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How To Find The Best Gift For Your Partner

People often say it is hard to satisfy a woman, though true to a certain point, there are a few cheat codes a man can learn to crack, and a good anniversary gift is one of them. Every anniversary has a traditional theme for gifting which all men abide by, but always playing by the rules is not the way you should plan it. Taking non-traditional ways can at times be blissful ways to replace the same boring traditional theme. Don’t be that guy who ends with chocolate and flowers on every anniversary. Nobody likes a boring guy, not even the guy himself. What to do then? Well, we have a plethora of ideas that you should check out once.

Surprise Gift for her

1. Evergreen Jewelry

Jewellery is something that women will never get tired of and you can get variations with material as well as the jewellery itself. You don’t need something extravagant, even simple chains or bracelets or jhoomkas can bring a smile to your woman’s face. Although a bit on the expensive side, it is not impossible to gift a piece of simple jewellery with proper savings. On the other side, this might develop your habit of savings as well. After all the smile on her face and the surprise in her eyes is worth all the expenses in life.

Women's Jewelry

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2. Personalized Photo Album

A beautiful out-of-the-box idea I must say. Imagine an album filled with the beautiful, sad, angry, mischievous moments of you two and down the timeline of 20 years looking back at it with your children. Can anything be more special and wholesome than this? You can even wait for a great number like your 10th or 20th anniversary to gift something as special as this. You can even add captions below each photo or date or your inside jokes to make it more nostalgic and special.

Photo Album

3. Bouquet and Wine

Sometimes a candlelight dinner and home-cooked meal are all that you need to get your romantic vibe back. It needs not to be a big fancy dinner night out. Take your day off, bring her favourite flowers, and a bottle of juicy wine, help her with the meal and the preparations and dine together. In this materialistic world, we often forget the essence of spending some quality time together. Time is indeed the most valuable gift you can give her to make her feel special.

Red Roses and Fruit Wine

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4. Elegant Footwear

Dresses are too hyped, and you never know when she will wear them next. Instead, get her a pair of beautiful shoes. There are no occasions to wear shoes, and each time she wears them, it will remind her of your presence of mind. While choosing the shoe, go for her favourite or a sober colour that can be paired with any outfit. Please don’t get a dazzling one which she will feel uncomfortable with frequent use. Keep them simple, majestic, and comfortable.

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5. Skin Care or Spa Hamper

Hampers are much-underrated gifts for anniversaries or any other occasion. For example, women are obsessed with skincare. You can find a gift hamper of skin care products that she would love to use. Also, if you know her skin type, you can get her a customized hamper according to her skin type. You can also gift her an aroma therapy set with aromatic soaps, balms, and salts. Nothing feels better than an at-home spa day to relax and unwind from that stress. This will not only uplift her mood but also each compliment she will receive on her skin will remind her of you. You can gift a voucher or take a session together

Skin care pack

6. Instant Camera and Photo Art

Does your woman love turning every moment and memory into photos? Then this instant camera is the perfect gift for your photoholic better half. Be it a picture of you two together, or food, or the place, or her solo portraits, she will love every bit of it. On an added note, you can collect the photos taken and transform them into a photo art masterpiece. For example, collect the 30 best pictures, form a heart shape, put it in a frame, and gift it to your better half. Nothing can be more precious than the moments you shared throughout the years of togetherness.

Instant Camera

7. Tickets to a Movie Date

Movie dates had been a historic event nowadays with the availability and flexibility of various OTT platforms. Basic weekend plans of every couple are OTT, good food, and laying on the couch. You can break the chain with an old-school movie date with your loved one. Also, with major blockbusters in hand like Shamshera, Brahmastra, Cirkus, Shabaash Mithu, and so on, pick a show and book the tickets. Nothing beats a good movie, corner seat romance, and a tub of caramel popcorn.

Couple Enjoying the movie date at a theatre

8. An Unforgettable Experience

If she loves to go on a trip and has an adventurous side, then this can never get better than this idea. Go on exploring various adrenaline-rushing activities all over India. You can go to Chadar Trek at Ladakh, bungee jumping & river rafting in Rishikesh, paragliding in Himachal, scuba diving in Andaman, zip lining in Rajasthan, or hot air balloon rides in Jaipur. Imagine saying how much you love her on the top of the world, in a hot air balloon. All these can count for an unforgettable experience she can remember for a lifetime, and imagine sharing these experiences and looking back at these kicks in a family or friends get together.

Unforgetable travel experiences

How to Plan the Best Gift?

We know you might read these and still want to come up with something on your own to give the gift a significant meaning. So, here is a small guide on how to come up with the best gift for your partner:

Red Roses and Gifts for Her

1. Something She will Never Buy for Herself

Women always prioritize the happiness of their family over themselves and they are the epitome of sacrifice. There are many things she likes but never buys for herself thinking about the family expenses. If you listen carefully to her, she always gives you the items she wants to buy but couldn’t. She could be complaining about how badly she needs a hair dryer, matching footwear to the dress she brought recently, or a new handbag because the old one has gotten rugged. The best anniversary gifts are those which she will like, and yet she will not buy them herself.

2. Uniqueness

Your gift should not be just a gift. It need not be materialistic. It must convey a message or signify something important to her. In short, it should make her feel how much you love her.

3. Meaning & Effort

Women get happy easily when their man makes them feel special. Your gift should have a significant meaning. It can remind her why she chose you out of all the men in the world and how much you have put the effort into picking the gift. Women genuinely respect and adore when their men put the effort into something regarding them.

Choose anything from the list, or pick something following our simple 3-step guideline. The choice is completely up to you. While all these gifts can be materialistic, the biggest and the most heartfelt gift that you can gift her is your unconditional love and promise as a partner to stay through the highs and lows of her life. Happy anniversary to all the guys out there. Follow our YouTube channel, Follow us on Facebook or Instagram and join our WhatsApp or Telegram community for more such ideas and advice.

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