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How To Choose The Perfect Frames For Your Face Shape

Glasses have come a long way since the evolution of style. I still remember when wearing glasses was the official symbol for the nerds. Even when we were kids, we used to taunt our friends with glasses, ‘Oye Chasmish, Are Chasmish, Char Ankhon Wale’, and so on. We were so embarrassed that we would pressurize the parents for contact lenses. Nowadays, whether it is a powered and prescribed glass or simply a transparent one, you will see glasses everywhere.

How the whole world has accepted glasses as a significant element of style? A simple answer is an option. We have grown up seeing only one type of frame but now there are various types, different styles, and flowing colors available in the market. And whenever there are so many options, it is easy to get confused and lost. Today we will discuss which type of frame you should wear to match your style statement.

Bollywood Actors wearing Different Frames

Factors in Focus

Here are a few things you have to keep in mind to get that effortless and chic look with glasses:

§ Just like hairstyle, knowing your face shape is an important factor to choose the right frame for you.

§ Shape and size of the frame so that it suits your face.

§ Color of the frame that complements your skin color.

§ Quality of the material and trust of the brand.

Instead of running behind the trends of the transparent frame or rimless glasses, you should focus on frames that suit your face shape so that even when the trend is no more trending, your frames should do justice to your looks. But the question remains how can I know what my face shape is?

For more details, you can also have a look at the video on “How to find your face type” on YouTube.

If you are still not so sure what is your face type then you can connect with us for a personalized face type analysis consultation.

Frames For Your Face type

1. Frames For Round Face

Round faces tend to have softer features like fuller cheeks, gentle jawlines, with a broad forehead. To balance so much softness, you have to add sharpness to it like something angular or pointy and slimming. Flat rectangular or square frames are the perfect choice for you. The straight edges of the frame will complement your face nicely and these will make your face appear longer and slimmer as they sit high on your face. Keep the frame compact, neither too thick nor too thin.

Titan Frames For Round Face Type

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2. Frames For Square Face

Square faces are characterized by the same jaw and cheek width which gives that square-like appearance. It is similar to a round face in width and height except for its angled and sharp features. Balance out your pointedness with round frames which will soften your overall facial look. But if you are not much into round frames, you can still opt for oval ones and if you are totally into square frames, make sure the glasses are large and even in height and width. Keep the frame sleek and thin.

Titan Eye Round Frames  For Square Face

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3. Frames For Oval Face

People with oval faces are blessed by gods. No seriously, you can’t have a more versatile face shape. It goes with any frame as well as any haircut. Oval faces have wide cheeks with a respectively narrow forehead and chin. You can go for squared frames or curving frames as the shape has still an element of roundness in it. Opt for thicker frames to add more definition to your face.

Lenskart Full Rim Rectangle frames for Oval face

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4. Frames For Triangle Face

Triangle faces are tricky to find out as they often juxtapose a bit with both oval and square face shapes. Broadly speaking, a wider forehead with a narrow chin gives you a triangular face. Balance the pointed features of triangles with a round frame or oval frame and if you are not into round frames, you can try square frames but make sure, the pointy edges of your frame are curved out. These minor details can add a significant boost to your style statement.

Golden Full Rim Round Frames for Triangle Face

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5. Frame For Heart Face

Heart shapes are similar to triangular or oval shapes except that the widow’s peak strongly creates a separate category for these faces. You have wide cheekbones, leading to a narrow chin and what gives that heart-like appearance is your v-shaped hairline. Butterfly tapering outward can do justice to your face, and bring attention to the center. Stay away from anything too square or rectangular. Make the frame thick as a thin frame would look a bit wimpy on your face.

Titan Full Rimmed Grey Frame for Heart Shape Face

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6. Frame for Diamond Face

A diamond face shape is characterized by a narrow forehead and jawline, with the widest part of the face being the cheekbones. To create a more harmonious and balanced look, frames that emphasize the brow and draw attention upward while softening the angles of the cheekbones and jawline are ideal. Some frame types that would work well for a man with a diamond face shape include oval frames, rimless frames, cat-eye frames, wayfarer frames and lastly, aviator frames can work well for diamond face shapes by drawing attention to the upper part of the face, especially if they have a slightly rounded version to soften the lines of the face.

Grey Wayfarer Glasses For Diamond Shape Face

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7. Frame for Oblong Face

Oblong face shapes are long in nature and to balance them you have to wear angular frames. Square frames have sharp angles that can balance out the elongated shape of the face, while wayfarer frames have a trapezoidal shape and wider frames at the top, adding width and balance. Round frames have soft curves that can soften angular lines, while aviator frames have a teardrop shape and curved bottom to balance out the length. Clubmaster frames have a browline that can draw attention to the top half of the face, creating balance. Always ensure that the frames fit properly and are comfortable, and consider the color and material to complement your overall style. These frames will enhance your features and bring out your best look.

John Jacobs ClubMaster Frames For Oblong Face

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Complementing Colors

Unless you want to spend an absurd amount of money on your frames, you will have to stick to a particular color for quite some time. So, you have to choose it carefully such that it looks good on as well of your casual and formal days. And please don’t go for the trends, because sooner or later they will be out of style but you will be stuck with them. Anything funky will be good for casuals but will clash with your business dress. The safest you can play is going for neutral colors like black, grey, or gold tones. More casually dressed men can add colors, either as the solid base of the frames or as detailing. Thinner frames may be best for men looking to add color — a thick, brightly-colored frame moves into the realm of novelty or costume gear.

Glasses Colors Combinations

Frame Size

Getting the right size for your face is the final deal that you should seal. A glass’s measurement depends on the bridge across the nose, lens size, and length of temples. While you will not get these facilities by buying from commercial websites like Flipkart or Amazon. You can get your glasses paired up from your local shop or get them customized from online websites like Lenskart. Lighter, thinner frames will generally sit more comfortably and allow a closer fit. Large, heavy frames may need to be sized looser than usual.

Frame Sizes

Hope this guide helps you get out of all the troubles you were having till now and let your glasses do justice to you. When you know you have chosen the right frame, confidence comes from within and the aura radiates all over your face and complements your outfit. For more such tips and guidelines, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and be sure to join our WhatsApp group and be a part of the biggest community for men’s style and grooming.

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