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A Beginners’ Guide To The Tools Of A Mixologist

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

The creation of cocktails is indeed a pure art of craftsmanship coming from a professional bartender. Speaking of which, people think making perfect booze takes the caliber of a wizard but the truth is something else. The majority of the drinks can be prepared by a layman if he/she knows the recipe and have the right bar tools. Exciting isn’t it?

The Bar for the Bartender and Mixologists

In this lockdown, if you are bored with your past hobbies and want to learn something new which can impress your friends as well as your special one, come join the cocktail culture. If you love to entertain your friends, why not with a few rounds of cocktails. What’s best than making them in front of your friends with the amazing tools. However, that is easier said than done. To become even an amateur mixologist, one needs certain tools and there are thousands to choose from. Which one will meet your need? Confused? Don’t worry we bring you 9 such essential, must-have tools for your minibar.

1. Cocktail Shaker

First things first, you need this magical tool to shake-awake the bartender in you. If you ever went to a bar, you will often see how bartenders magically work with this tool to pour you the best Martini or Mojito that you ordered. For those who haven’t seen it, it is basically a manual mixer where alcohol, bitters, juices, ice, eggs, and other ingredients are mixed thoroughly by shaking, closing the lid.

We would recommend for a beginner, you should opt for the 500ml shaker as it is easy to grip and also the majority of drinks can be prepared with that much quantity. Any bigger than that would make you struggle with the shaking process and obviously check the lid so that it has a tight-fitting or be prepared to clean the mess.

Cocktail Shaker

Cocktail Shaker – Buy Now

2. Hawthorne Strainer

This is a circular specially designed strainer with a spring around the sides. This is basically used to remove the ice from the mixture and is also beneficial for removing muddled herbs from the cocktail without making a fool out of you. It is not so effective for straining pulps or small chunks but, it is not its job also.

However, nowadays many cocktail shakers come with a strainer built into their lid. Try to buy that one if affordable.

Hawthorne Strainer

Hawthorne Strainer – Buy Now

3. Jigger

This is nothing but a measuring cup with a fancy name. Now some of you are like, “I am the master of my cocktail, no need for a measuring cup” but see, the difference between a good and a bad cocktail lies in the measurement. For preparing the best drink you need to tone the balance of flavors rightly and that is where jiggers come in. Even the professional bartenders use jiggers after so much experience and memorizing the combos to bring the best out of their drink.

Most Jiggers are double-sided and come in one ounce and two-ounce. These practically resemble a single shot or a double shot. Buy the double-sided one and get the most of it.


Jigger – Buy Now

4. Muddler

Time to muddle some herbs, fruits, and spices to enhance the flavor of your drink. A muddler is an essential bar tool made of wood or metal that is used to crush the ingredients to get the best of their natural oils into the cocktail.

While some people prefer wooden muddlers but, that is quite a bad idea. As wood is a porous material that absorbs flavor with time. So, it is preferred to use a metal muddler over a wooden one. Also, if you are going for the metal one, check for the one with a covered tip. This will cut down the risk of breaking the glass.


Muddler – Buy Now

5. Cocktail Spoon

Of all the fancy names, this tool probably is the simplest definition of its name. The job of the spoon is simple. It just stirs the drink to give your drink a final touch of perfection. Well, stirring sounds easy but the way isn’t. It is not any normal circular motion but a very delicate one, along the edge of the glass with the help of your middle and ring finger.

The tool comes with a long spiral handle and with a stand on the bottom to keep it standing on the surface. However, there are also forks and knife-like structures but those are not necessary for the time being.

Cocktail Spoon

Cocktail Spoons – Buy Now

6. Cork Opener

Imagine you are all set to impress your buddies and make the best version of the drink they have ordered but, the alcohol bottle comes with a cork and you don’t have an opener. Let’s not make a joke out of you and allow us to introduce you to this next tool in the list.

There are many cork openers in the market but try to buy the one with the lever system as it does the job more swiftly and efficiently and you will save much energy which you will spend on opening with a pocket knife if you don’t have a cork opener.

Cork Opener

Cork Opener – Buy Now

7. Pouring Spouts

Often time when you have gone to a bar, you have seen that the bartenders are pouring drinks into glasses from significant heights and styles without spilling and also in the right amount. Well, this tool is the secret to it. A pouring spout once attached to a bottle, controls the stream of liquid coming out from it. It also reduces the risk of spilling from the bottle while pouring into glass, jiggers, or shakers.

Now don’t try to copy the bartenders and pour from heights as they do, it can cost you your booze, money, and your prestige. The tool solely is not the secret to such visual delicacy, it also takes years and years of practice to reach such perfection.

Pouring Spouts

Pouring Spouts – Buy Now

8. Ice Tools

Ice is one of the major ingredients in cocktails and alcohols and hence you will come across the need for ice buckets, scoops, tongs and crushers very often. So it is better to buy it with the remaining tools. Moreover, it will give that professional touch to the bartender in you.

Ice Tools

Ice tools – Buy Now

9. Stirrers

Don’t neglect the importance of these simple tools. Obviously, you would want to mix the drinks till they meet their respective customers to bring the best out of their orders. Don’t forget to stock up on stirrers.


Stirrers – Buy Now

There you go. With all these tools you can open a mini bar at your home yourself. You can buy them separately if you wish but nowadays a whole set of tools is available online on Amazon or Flipkart.

Bar Tool Set

Bar Tool Set – Buy Now

With enough practice, you will be efficient and familiar with these tools in no time. You can take help from YouTube. There are indeed some splendid tutorials for beginners and the next time when you meet your friends for a party or your special one for a home date, you might catch them off guard with your bartender skills.

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