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The Ultimate Guide To Shirt And Tie Combos For Men

We, men, are always afraid to try out new things. To say rightly, we are not afraid to try new things but afraid of how they will turn out. Experimenting in the casual section is quite fair, What can happen worst? Your friends will give you a new nickname for your taste and choices, but setting a foot wrong in the corporate world might not crack that deal. Yes, scientific studies have shown multiple times how first impressions count in the corporate sector, and always remember, before you speak, your outfit and looks provide a vague idea of who you are. ‘Never judge a book by its cover’, this is good till you are studying it on the page of your moral science book. In the real world, people will judge you by how you appear. It is our instinct to trust our eyes more than any of the other senses. And, trust me, that is the reason why you will see the majority of the people in your office in black or grey suits, white shirts, and black ties because there is no way you can go wrong in this outfit.

Shirt and Tie Combinations

But doesn’t it feel monotonous and boring? Wearing the same outfit day in and day out. Well, guess what, we bring you the ultimate guide to a shirt and tie combo, that will change your corporate outlook, and give you a fresh ground of confidence. From the basics to the details, we will cover everything in this blog, and by the end of it, you will easily be able to make your combination of shirt and tie. So let’s dive in.

Basics of the Color Wheel

Understanding color matching is going to be key in learning which color shirt goes with which color tie

Color Wheel

1. Similar Colors - Colors that are next to each other in the color wheel are similar colors. They are the easiest to pair. Pick a color from the color wheel and choose the neighboring colors as your accessories.

2. Complementary Colors - Colors that are opposite to each other are complementary colors. They are the hardest to pair but pulled correctly with a little bit of constraint can give you your magical look. The basic rule while pairing complementary colors is not to go overboard.

3. Contrasting Colors - Colors that are at a gap of three blocks on the color wheel are contrasting with one another. The best way to combine them is to make sure that one of the hues is in a darker tone, like Navy-Red.

If you are just beginning, try pairing contrasting colors rather than complementary colors, like a mid-blue shirt with a flaming red tie and a blue suit is an outfit that anyone can pull off, even beginners. While playing with complementary colors, vary the shades to get a playful combination. Pair a light blue shirt and an orange tie to get the best of both colors. And last but not least, experiment with colors. Anyone who had never known anything about fashion can also sense if the colors don’t go together.

Trust your basic instincts and go along with it. There are chances that you might discover your favorite combo while experimenting.

1. White Shirt & Anything

The white shirt is like a blank canvas, where you can draw with color. It has the supreme quality to absorb and complement any color or pattern. You can go with stripes, spots, or tartans. White transcends all seasons and has been always one of the top choices for corporate outfits. It will be smart on your side to store on ties with pastel hues for summer and go with darker shades for the rest of the season.

White Shirts Combination

2. Blue Shirt & Maroon, Pink, Green, Orange

Light Blue shirts provide an excellent opportunity to show off your color comprehension prowess and it goes well with tonal, patterned, or textured ties. Maroon ties and a blue shirt are a great pair to sport as we have discussed earlier. Hoping on that list are pink, green, and orange. Orange by nature is a bright color and also contrasts with blue, so it is a pair made in heaven. Coming to pink, you should go for more of that pastel or dust pink shade to bring that contrast out. Light on light won’t get you the limelight. And last but not least, the infamous green color. Why infamous? Because the colors clash on the color wheel. In simple words, green is a similar color to blue, so try going for forest green to create an effortless and vibrant contrast.

Blue Shirts Combinations

3. Pink Shirt & Blue, Red, and Grey

Men always are skeptical of pink, probably because it is often represented as a color for girls. But if you are free from that stigma, then we might have some brilliant combos in store for you. Maintain the contrast and all the colors will come to life. But the best color that goes with pink is blue as the two are contrasting colors in nature. Go with khaki or light blue shades for the suit to make your pink shirt pop out more, but if you are sporting a grey tie, then you should go for a grey suit.

Pink shirts Combinations

4. Black Shirt & Nothing

Although one of the top choices, there is no proper pair for the color, and why is that? Because the color is the absence of any color and is not on the color wheel. The only colors that can be paired with black are tonal ones and there are risks of going overboard with it. So our best advice is to ditch the tie for a less formal option and style your shirt with Khaki or grey tones for a flawless look. And if you are willing to go with a tie, go for the black ones.

Black Shirt Combo

5. Striped Shirts & Patterns

Now this is where it catches up with the pace. Mixing monochrome shirts are simple, but when you throw in patterns, the situation gets tricky. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging mid-air. The basic rules as you know now are still valid. On above of that, you have to keep in mind that your tie, should complement your shirt’s pattern instead of fighting for attention. The best option you have is to wear a tie of block color, but if you want to introduce patterns, vary the size. Just make sure there is always a contrast, like vertical stripes and diagonal stripes, thin pencil stripes and large club stripes, and so on.

Striped Shirts Combo

6. Check Shirts & Patterns

While you may have now the key to unlock some of the deadliest shirt tie combinations, it won’t crack checks. Check shirts always need larger patterns to play with. While combining a shade of tie, always look at the color of the check instead of the base color white. Striped ties go as well with checked shirts, just remember to choose the stripes bold and bigger. You can ace the look with polka dots and paisleys as well if you abide by the basics.

Whoa! Hold up, you are not ready until you know how to pick the right tie from the market. Here’s a quick guideline to save your money from wasting on the wrong ties.

Check Shirts Combo

- Invest in Quality

Quality doesn’t always mean expensive, we are not telling you the buy the tie with the rarest material out there. Pay some attention to details like the fabric or color quality, in-hand feel, and above all, it should be tasteful. This is the actual definition of quality.

- Right Tie for the Right Occasion

Traditional silk ties tend to be reserved for the formal business setting while the textured fabrics are for casual events. Woolen or Knitted ties are the right fit for relaxed job interviews. Just like choosing the right outfit for the right occasion, you also need to choose the right accessories to pair with it.

- Choose the Right Size

An ideal tie length should end a little bit above your belt after knotted and the ideal width should match the width of the lapels of the suits it is worn with. Don’t take an oversize tie and think you will fix it with a knot. There is a reason they come in varied sizes.

Here are some ties that you can add to your wardrobe:

1. Cream Paisley Tie

Cream Paisleys Handmade Silk Tie

2. Black Designer Tie

Black Designer Tie

3. Purple Checks Tie

Purple Checks Tie

4. Red Printed Tie

Red Printed Tie

5. Quirky Maroon Tie

Maroon Tie

Balancing shirt and tie combinations can be a difficult thing for men to get right. You might not already have the right combination in your wardrobe. Hopefully, this guide has given you some insight into the colors, patterns, and textures that work together to lift your office suit. The additional ‘Picking the right tie section’ will help you to make sure buy the right shirt or tie when out shopping. As you build up more options in your wardrobe then you will effortlessly be picking the right shirt and tie combination every day for work. And always keep your confidence up because there is no other accessory that can complement you more than your self-confidence.

Confused about what color shorts will suit you? Then watch the below video to figure out the right colors suited to your skintone.

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