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Positive Parenting – The New Way To Bond With Kids This Quarantine

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

You guys are no more Amrish Puri or the typical controlling parents now, as the generation changes, so does parenting. Kids have become smart and your constant ranting cannot change their thoughts. The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic came along with the lockdown, forcing us to remain indoors and spending all day at home. This routine is new for all of us; even for housewives. Talking of next-gen parents and their kids, closing the gap between them is the foremost consequence of lockdown. As in, earlier these parents would drop off their children either to playschools or childcare centers or they would stay with their maternal or paternal grandparents, while parents would head off to their offices. Now, it’s time to kick out the grumpy ever tired parents and unleash the swag of cool parents.

Indian Family Together

Be it making Tik-Tok videos together or cooking, the parents now are trying to make the most of their work from home time as engaging as possible for the kids. "Part of becoming a parent is about becoming hypervigilant to potential threats. You become a threat detection machine," said Darby Saxbe, associate professor of psychology and director of the Center for the Changing Family at the University of Southern California. This quarantine has given a strong chance for the parents to understand the life of their kids and to be a part of their choices because later you would not want to regret when people tell “Ma Da Laadla Bigad Gaya…”

It’s very important to create some structure that you can realistically commit to and on most days, achieve, and make sure you are enjoying the most parts of it. The survey conducted by Brainly revealed that while parents actively invest their time and effort in teaching their children, the children felt the need for concepts to be better explained by them. For instance, although around 53% of the parents spend more than two hours every day with their children to help them study, the need for more time to be invested was felt. Moreover, 55% of these children acknowledged how their parents have enough knowledge and expertise regarding their subjects and courses, but they would like their parents to learn about these subjects further in order to help them better. Here are a few points that will make your quarantine life interesting and will help you keep up with this bond even post-quarantine.

1. Life Skills as a Major Lesson

The most ignored subject in the schools is life skills as they are keener on teaching the subjects than the skills which will help you lead a good life. As parents, it’s your responsibility to help them inculcate such core values. It’s time to get the kids out of their mobile phones, video games, and TV screens to the world of indoor games and activities at home.

Kids baking a cake and watering the plants

Build their business and analyzing skills with board games like Business, Monopoly, Cluedo, Scotland Yard, Stock Exchange, etc. which will help them learn to deal with the financial crisis, savings, and handling money. Ask them to lend a helping hand while cooking by peeling or removing the peas or any other vegetables or rolling the dough and so on. Let them also be a part of wiping utensils, cleaning the house, changing pillow covers, serving the food, and other household chores. Whether you have an acre plot or a few pots, helping in the garden is an engaging activity for kids that will get them outdoors and help them develop skills to create a fruitful garden. These activities will help them to be independent in their future and will give them some time to think other than being fixated on a screen.

2. Making them understand the importance of dressing

We all are familiar with the story of cap sellers and monkeys – monkeys tend to copy us. The same theory goes for kids; they imitate their parents in every aspect. So, if you have to make them habitual of daily routine, then first you start following the same as it will impact their habits.

Kids ironing their clothes and brushing with parents

Help them wash their own clothes. Though nowadays it’s easy with the washing machine, it’s important to wash whites separately and wash certain fabrics in a particular way. Folding the clothes and arranging a wardrobe is also one of the important things in dressing. More than what clothes you wear it is crucial how you maintain them. Teach them the significance of personal grooming and hygiene. Let them understand the importance of wearing ironed clothes, the reason you wear accessories, the impact on the appearance of clean shoes, and so on. These small habits will have a big impact when they strive to create their own personal brand in the longer run.

3. Staying active must be your mantra

The prime benefit of doing yoga and workout is that the practice of the same enhances focus or concentration level. Having a great concentration level at any age and in every subject is a key to success. Another major benefit, especially in the case of kids is that it provides confidence building. As a child practices yoga, he sees and master’s a new pose, or able to hold his balance for longer; confidence is fostered and a sense of achievement is felt which is directly linked with personality development. This will also mean you should stay active too.

Parents working and doing Yoga with their kids

A stroll in the nearby park every day or a short workout routine for a couple of minutes will help them stay active. Ask them to imitate you when you are doing a few jumping jacks and push-ups. Let them follow your lead with a mini-cycling session. You can even skip with jumping ropes cherishing your childhood memories and telling your kids those stories. As everyone is staying indoors, there are heavy chances of people turning lethargic and will be involved in less physical activities. If physical activities are boring why not play the famous games that you adored and loved or make tiny boats and sail them away in this monsoon. By working out together and having a family meditation time both you and the kids will stay focused on the everyday tasks.

4. Encouraging Unique Subjects

Being virtual classes of 5 or 6 subjects as a part of a child's daily life nowadays can result in less interest in studies. Sitting most of the time in front of the screens the kids will have less exposure to practical subjects and will miss out on the other amazing ways of learning something new. Social media platforms are conducting several workshops on craft; painting and other creative subjects enroll your children in it as it helps to develop their creative side.

Kids doing unique things with their parents

Enroll them in classes like Vedic Maths, Experimental science, Robotics, Coding, etc. They will develop an interesting perspective than just by studying the prescribed subjects. Since knowledge is more accessible online, helps them in making the most of it. If your kid is quite sharp, you can register them for language classes like Spanish, Sanskrit, German, French, or any other Indian languages too. Especially to learn the local language as it will be very beneficial for them. Understand what they are most interested in and help them scale in that field.

5. Effective communication

Effective communication with children is about encouraging them to talk to you so they can tell you what they are feeling and thinking. Being able to listen and respond in a sensitive way to all kinds of things – not just nice things and good news, but also anger, embarrassment, sadness, and fear.

Public Speaking for Kids

Nowadays, kids are intellectually very good. However, when it comes to handling their emotions they fail. As a new-gen parent you understand how important it is to sustain peer pressure, the competition in the social world and so much more. It is very crucial to let them know that “It’s ok to be vulnerable”. It’s not only important to stand with them as a parent to face such problems but also teach them how to face them on their own. By joining a public speaking course or being a part of an on-stage activity, helps the kids to face their fears. Encourage them to participate in live masterclasses or be in touch with their friends virtually so that they do not feel the loneliness during this pandemic.

This is the very precious time that demands to be used effectively, not only because parents are getting this time to be used effectively but also because this is the age where kids learn lifelong lessons. Following the above-mentioned points will be beneficial for our society as the future gen youth would have a stable mind and would be full of unity and equality. The kids will learn to be independent and caring for each and everyone around us. Kids would be aware of the meaning and importance of togetherness. If you are looking forward to enhancing your dressing style as well as that of the kids, Enzo League has an array of services that you can choose from. We also provide exclusive coaching on personality development as well as public speaking classes to make your kid’s future bright.

“The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day” – O. A. Battista.

The kids nowadays just want to hear, “Jahan Tumhara Jee Chahe Jaao, Jo Jee Chahe Karo, Jis Tarah Zindagi Jeeni Hai Jiyo, Beta Ek Baat Yaad Rakhna Zindagi Mein Chahe Jo Ho Jaaye, Kuch Bhi, Mai Hamesha Tumhare Saath Hoon.” This would even change parenthood; parents are very much included in the important parts of their kids' lives. Parents are now aware of the importance of their role in terms of teaching their kids very important life lessons. Understanding the level in the relationship of parents-children would surely increase due to the quarantine period. These are some of the ways you can use to utilize this time effectively and teach your children a few life lessons creatively and interestingly. Maybe, think out of the box and create your unique ways to teach your children.


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