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A Beginner’s Guide To Men’s Vest

Vests normally known as ‘Sandos’ or ‘Banyans’ in India, are a garment for the upper part of the body which may or may not have sleeves. They are the all-in-one solution for sweats, and deo stains, providing an extra layer of warmth during the cold days as well as a smooth look with tight shirts. While many might be ignorant of the fact that, vests were only worn by the royals during the 15th century as the poor sections of the society couldn’t afford them. It was deliberately worn as a defence layer of clothing that prevented the exquisite outer clothing from sticking to the body. A good vest is generally soft, stretchable, and highly absorbs sweat. Keeping all these qualities in mind, let’s see what we got on the list

Ranveer Singh in Vest

Types of Vests Breaking the stereotype that vests are only ‘Sandos’ or ‘Banyans’, there is a whole lot of options for you to choose from. For every occasion, there is a vest. 1. Sleeveless Vests

These are the most common type of vests we see around, which are known as ‘sandos’ in India. As you know, Sandos don’t have sleeves, hence known as sleeveless vests. Since these are primary innerwear for the upper part of the body, you should opt for comfort first, and combed cotton or modal should be your top priority in fabrics. Wear these underneath your shirt or t-shirt for a clean and crisp look or as casualwear at home during summer. They effectively protect you from heat and sweat.

Dixcy Scott Men's Vest White Sleeveless

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2. Square-Neck Vests

These are modified versions of sleeveless vests. They are stylish and have broad shoulders. They are a perfect fit if you have a muscular physique and the look and fit of a square-neck vest help it stand out from other vests. They are stylish and make comfortable wear with the right fabric during summers. Among the square-necked ones, the athletic vest is a popular one, worn by athletes all over the world. These are perfect as worn under the shirt or any sports or outdoor activity.

Levi's Black Square Vest

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3. V-Neck Vests

V-neck is a good option for those who like to keep the 2nd or 3rd button of their shirt open. In the case of sleeveless or square-neck vests, the vests are visible the 2nd button of the shirt is opened but in the case of V-necks, this problem is resolved owing to the nature of the vest neck. Moreover, they act as a perfect middle layer to your outfit.

Jockey V Neck Vests

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4. Crew-Neck Vests

They generally look like a normal t-shirt and the benefit is they can be worn as one also. It generally has high necklines and half-sleeves. A good physique complements this outfit very well. The texture of the vest is very comfortable and soft. They absorb sweat quickly and the breathable fabric gives you day-long freshness and comfort. These are an excellent option to layer with shirts with buttons all open or can also provide a layer of warmth during the cold days underneath your buttoned shirt. You can also rock them solely by choosing the right colour.

Crew Neck Vests

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5. Long-Sleeve Vests

These vests are ideal for cold weather accompanied by extra insulation. Those long sleeves will keep you warm even on the coldest of days. Good quality long sleeves vests are soft, comfortable, and breathable. These are not summer-friendly, especially for a warm and humid country like India. Pair them up with jackets or shirts or ditch all the outerwear and simply rock these vests with a pair of denim.

Jockey Long Sleeve Vest

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6. Gym Vests

You have often seen bodybuilders flaunting their muscles in these vests. There is a reason why gym professionals prefer these over any other sportswear and it is not only to flaunt those big muscles. They provide much ease and comfort required while working out at gyms. Many gym vests even come with quick sweat-absorbing features to provide extra comfort while strenuous exercises. So, these are a must if you are a gym aficionado.

Dollar Bigboss Gym Vest

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Here is all you need to know about the domain of vests, but as we always say every outfit has some guidelines adhered to it, even underwear. So here is a quick takeaway that will help you pick the perfect vest for you:

Right Color

Picking the right colour is essential for any piece of clothing. You can’t wear a red vest under your white shirt and ooze out that red aura through your shirt fabric. First, you need to pick the purpose and then pick the vest. For underwear, always go for neutral and light colours. If you want to rock them alone, you can go popping colours.

Multi color vests for men

T-shirt vs Vest

Don’t let all this information go to the bin and buy a t-shirt as a vest. People often confuse t-shirts with vests and end up buying tees as vests. The obvious difference between vests and t-shirts is that the former is much thinner as it is an undergarment.

Tshirt vs Vest

Know Your Fit

Another mistake people do is, picking a vest a size bigger than their normal size thinking, size is directly proportional to comfort. This myth will break as soon as you will struggle to keep your profile slimmer and crisper in a formal look instead of being buffed up. Make sure you pick according to your size for all-around comfort and easier movements.

Know your right fit for vests

Keep it in

Showing up your vest is the biggest fashion blunder you can do to yourself. If you chose to wear a vest under your outfit then keep it all in. Revealing of vests or visibility of vest linings can ruin your outfit in seconds. Therefore, V-neck vests are preferred where there is a chance your sleeveless or square vest lining can be visible, especially for round-neck t-shirts.

men wearing V-neck vests inside a shirt

The right vest depends on your body type and sense of fashion. Men often ditch vests and go straight to their outerwear, but it can be an act of foolishness as you will not like your shirt all sweaty and clingy to your body. Vests are pivotal undergarments that ensure hygiene and comfort to your outfit and this makes them an essential part of your wardrobe. For more information on topics like these and improved fashion sense, join our WhatsApp group, subscribe to our youtube channel and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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