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Summer Shorts: Your Ultimate Guide to Styling and Wearing Them

Denim may be the king of casual wear, but when it comes to summer, shorts reign supreme. Breathable, lightweight, and comfortable, shorts are versatile and stylish, making them a top favorite among men. Yes, the ruler of the season is here, the shorts. Although casual wear, you can’t take the outfit casually. However, there are a lot of factors to consider when crafting the right outfit for a picture-perfect summer. Take a step wrong and you will look like you never passed high school. But have you ever wondered why shorts are the best option for summer? The basics of good summer wear are breathability, lightweight, and comfort, and all of these are present in summer shorts. In this blog, we will explore the basics of wearing shorts, combinations to try, and types of shorts that you can choose from. From polos to tees, shirts to vests, and even suits, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate guide to styling and wearing summer shorts. So, let’s dive into the ways of styling them,

Men wearing classy shorts


There are some basic guidelines for every outfit that you will see in the market, and shorts are no exception.

- Right Fit and Length

No one wants shorts so wide as a parachute or as slim that it’s hard to distinguish whether it is shorts or underwear. You must sport the right fit to bring the maximum out of this outfit. And talking about the right length, your shorts should end just above your knees, not too below it, nor too above it.

Fitted Shorts

- Patterns or Solids

Men who love experimenting will often go for patterns and men who like it simply go for solids, and there is no problem regarding that. The problem arises when you mess up the top wear. Go with contrast, if you are wearing patterns for shorts, solid tops will do justice to them and vice versa.

Patterns and Solid Shorts

- No Socks

The shorts style is well suited with casual shoes like flip-flops or sneakers. If you are going for sneakers, ditch your socks. Don’t ask why, it’s fashion! Or go for those sole-covering socks which don’t show outside of your footwear.

No socks shorts

- Right Shorts for the Right Occasion

Just because shorts are casual wears, all shorts are not for all occasions. You can’t go for sports or athletic activities in denim shorts or you can go on a date in sportswear. There is a decorum for everything and there are indeed various types of shorts which we will discuss as we go along.

Various shorts


Shorts can be paired with almost every outfit out there but some outfits can give you the upper edge over the others. You can either experiment on your own or try from our list which will save a lot of your time

- Polos or Tees

Polos or tees and shorts are like bread and butter, simple yet fantastic. Either a round, V-neck or a polo and shorts can be worn to round off your casual street look. A pair of khaki shorts topped with a plain polo t-shirt is an outfit that every man should have in his arsenal. For tees, considering the summer, lighter shades of pink, blue, and white are the best choices. For further experimenting, you can try the dual-colored striped polo shirts. However, you have to pay attention to detail when you are combining more than two colors or you will mess things up. These outfits are perfect for a day out with friends or if you’re heading out to the mall to chill. They also serve as the official dress for the beach as they are stylish and comfortable.

Polos and shorts combo

- Shirts

Shirts with shorts are an absolute banger. You can style your normal shorts with a shirt in multiple ways like tucking in with a belt or layer it along with a tee below and just putting on the shirt with buttons open, or putting on a shirt without tucking in. Denim shirts on maroon shorts or navy on white or turquoise shirts above a white tee on navy denim shorts are great combinations to try. For a more casual vibe, you can try patterned shirts with chinos shorts or vice versa. However, don’t try patterns on both upper wear and bottom wear as this looks messy. For footwear, you can go both with loafers for a semi-formal look and sneakers for the street smart casual look.

Shirts and shorts combo

- Vests

Athletic activities require clothes that do not restrict movement, and shorts are the obvious choice for legwear. But what about the top wear? Vests along with sweat shorts make the perfect athletic wear. Be it for gym or sports activity, this is the ultimate wear you can get. Breathable fabrics, and comfortable and good air circulation, keep your stamina up and exercises a lot more comfortable. The best color for athletic wear has always been grey as black catches the sweat stains easily and whites get dirty too soon. You can also try camouflage vests or shorts which are in trend nowadays. Sweat shorts and vests fulfill the latest trend of athleisure clothing, thanks to their look and their fit.

Running vests and shorts combo

- Suits

Well, it’s time to go through your company’s dress code, because if they allow shorts in their corporate dress code, then this summer you are going to steal the limelight for sure. Gray or brown shorts for this look are best, and for the shirts, you can go with any sober color. Match your suit with your shorts to keep the outfit clean and tidy, or if this seems boring to you, you can try color variations like a pink shirt with a turquoise suit and patterned shorts for a more exquisite look. This is a tricky outfit to pull off, but with proper layering, and color combo, you can get that dapper look.

Suits and shorts combo


Let us see the various options we have in hand,

1. Sweat Shorts

Sweat shorts are very comfortable options for the gym or other sports activities. They provide ample space and comfort, and with good fabric, there will be a better circulation of air which will keep the area below your waist fresh. Easy to wear and the lightweight nature of the outfit protects the wearer from sweating even when they indulge in heavy physical activities.

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2. Pleated Shorts

This is a vintage short that has an old-school vibe to it. Pleated shorts can make you fit in even in the fanciest of places. The presence of pleats makes them classy and vintage and a top choice for your summer wardrobe. Although widely joked around as a dad outfit, this has claimed one of the top spots in the bad-ass list.

Pleated Shorts

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3. Linen Shorts

The perfect fabric to help you deal with this ravaging heat of summer. Linen shorts are a must-buy for the upcoming vacation season. This delightful and lightweight fabric can be paired in any way you see fit. Linen Shorts are the most suitable for a casual day out in summer. Coming in varying lengths from super short to below-the-knee styles, they pair well with collared polo shirts or round-neck t-shirts.

Linen Shorts

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4. Cargo Shorts

If you love cargo, then cargo shorts will top your list of shorts. This short successfully depicts how the shorts have transitioned over the years from just being a dress code for the military. Just like the trousers version, it comes with a lot of pockets to help you carry a lot. They are a comfortable as well as practical outfit and you should invest in one if you yet haven’t.

Cargo Shorts

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5. Chino Shorts

Classy and trendy, are the best way you can define them. They are comfortable and a great mix and match between formal and casual, giving you a semi-formal classy look. Pair with a shirt or tee as you like, or you can tuck your shirt and use a belt to get that dapper twist to your outfit.

Chino Shorts

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6. Denim Shorts

The most versatile outfit of all time is denim. Shirts, jackets, trousers, shorts, and denim comes in all forms and shape. Stylish and contemporary, denim shorts come in both fitted and loose styles and can also vary in size. Ripped options are also available in shorts. Neither too tense nor too casual, these shorts are apt for an outing.

Denim Shorts

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7. Bermuda Shorts

As the name suggests, they are made in Bermuda as an alternative to slacks for formal events. Earlier it was popular mostly among the people in the tropical region but now, it has transcended the geographical barrier. Their lightweight material, a combination of various color shades, and below-the-knee length make them a fitting choice as a summer outfit. You can even get inspired by its origin place, where they are worn in a formal environment with a sports coat or a blazer even with a tie!

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Ranging from the elites to normal folks, shorts have gained a massive share of the audience as well as the market. The reason is, they look good on all types of body structures and come in varying styles. But the ultimate way to style them is your confidence.

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Keep it up and let everything roll on its own. This summer get classy and comfortable with our innovative ideas for pairing and styling your shorts. For further details, you can book a one-on-one session with our experts and have all your confusion cleared up. For more such interesting topics and tips, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and join our WhatsApp community to be a part of the largest grooming and styling platform for men.

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