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A Style Guide For The Teenagers

While decluttering my wardrobe this weekend, I came across my school days album. For that moment I left every other work at hand and sat with that hidden treasure to rejoice in some moments of bliss. And trust me as soon as I saw myself in an XL shirt complementing my slim profile along with baggy jeans and sandals, I just wanted to burn the entire album down. Just kidding, there are too many memories in that album other than my dull fashion sense. Adolescence is the prime time when we fall in love and we make a lot of friends on the way, some for the moment and some beyond it. Well, the point is, if you don’t want to end up like me in your teens, and later repent on the photos, we bring here an excellent guide for our teen brothers.

Rohan Shah

1. Get a Good Haircut

We can’t stop emphasizing how much a good haircut impacts your looks irrespective of your age. By a good haircut, we don’t mean to spend thousands of dollars in top-class salons, but to get the haircut right. One very prominent mistake that teens make is, that they run behind the trends too much, without thinking if it will suit them or not. ‘All my friends are getting undercut, I should also get one, is not the way you should decide your hairstyle. You have to consider your face shape and several other factors for a sleek haircut. You can read about our blog on hairstyles to get an idea. If your hairstyle is standing out too much, then you are doing it wrong. Your overall look should stand out, not your hairstyle only. Work on your hairstyle to get the best look for you.

Different Haircut for the Teenager

2. Get the Right Fit

What we middle-class people do, is always buy one size bigger than our usual size. This is a very tactful and well-revised strategy put forward by our honourable parents keeping in mind that teens are the growing years for their children and the result is my teenage photo from the album. Oversize clothes are now in fashion though, but it is always advisable to buy your size. Always remember right size is above anything, even a branded piece of cloth. You will look better in a slim-fit shirt from the local shop instead of an XL Allen Solly shirt. Convince your parents with logic and patience, they will surely listen to you.

Ritvik Sahore

3. Black is Not the Only Color

Almost every teen from my generation had an obsession with black including myself. Whether summer or winter, black was my all-time favourite colour. My parents always told me to try different colours but just like the undercut, black was a cool and trendy colour back then. It is even now, and still my favourite colour but now I know the importance of other colours. Teens are the brightest time of our lives when we see the world in different colours, and it is indeed the best time to try out and experiment with all the colours from the colour wheel because later you will always have the freedom to wear as many blacks as you want, but there would be no time or mood for experimenting with new colours.

Multi Colors

4. Everything Trendy is Not Cool

For the zillionth time, don’t run behind trends. Every person is unique in his way, just because your friends are trying out a trend, it is never guaranteed that it will suit you in the same way as it did to them. You might not see it, but down the line, you will realize it. Before trying out anything, always weigh its pros and cons, and then take a decision. Developing this habit will help you deal with a lot of problems in life and save you from rash decisions. Don’t succumb to peer pressures. You don’t need trends to stand out, instead work on your personality to make a mark. You will never know when you have lost your originality while following all these short-lived trends and as you will realize with time, what you have lost, the best times of your life would be over just like that.

Leonardo Carpio

5. Try Some Accessories

Adding some accessories to your outfit can incredibly enhance your looks by leaps and bounds. A watch, simple chain or wrist bands, or bead bracelets will just do fine. One thing that everyone should keep in mind is that one should never overdo accessories. A single bracelet is fine, but don’t wrap multiple bracelets like bandages all over your hand. Also, keep one to two accessories at a time. If you are wearing a watch, there is no need to wear bracelets. Always remember accessories are there to enhance your look, don’t use them to ruin it.

Watch men accessory

6. Maintain a Good Posture

Maintaining a good posture is very important not only for your looks but also for your health. Even after following every tip, if you don’t find your desired look, the posture is to be blamed. Maintaining posture is not a very daunting job. You just have to stop slouching, and you will see a significant change in your looks. Get your chest out, pull in your stomach, and held your head high. Also, keeping looks aside, if you don’t want back or neck pain at an early age, work on your posture.

Good Postures by Rohit Saraf

7. Confidence is the Key

Last but not the least, keep your confidence up. You have noticed, how Ranveer Singh attends award shows or film promotions in funky clothes and still gets all the attention and love. The point is not the outfit, but the confidence with which he carries it. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing, but as long as you wear it with confidence, you will always get the best out of it. It is all about knowing your worth and making a difference. Confidence is the one thing that you shouldn’t lack if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Confidence is Key

Style is the greatest form of self-expression. It expresses your personality and taste like nothing other. People know what to wear, but they don’t know what. Dressing well should be a habit that you should start practising in your teens. It will surprise you, how many adults still don’t know how to dress well. Don’t be one of them. With this proper guidance bring the best out of your youth days, and for gathering information and tips on more such topics, join our WhatsApp group, subscribe to our youtube channel and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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