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Summer Style 101: How To Embrace The Bold and Beautiful Prints for Men

Summer is the best season to show your fashion quotient because flawing a particular outfit is pure skill. Layering comes as the greatest savior during winter but summer openly challenges you to a fashion battle. Grilled bbq, chilled beer, and your comfortable clothes in the evening breeze are a pure blessing. But with the limited wardrobe options which you get during this season of rising temperature, you need to incorporate some variations other than your pastel shades. The top priority of this season is to slay with comfort and style, and keeping that in mind, we bring you a guide to incorporate prints into your daily outfits and accessories this summer. Here is a list of print ideas and outfits that will leave people in awe of you.

Summer Printed shirts

1. No Dikkat with Ikat

Infuse a traditional vibe into your summer outfit with this classic print style which is one of the oldest forms of textile decoration. This playful pattern is done using the tie-dye technique on the yarn. Originating from Indonesia, this print is big on motifs and has multicolored patterns marked by its blurriness.

Pair bright-colored shirts or kurtas with neutral trousers to get your summer style right. Besides having a traditional vibe to it, pairing an ikat shirt with shorts can bring a contemporary vibe to it too. Either way, this is a great addition to your summer collection.

Try this Cotton Ikkat Shirt

Jaypore Green Ikat Cotton Shirt

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2. Paisley Pe Chor Do Faisley

Originating from Scotland, due to huge-scale shawl production in Paisley the pattern was given the name so. This pattern is an ornamental textile design most commonly using the boteh or buta, a teardrop-shaped motif with a curved upper end, which once in your life, you have always confused with a bacteria or virus picture.

Light-colored shirts with bright Paisley prints are a great combination when worn with linen trousers or chinos, you can also pair paisley tees with shorts or you can go traditional with paisley kurtas and pajamas.

Wear this paisley print for the next party

Afghani Paisley Shirt

Paisley Red Shirt - Buy Now

3. Swabhimaani Hai Bandhani

Bhandej, also popularly known as Bandhani, is an ancient art of tying small dots on fabric with a continuous thread and dyeing it to create a figurative texture on fabric from Rajasthan. To put it simply, it is another form of ‘tie-dye’ art like Ikat.

Combining comfort & style, pair a delicate piece of Bandhej shirt with chinos shorts or linen trousers and espadrilles, or criss-cross strapped sandals to complete the look. Bright-colored bandhej shirts are a great addition to your summer wardrobe and complement the summer season.

Look colorful with this Bandhani Kurta

Bandhani Printed Indie Kurtas

Bandhani Printed Cotton Kurtas - Buy Now

4. Lehra Do Lehriya

Get ready for another tie-dye technique from Rajasthan, the Lehriya. The print gets its name from the Hindi word for wave, Leher due to its complex wave patterns. Bright patterns over a light background allow the color to flow and play. Opt for something like a shirt or henleys to feel summer’s cool breeze. Pair with linen trousers or chinos shorts and espadrilles to get your easy comfortable and stylish summer look.

Wear this ravishing kurta

Lehriya  Handblock Printed Kurtas

Red Lehriya Handblock Kurtas - Buy Now

5. Bandana Mastana

Get the Boho vibe on with the Bandana print. The bandana as we know of today traces its origin back to the late 17th century in the Middle East and Southern Asia. Once made popular by hippies in the 60s in India, Bandana has come around to claim its throne back but this time as a top wear. You have probably seen this print in the form of handkerchiefs wrapped over the head of rappers.

Get a bright-colored half-sleeved shirt with white bandana prints on it and pair it with linen trousers or shorts to fill all the boxes of the casual boho vibe. Espadrilles or sandals as you may have them.

Look unique with the bandana shirt

Arcade Navy Bandana Shirt

Navy Bandana Shirt - Buy Now

6. Baroque Hai Shahrukh

The Baroque is a highly ornate and elaborate style of architecture, art, and design that flourished in Europe in the 17th and first half of the 18th century. Originating in Italy, its influence quickly spread across Europe and it became the first visual style to have a significant worldwide impact. To put it simply, it is taking the bandana print a notch higher.

