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Men’s Muffler Guide: 8 Unique Ways To Wear It

Mufflers are the coolest and the most versatile winter accessories that one can ask for in the winters. If worn the right way, they add a subtle layer of maturity and masculinity to your look. You always associate mufflers and sweaters with old people. However, it is astonishing that most of the men do not have mufflers as a part of their wardrobe. It is always considered to be a women’s accessory but did you know it was first worn by men. When 100s of years ago open cockpits were a standard, pilots would wear silk scarves to keep warm and prevent chaffing.

Bollywood Actors wearing Mufflers

India's weather is very diverse in nature which is why mufflers can be a staple in your wardrobe. You can still own scarves and mufflers that are made out of silk or cotton if wool seems too thick and uncomfortable. If you don’t want to look like Babloo Ji from BB Ki Vines and want to look like the ever classic Dev Anandji or any stylish celebs then let us look at the 8 most masculine ways to slay your muffler. 1. Drape it over

The most effortless and coolest way you can style your muffler is to just drape it over your shoulder. Yes, just as simple as that. This goes best with overcoats to add a tinge of colour on the monochrome frame with equal lengths on both sides. Don’t go draping your muffler on chilling cold days or you have to see a doctor draping his stethoscope. If you are too lazy or not sure what to do with it, this is the safest choice to go with. It is also purely worn for the purpose of style and nothing more as it adds a dash of texture and print to your outfit.

Drape Over Style of Muffler

Model wearing a muffler in drape it over style

2. Once Around

The second step of draping is once around. As the name suggests, wrap your scarf once around your neck and you are good to go. The ends of the scarf can be equal or uneven. We suggest keeping it uneven as it reflects the candid style. This could be a great way to style your muffler on colder days. Once around protects the neck from cold winter days, keeping your style and warmth in check. This is the easiest style and looks effortless. It looks good, especially when worn with long scarves.

Once Around Wrapping Style of Mufflers

Model wearing muffler in once around style

3. Over Hand

The overhand knot is really simple and effective on colder days. Instead of wrapping the muffler, introduce a knot to seal the warmth around your neck. Drape the scarf over your shoulder unevenly. Take the long end, cross it over and take it in through the opening in the middle. Tighten up pulling both ends according to comfort. This look serves both, a purpose as well as style. Your intellectual side will be hyped up with this look. Need a pipe, Sherlock Holmes?

Over Hand Wrapping Style of Mufflers

Men wearing a muffler in Over hand style

4. Reverse Drape

Now don’t drape your muffler backwards like a dupatta. Yes! It’s not that. Actually, it is a reverse once around. This style is best on windy cold days. Wrap your muffler as we said once around but the muffler ends would be on your back, instead of your front. As the wind will blow, the ends will waver along with it which will give you the aesthetic look you were looking for. This look is perfect for an Instagram shot. Filmy & Romantic, all you need is to spread your arms like King Khan.

Reverse Drape Wrapping style of Mufflers

Man wearing the muffler in reverse drape style

5. Parisian Knot

If you are looking for something classy, then we have the Parisian knot at your service. Not only does it keep the neck warm but does that with style and class. Fold your muffler in half, drape it over your shoulder, and bring the loose end through the open space at the other end and pull it to place the muffler properly around the neck. This is the style that looks complicated but easy to wear. Try it the next time you are going on a date.

Parisian Knot wrapping style for mufflers

Shahrukh Khan Wearing Parisian Knot

6. Fake Knot

The name is so because it looks like a knot but is actually not one. Let’s see how to rock it. Drape your muffler over your shoulder unevenly, take the long end, and form a loop around itself and take the loose end through it. Also, take the smaller end through the loop and pull both ends, in turn, to place the muffler around your neck. The fake knot is indeed an effective way to rock your muffler style.

Man wearing mufflers in fake knot style

7. Reverse Drape Tuck

If you are looking for a style to rock your formal blazers, then nothing works as good as the reverse drape tuck. Also, not many people know the trick which will help you stand out from the crowd. Drape the muffler over your neck unevenly, take the long end and wrap it around your neck once, and tuck it in through the loop you just formed. Grab the smaller side, and tuck it in as well. There you go, gentleman. This is perfect if you have a small frame, wear a jacket and wear this style.

Reverse Drape Tuck wrapping style of mufflers

Men wearing muffler in reverse drape tuck style

8. Four in Hand

If you want to look cool even in the freezing weather, we have the four in hand for you. The folds not only give you an intricate look but also protect you from the freezing cold. Fold your scarf in half, and drape it over your neck, take one of the loose ends and pull it through the opening on the other end. Twist the loop once and pull the other end through the twisted opening. Pull the ends and adjust the knot. This knot is basically for longer mufflers, and won’t suit the regular short ones.

Four Hand wrapping style of Mufflers

Men wearing muffler Four Hand Knot style

So here is the handy list and the ways a single piece of cloth can be used to level up your style game. Mufflers are a complement to your dapper and sassy look. So, gear up your mufflers and wear them with style this winter. You can now look no less than any other celebrity. Be your own hero with a style of your own. Here are a few products that you can pick which will complement your wardrobe.

men purple woolen muffler

Men printed muffler

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“In terms of fashion, I love adding a fun scarf to whatever I’m wearing - it’s a great way to dress up a plain outfit!” ~ Bridgit Mendler.

That is all about how you can wear the mufflers, but do you know which colour muffler should you buy or with which outfit you should rock your mufflers?

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