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How To Choose The Right Hairstyle For Your Face Type?

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Hair is considered to be an asset and a style statement for men. Long, medium, short, or buzz, no matter what your preferable hairstyle is, they indeed put a noticeable change in your personality and confidence. Your face gets a completely different look which if done right can make you look even more attractive. Now, who doesn’t love a dapper haircut? But do you know, according to a study, 70% of Indian men actually get their haircut wrong. Maybe the barber liked it not you!

Different Hairstyle for face types

Oftentimes, you will find your friend got a super cool haircut or like one from the celebrity and follow them. However, you end up not liking it. So where did you go wrong? Couldn’t find an answer? Well, don’t worry we are here for that. The problem lies in understanding your face shape. Everyone has a different face shape and here we bring you some tips and tricks for every face type along with examples of celebrities so that you can get a wide array of ideas for hairstyles. 1. Round Face

Men with these face shapes need more structure in their faces. As their face is already round, to add some face length you have to keep your top a bit long and sharp, and also fade your sides as much as you can. You can restyle your hair like Amir Khan from ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ with that messy spike or go with a relatively sharp top and high fade like Ranveer from ‘Beer Biceps’.

Add a little bit of product on the top if you need to because even after a good haircut if you can’t keep it styled, it will look sloppy and messy. You can use the new combination of clay and wax products from Beardo. Buzzcut or keeping your hair even on all sides is a big blunder for these face shapes since it more actively shows your roundness.

Hairstyles for Round Face Type

2. Square Face

This face shape is already pretty structured and manly. As you have already got a lot of structure in your face you must try to even out the structure with a round type of haircut. Keep a bit of hair around the corners and add some length on the top. Shahid Kapoor and Virat Kohli are square-faced. You can keep it all messy like Shahid keeps in general or go with a quiff on the top and side parting. You can give buzz cut a try since it suits the square face very well. High fades in the corner and length on the top would make you look like a block. Then again Virat goes for high fades and relatively long tops. But here’s the trick, he simultaneously keeps his beard, which transforms his face shape from square to a bit like an oval. If you have a good dense beard, you can go for the high fades.

Hairstyles for Square Face Type

3. Oval Face

If you have an oval face shape, you are quite lucky. This is the most versatile face shape of all. Almost any hairstyle goes with this kind of face. You can go for any haircut as long as it doesn’t cover your forehead. Avoid that roundness on the top and also don’t go for too much structure. You can follow Akshay Kumar’s look from ‘Airlift’.

Avoid long hair and fringes as they will cover your forehead which will create an illusion of roundness. But if you are determined to go for long hair, you can keep them parted from the middle like Bhuvan Bam or tie a man bun out of it, but the moral of the story, expose your forehead.

Hairstyle for Oval Face Type

4. Triangular Face

Triangular faces have an over-exposed jawline. The jawline seems kind of protruding out. So, you can start by balancing that with your semi-fade hair corners and length on the top. You can follow Varun Dhawan, who superbly uses a semi-fade and exposed forehead to balance out his triangular face.

If you go high fade or buzz on the sides, it will surely highlight your protruding jawline. So, with the semi fade on the corners and with that length on the top you can play around with a quiff, comb-away, or back-brush.

Hairstyle for Triangle Face Type

5. Diamond Face

Now, this face type is rare as its name. The perfect masculine face structure every man dreams of and if you have that structure of the dream, utilize it to its most. Try fades around the corner and keep medium hair on the top in a messy spike. This brings out the maximum of your face structure.

You can follow the fade and keep the top a bit long for back-brush or side parting too to bring out the class in you. And if you have the patience to grow your hair out, then you can try the man bun which will make you look a stunner. For more ideas, you can follow Johnny Depp and adapt the style you like.

Hairstyle for Diamond Face Type

6.Heart Face

Heart face shapes are characterized by a bit of wide forehead, soft jawline, and relatively sloping sides. First of all, you have to keep the length on the top so that you can play with the texture, and also it doesn't expose the forehead much. Don't go for the high fades or disconnected fades on the side. Keep an overall length on all sides, at least keep them connected. You can try the age-old scissor cut as well.

And if you are a fan of long hair, then try the slick back or the side part, it will look great, and also the cringes will go along. You can go all out for the man bun as well. A pro tip would be to grow subtle so that it balances the sloping sides of your jaw. For more ideas, you can follow Nick Jonas or Leonardo Di Caprio.

Hair Style for Heart Face Type

7.Oblong Face

The oblong face shape follows all the characteristics of a round-shaped face except that it is considerably long. So to overcome that length you need to work along with the fringes, volume, or texture on top keeping it long like Shawn Mendes. The best what goes with this face is medium length on the top and fringes like Chris Pine on any side.

Then again you can go with a side part or crew cut with a bit of length and volume on the top to play with. Add a light brush up in the forehead part so that it remains clean yet messy to give that masculine vibe. Don't go for the fades or high fades as it will expose the length of your face furthermore. Keep everything connected.

Hairstyles for Oblong Face Type

Now, that you know what hairstyle and haircut suit you, go for the one you like. Also, the example of celebrities will give you a wide array of hairstyles to try out as they frequently change their style. Don’t go for the age-old short corners and long top disregarding your face type. Trust us and try out a new look. This will not only boost your confidence but also bring out the best in you. Happy styling guys.

‘But hey wait, you didn’t tell us how to identify our face type’. Without that, all of this is useless, right? Well yeah and that is why our expert team is all set to help you guys. Connect with our team and get a detailed idea about your face structure and which hairstyle goes best for your face.

If you are looking for a beard to complement your face shape then you must read our blog on beards suited for your face type. After all, a well-balanced beard and a complimentary hairstyle are what completes your look.

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