns or prints on the tie if the normal one is too boring for you. This mini dose of dynamism will keep you energetic and pleasant throughout the day. The color is sure to leave a remarkable first impression on every client you are going to meet and no doubt the meeting will go as smoothly as the color.

If you regularly wear formal shirts, add a magenta tie to stand out in your office space

Viva Magenta Tie For Men

3. Slay With Sweatshirts

Yeah, we know it's a raging fire outside but that doesn’t mean you can’t stack up on your winter clothes. Besides, it is the best time to stack on winter clothes, as you get a heavy discount on them. High necks and layering with a sweater is not only a comfortable outfit, but also a sensible and cool fashion statement. Pair this fierce color with pale skin-fit jeans and white sneakers to bring out the most from this look. Now you are all set to be the trendsetter for winter 2023.

Try these unique pieces

Viva Magenta Men's Sweatshirts

4. Keep The Casuals Classy

Viva Magenta has conquered the men’s top-wear market. Shirts, casual tees, henleys, polos, it is available for all the options. Simply pair them with faded shorts or pieces of denim along with sneakers and get that smart street casual look. Although a fierce and bold color, it goes very well with street casuals. In everyday life, men can sport this color with all the causal wear still reflecting the saturated and inspiring tone, it will help one have better self-expression without restraint. Being a balance between warm and cool tones, this color perfectly characterizes comfort and ease. Be ready to be the talk of the town.

These products are a must-have in your wardrobe

Viva Magenta Men's Casual t-shirts and Co-ord sets

5. Wear It To The Gym

If everywhere why not in sportswear? Nothing can beat a nice cut and sew detail in the sport setting. This can be paired with any block color like blues, whites, or blacks. This color reflects fresh positive energy that will motivate you throughout your workout sessions. If you don’t feel confident enough to wear the color thoroughly, you can try it through small changes like shoes or socks or towels, or other accessories.

Add colors to your workout wardrobe

Viva Magenta Men's Gymwear

6. Don’t Ditch The Accessories

Viva magenta caps, cufflinks, pocket squares, bows, sunglasses, and shoes are certainly going to stand out in the coming times. Magenta sunglasses might not be your first choice, but paired with light formals, this can do magic. Ditch your regular sneakers, and pick up your magenta sneakers to stand out in the crowd. You can also try magenta caps with your sportswear as well as magenta winter caps with winter outfits. Also, you can go fancy with a pocket square or a bow to give a refreshing touch to your regular suit. It is going to be a majestic year with magenta.

Use these Viva Magenta accessories to add a pop of color

Viva Magenta Men's Accessories

Not too fierce nor too sober, here is your list of magenta outfits that you can try this year without the fear of being judged. Dominate the space you are in with this fierce color of energy. Channel your inner energy through this color and reverberate to attain your maximum potential in any field. In the words of Laurie Pressman, Vice President at the Pantone Color Institute,

“Magenta is assertive but not aggressive … one of the strongest and brightest [colors] the world has known.”

You still want to know which color will suit your skin tone. Then watch the below video for more information.

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