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Why All Indian Men Should Wear Pink ?

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Pink is the color most men shy away from. Men and pink, when assembled even today, is unimaginable to a few. Since the time we were kids, the young men would consistently pick blue and the young ladies would consistently pick pink. Why do you want to still be behind the same stereotype and not experiment with it?

Royal Prince wearing Pink outfits

A surprising fact is that most Indian Men fall under the category of Neutral Skin Tone and colors like powder pink works best for them. Did you know pink was first introduced for men and was considered masculine? During the world, war red was considered to signify the color of bloodshed. Pink which is from the family of red took charge as the color of power and masculinity among the royals. Young leaders and men opted for pink suits more often.

While Indian men who are now inspired by a few celebrities who are breaking the norms by wearing pink, want to try it by them. Pink has made a comeback in men's style. Let’s make pink a universal color. Wearing pink should be as common as wearing greys or blues.

WHY Pink was prominent among men before and not now?

The mid-1900s saw the absolute first pink dress shirt – planned by Brooks Brothers – become a hit. It was at first intended to target female understudies however it got on additional with school folks. The shirt fit their supposed Ivy League look. The examination uncovers that the "pinkification" of young ladies' garments and toys might've been brought about by inborn inclinations. Among individuals who like the shades blue, ladies lean towards rosy-purple tints of blue while men favor greenish-yellow ones.

Even more recently, a 2012 study commissioned by Cotton USA shows some interesting facts about pink. Men who wear pink earn about $1,200 more each year than those who wear other colors!

As indicated by Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe, Cotton USA's International Marketing Manager – "Pink is a color more men have been embracing recently and it's encouraging that they are not afraid to experiment with brighter colors. The color itself is empowering. It boosts the attractiveness of guys who own their clothing.." How much ever we specify the importance and express the need of wearing pink. It is still up to the Indian folks to try it with confidence.

Sushant Singh Rajput in Pink Shirt

When Can You Wear Pink?

While pink may initially be related to the more splendid shades with a palette of spring and summer, it also goes well in every season of the year. Bright and bold shades of pink are ideal for spring and summer, while quieted shades of pink can be worn in autumn and winter. In the hotter seasons, you can try different things with sporting pink as the predominant shade in your outfits, for example, a mild pink jacket with jeans, while in winter, pink shades of a shirt or t-shirt and even socks can be worn.

Arjun Bijlani in a Pink Blazer

There are different shades of pink, and there is a shade for each event. For the wedding, you can pick any shade of pink with embellishments and appealing weaving. For the gathering occasion, one can undoubtedly wear a dark magenta or a rose pink shirt with light concealed pant and a bind to finish the look. However, make sure they don’t look flashy. For office wear, tone it down to light shades of pink like powder pink or baby pink by pairing it with neutral or dark colors. Go casual with white on pink stripes or pink printed t-shirts and shirts.

HOW to wear pink?

Pink is extremely simple to coordinate as it goes with all the major menswear colors. Pink matches with grays, blues, and browns impeccably; thus, you don't need to place a lot of thought into the remainder of your outfit shading insightful.

Various shades of pink will coordinate better with various skin tones. If you have a light or fair skin tone, experiment with the dark shades of pink and pair it with a lighter shade of trousers. If you have a warm or dark skin tone, choose light shades for the upper torso complementing it with darker pants. If you fall under wheatish or neutral skin tone avoid neural shades of pink as they do not bring any good to your skin tone instead choose light or dark shades of it.

Ranveer Singh in a Pink Striped Suit

These standards shouldn't be taken too carefully in any case, as pink is a free shade regardless, we suggest you don't stress an excessive amount of which shade of pink to go for. Whichever you favor is typically the correct answer. The way to making pink work for you is to guarantee it's the correct one. Picking some unacceptable shade can clean out your skin tone and neutralize your composition.

Amitabh Bachhan and Aamir Khan in Pink outfits

Pink has been related to woman for eternity. Directly from the second an infant baby girl is conceived, she is enhanced with pink in however conceivable. Be it her dress, shoes, nappy, or adornments! Then again, the kid needs to settle with shades of just blue and dark. However, with evolving times, men are coming out more straightforwardly to grasp this tone

There are a considerable amount of men attractive enough to wear pink in style. Yet, there are a couple of other people who falter to get themselves a pink shirt simply because they accept, 'Pink isn't for the man'. Also, on the off chance that you too trusted it up to this point, at that point well, you have not realized the key to sport pink in the correct style. Since pink can make you look the most attractive individual in the group without you being busy. Just remember, no colors are defined by gender when they are made. It is all how we perceive and pick it. Any color can be worn by anyone unless it doesn't with your skin tone at all. Why not try pink for yourself? Break the stereotyping and give every color a chance to create an impact in your wardrobe.

Enzo Times - A Men's Style Magazine

If you want to experiment with the color pink and want to know which shade of pink and its combination suits you the best, connect with our experts of Enzo League for a detailed color analysis.

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