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How to Dress Sharp in Your 50s: A Guide to Looking Dapper and Elegant

The 50s is a solid number! You have experienced the world, met people, got stories to tell, and with age, you have acquired the most precious gift of mankind, wisdom. Now is the high time to invest all that wisdom and learning to set the standards of your outfit to match the man you have become. Well, some of you might argue that age is just a number and you can still wear ripped jeans like the younger generation, you sure can, but the question is will it suit you as well as your personality? Business suits are a great option but only for formal occasions, what about everyday errands, or for men who have already retired? Don’t worry, from formals to casuals, we will cover every outfit that you need to slay.

Anil Kapoor

The Basics

The basics might change a bit but not much. Watch out for your fit, you don’t need something sticking to your skin, nor something bloated or oversized. Go with a slim or regular fit to have that circulation flowing. Comfort is the king at this age. Invest in quality rather than quantity. A quality shirt will last way more than 5 cheap shirts from a supermarket sale at the same price. Be cotton or linen, choose your fabrics carefully and make an informed choice. Popping colors is not the best option at this age, instead, go for a more tonal look. Arm up on accessories like pocket squares, cuff links, bracelets, watches, necklaces, etc.

Don’t fall for temporary trends, go for the basics that will stay with you. Above all, keep your confidence high and have that ‘still got it’ vibe flowing.


You should probably have some of these already and for the things you don’t own, update your wardrobe gradually, no need to rush it.

1. Blazers

Blazers are a great go-to when you reach this age. Whether a corporate look over a white shirt or more of a smart casual look over a tee, a good blazer will rock every look. You must stock on these. Not only colors, invest in blazers in a variety of materials that you can wear with the existing smart trousers you own to smarten up your look. Go for windowpane checks or materials like linen and textured or quilted wools - just make sure, to get the right fit.

Look smart with this blazer

Van Heusen Blazer

Van Heusen Blazer - Buy Now

2. Sports Jackets

Laids, stripes, windowpane checks; whatever you want stock up on them so that you are ready even before the winter arrives. Sports jackets are great smart-casuals, giving you the edge on both formal and casual looks. Since you are 50, it doesn’t have to be monochrome or formal every time. Keeping it fun and elegant is what you should aim for.

Try this trendy jacket

Puma Casual Knitted Jacket

Puma Casual Jacket - Buy Now

3. Knitwears

Knitwears are the basic staple for this age hence, you must play with variety. From cardigans to fisherman jumpers, crew necks to turtlenecks to wool polo shirts, there are unlimited combinations you can try. You should also stock up on roll necks which are ideal to be worn with dark denim or under your blazer. Or you can simply go with turtle necks below a denim jacket to keep the young vibe flowing.

Stay cozy with this sweater

Monte Carlo Turtle Neck Sweater

Monte Carlo Wool Jacket - Buy Now

4. The Perfect Jeans

Enough of that rips and distressed jeans, now is the time to invest in old-school solid jeans. As for the color, the general rule of thumb is ‘the darker the better’ like indigo or black. One important aspect is the fit. You should go for the regular or slim fit instead of the skinny one, after all, comfort plays an important role now, and also slim or regular fit looks more elegant and mature.

Find your perfect denim

Levi's Men's Jeans

Levi's Jeans - Buy Now

5. Separate the Shoes

You must separate your formal shoe rack from your casual ones. And one tendency found common in the majority of middle-aged men in India is that they pair one shoe with anything and everything. Guys listen there is a reason why the shoes are broadly classified into these two segments. Casual wears include sneakers, brogues, loafers, sandals, etc. and for formal wear, we have oxford, derby, blucher, etc. Match your shoes with your outfit to get that dapper look.

Type of Shoes

6. Dapper Hats

A great accessory to add to your collection considering the weather. There are various types of hats available in the market and if you are confused, you can always refer to our blog on hats. Get yourself a unique and stylish hat and make a style statement of your own.

Hats for Men

7. Thickening Shampoo

Unless you have SRK genes, you and your hair will part ways sooner or later. Men's hair naturally gets thinner and weaker as they get older. Cutting your hair shorter will automatically make it look fuller, but also consider giving its thickness a boost with a strengthening, volumizing shampoo. This will give your hair a fuller look and bouncy experience and one more thing, while buying shampoos, be aware of its ingredients and go for paraben and sulfate-free products.

Beardo Shampoo

Beardo Shampoo - Buy Now

Formal Wears in Your 50s

Get yourself a good blazer. Crisp, sturdy, plain, and elegant to a tee. Go ahead and buy at least one nice blazer. When you need a dapper, conservative look, it is the best go-to. Opt for single-breasted or double for the piece. Double-breasted is a little more formal-looking and a little less versatile, but it has a refined air that suits older men very well. As for the shade you can choose from classics like camel, light grey, or navy blue, or forest green or dark red. If you want something bold, go for pinstripes suits but our suggestion is you must own something for a somber occasion as well.

As for shirts, plain white is the color that you need to slay all these contrasts to the fullest. You can opt for black if white is not your cup of tea. To state the point, a beautiful drawing needs a blank canvas.


Add your accessories like a chef’s final touch-up. Neckties and pocket squares are where you personalize the outfit. Add on a slim black belt to separate the wear and tie your black oxfords. You can also go for a more relaxed look with loafers or brogues. However, for those who are still working, it all depends on the leniency your workplace provides. Finally put on that analog watch, the one as timeless as you.

Here are some products you can try –

1. Grey Trouser

Grey Trouser

2. Lavender Formal Shirt

Lavender Formal Shirts

3. PocketSquare

Pocketsquare Purple Blue

4. Loafers

Burgundy Loafers

Casual Wear for the 50s

After a long day at the office, you might need to ditch that suit or formal wear for comfy wear. That is why you must stock up on tees or polos. Go for pastel colors as they look mature and suit your personality. Pair it up with shorts or trousers of your choice and you are good to go. Need a guide to pair the shorts, say no more, we got you covered with our blog on shorts for summer. Have a read and ace the summer casual look.

Casual Wear

On the other hand, you can try linen or cotton shirts with chinos or pleated trousers to get that old-school vibe. Summer is all about accessories, so you might add your sleek chain or bracelets to enhance your summer casual look.

For the winter which is far ahead but what is the harm in planning? We suggest a sports jacket for a less conservative, and more casual look. Experiment with plaids, stripes, windowpane checks; whatever you want. For sweaters, cardigan or pullover style both work fine, but keep your distance from anything too oversized or soft-collared. You want a close fit and a fairly sleek profile for the dashing look you had been searching for. Finally, complete the look with any casual shoe of your choice, be it sneakers or brogues. You can also put on your sliders or sandals with shorts for a completely relaxed vibe.

Here are a few products you can try

1. Light Green Polo T-shirt

Light Green Tshirt

2. Rust Jacket

Rust Jacket

As you will go through every outfit, you will gradually understand what suits your need and what doesn’t. This is an age where men have gained enough experience and an enlightening sense of who they are. Make the most of it and don’t feel limited by looks, for you, the sky is the limit. Own these items from the list and combine them as you like to get the dapper look you need. For more such informative and entertaining tips, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to our Youtube channel. You can also join our Whatsapp community and be a part of the largest grooming platform in India.

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