Get a regular-fit shirt crafted with a classic spread collar, full button placket, and long sleeves, crafted with simple silhouettes. This print and its outfit focus on its urban and minimalistic look. Complete the look by pairing it with brogues and classic summer pants.

Look luxurious with this shirt

Viscose  Patterned Shirt

Baroque Patterned Shirt - Buy Now

7. Hawa Hawaiian

Although the name is Hawaiian, the print is not from Hawaii. It has its history covered up in a lot of debates. Some say the first was made by a Japanese tailor in Hawaii from kimono cloth, others that it derives from the so-called 'tails-out' shirts native to the Philippines. Still, others have argued that it migrated from Tahiti, where images of hibiscus, breadfruit, and other exotica have long been printed on cloth. These shirts had been off-trend for a long time but recently they are back into the business.

Get yourself a comfy Hawaiian shirt and pair it with your shorts, slipping on your sandals or sliders to complete the beach evening vibe. You can also try the latest rendition which comes in smaller prints in subtle colors.

Wear this co-ord set for the next vacation

Hawaiian Leaf Blue Co-ord Set

Hawaiian Co-ord Set - Buy Now

8. Ban Ja Tribal

Coming from the continent of Africa, this print is inspired by kente cloth prints. No doubt, these prints are pretty stylish and gracious at the same time. And by tribals don’t think of naked men with spears? This print was originally designed for royalty which symbolizes wealth, royalty, and fertility.

Go Ethnic, Be Unique! There’s something about the ethnic prints. The history behind the print, the significance, and what it stands for. If you are bored with the top wear prints you can go for bottom wear like boxers or trousers or even your shoes. The best you can get is a tribal boxer to pair with your top wear by the beach. Pretty simple and stylish for your weekend look right?

Look masculine in the tribal print shirt

Kalamkari Print Teal Shirt

Tribal Print Shirt - Buy Now

9. Bagru Bana De Guru

Bagru represents bold lines with delicate patterns and bright colors. There are many spin-offs from this fashionable print that you can try. This is indeed one of the most sought summer styles that the fashion world is after.

Contemporary and versatile, cotton bagru print trousers are one of a kind. Choose from the finest fabrics, and pair this piece with a linen shirt and classic slip-ons.

Try this distinct bagru kurta for brunch with your buddies

Mustard Yellow Bagru Handblock Shirt

Bagru Mustard Shirt - Buy Now

10. Shibori Ki Kalakari

This age-old Japanese dye-printing technique involves wringing, squeezing, and pressing. The resulting patterns are often emblematic of Japan's appreciation of the beauty of imperfection – known locally as wabi sabi – and are prized for their individuality and arresting beauty.

Get the shibori swag right with a traditional kurta or Panjabi. Cotton pajamas over trousers or jeans any day and complete the look with a Kolhapuri chappal or any traditional sandal.

Own the ethnic look with this shibori printed kurta

Shibori Cotton Long Kurta

Shibori Long Kurta - Buy Now

11. Aaj Tak Aztec

Aztec is another tribal-inspired print from the tribal culture indigenous to Africa and over the years has gained popularity as a quirky print for any wardrobe or accessories. Aztec prints often feature a recurring pattern of geometrical objects such as triangles, diamonds, straight lines, chevrons, circles, and rectangles. In terms of color, all is fair game.

So what wear or bottom wear are we going to cover for this print? It's your shoes. An elegant printed pair of Oxford lace-ups shoes is a must-have for every well-dressed man. The delicate all-over Aztec printing gives an elite style and debonair look. Consider these to add a dressy vibe to a rather laid-back summer.

Be the highlight of the party with this Aztec-printed shirt

Aztec Print Shirt

Aztec Print Shirt - Buy Now

The history, significance, and resurgence of prints are what makes them so fascinating. Incorporate these heavenly creations of the century into your comfortable staples and accessories, and viola! There you go with a stunning and mesmerizing outfit. Slay your summer with these trendy and quirky outfits and usher in all the compliments. For more such tips and fashion knowledge, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you never miss an update. Also, you should join our WhatsApp community to be a part of India's largest styling and grooming platform for men.

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