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11 Sports documentaries you must watch during this lockdown

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

The corona virus pandemic has us all locked up in our rooms, having to live like prisoners in our own homes. On top of that, cancellation of all major sporting events until further notice is like a punch in the gut. During this desperate time, the one thing that can come to the rescue of sports lovers all across the globe is binge-watching these intriguing sports documentaries on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Sports Documentary

According to Film Daily (Barbon, 2020), binge-watching has become one of the defining activities of the 21st century and sports documentaries are starting to occupy a large slice of these streaming websites. They require low production costs and also provide real life adrenaline rush and feeling of victory. Furthermore, there is a ready-made audience in India for these documentaries as we have always been a sports-orientated country, be it cricket or football. Sports documentaries have also inspired men to embrace an interesting clothing category that is both comfortable and chic called athleisure. With that note, here are 11 must-watch sports documentaries available on Netflix and Amazon Prime:

1. Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians

When you are born and brought up in a cricket-fanatic country, cancellation of something as major as IPL season feels like someone twisting a knife in your heart. But this 2019 documentary about the Mumbai Indians defending their title in 2017 can free you of your misery. This documentary, set in India, shows why cricket runs in the blood of all Indians while also learning a little something about the sport. The series features insider insights and intense cricket action as we follow the IPL champions through the season.

Cricket Fever:Mumbai Indians

2. All or Nothing: Manchester City

This Amazon Prime documentary captures Man City’s centurion season and all the behind-the-scene workings of it. Man City’s centurion season was unforgettable and is a must-watch for all the die-hard Man City fans out there. This 2018 docuseries follows the team through their winning, record-breaking 2017-18 season of Premier League and provides an exclusive peek into the lives of the players on and off the pitch. Watch one of the best football clubs of the world achieve their ground-breaking victory along with never-seen-before dressing room footage of your favorite footballers.

All or Nothing Manchester City

3. Formula 1: Drive to Survive

Formula One cars are the fastest regulated road-course racing cars in the world and this Netflix series is all about them. This series will change your opinion about F1 racing forever. It delves into the ups and downs of drivers who live in the fast lane and showcases their battle for victory throughout the season. But their lives off the track are just as fast as it is on track and this series provides us with a glimpse of that too. The series is so gripping that you will be holding onto your hats till the very end of it. Don't miss it, season 2 just got released on 28th February!

Formula 1-Drive to Survive

4. Antoine Griezmann: The Making of a Legend

This 2019 movie looks at the career of 29 year old French football star, Antoine Griezmann, who earned a name for himself as a forward in Spain playing for Real Sociedad and then Atletico Madrid. The documentary follows his career as he flourishes in world-class football. Not only that, but the documentary also highlights the difficulties footballers face today in making a name for themselves. He won the Silver Boot in the 2018 FIFA world cup for scoring four goals in the tournament, making him the second-highest goal scorer. He was also named 'Man of the Match' in the finals and awarded the Bronze Ball for being the third-best player. This film is a must-watch if you are a die-hard Griezmann fan to get a little peek into the life of this hard-working, competitive forward.

Antoine Griezmann:The Making of a Legend

5. Losers

Winston Churchill said that “Success is going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm” and this Netflix series is the best example of this quote. This series profiles athletes who have turned their defeat into their success. They overcame the agony and grief of failure and became a success at what they do best. From a hopeless football club to the knocking down of a heavy-weight boxer, these stories are weirdly inspirational and motivate us to go that extra mile in order to gain success. Mixed with fun animation, this series is a must-watch if you are feeling a little low and need a quick pick-me-up.


6. Barca dreams

FC Barcelona is one of the most storied football clubs in history and is based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It was founded in 1899 by a group of Swiss, Spanish, English, and Catalan footballers who were led by Joan Gamper. With a rich Catalan history, the club has become a symbol of Catalan identity. The 2015 Netflix film of the same name gives us a glimpse into the world of this legendary franchise. The documentary walks us through the lives of some of its iconic players, including Lionel Messi, one of the greatest football players of all time. It's a must-watch if you are suffering from sports withdrawal and are a big fan of this club.

Barca Dreams

7. The Test: A New Era For Australia's Team

'The Test: A New Era For Australia's Team' is an eight-part Amazon Prime docuseries following the Australian cricket team and their struggle for reclaiming the throne as one of the best teams after they fell from grace during the 2018 Sandpapergate' ball-tampering scandal in South Africa. Offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the workings of the team, the series also has recordings of private conversations between the players and the staff. The series was commissioned and shot as an effort to win back their fan base by the Australian cricket team.

The Test-A New Era For Australia's Team

8. Icarus

Just like Icarus flew too close to the sun and burnt himself, this Oscar-winning film follows the life of an American cyclist who fell into a doping scandal involving a Russian scientist who was known as Putin’s most wanted whistle-blower. This Netflix documentary exposes the murky world of Sports corruption and covers everything from dirty urine to unexplained deaths. This 2017 documentary happened to be an “accidental expose” by Bryan Fogel and chronicles Fogel’s sudden encounter with a major international doping scandal. His documentary is proof that the modern-day methods of drug testing in athletes are not sufficient and was an eye-opener for sports fans all over the world.


9. Sunderland Til I Die

Most sports documentaries focus on the run for the win but this one does the opposite. It highlights the demise of the Black Cats from the Championship to League one amidst growing fan unrest. It is an eye-opener for football fans all over the world as it shows that failure is as much a part and parcel of competitive sports as it is of life. It also follows the team's effort to bounce back after their relegation to the Premier League in the 2017-18 season. And what's more? Season 2 got released on April 1! Don't miss it!

Sunderland 'Til I Die

10. Counterpunch

Boxing is probably the fiercest of all contact sports that exist and this dark, hard-hitting Netflix series provides us a glimpse into the lives of three boxers at different stages of their lives. A prospective boxer, an Amateur, and a Professional come together to show the sacrifices that they had to make in order to make a place for themselves in the world of this brutal sport. The series not only portrays their struggle to succeed but also provides valuable insight from some of the kings of the rings, including Oscar De La Hoya. As boxing’s popularity slowly wanes, this series surely pulls it back into the limelight.


11. The Perfect Day

This 2018 Netflix documentary is about France earning a historic win in the 1998 World Cup final. Fans, players, celebrities, and athletes retrace the exhilarating events of July 12, 1998, and what it meant for them, their country, and the sport. This series is palpably emotional and reminds us that there's more to sports than the perfect score or the winning goal. This documentary not only shows us the power of competition but also shows us why we compete in the first place.

The Perfect Day

So there it is! Now you don't have to worry about how to spend hours upon hours without any live sports because these documentaries are so much more than that. Filled with underlined stories and drama, political intrigue, and of course the display of the undying love by fans all over the world, these documentaries will make your sports viewing experience more wholesome and fulfilling.

Athleisure outfits inspired by these sports documentaries can be worn in various styles for your personality. Get in touch with the team of Enzo League, to know what suits you the best. Now that you have a list of series to watch, put on your favorite jersey, grab some snacks and start binge-watching. Which series would you like to start with?

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