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6 Effective Ways You Can Style Your Hoodies

Hoodie has never been an icon in the styling industry like jackets or sweaters have. It always has a homely and comforting ring to it. But speaking of now, this warm comforting garment has also stepped up in the styling game. Whether it is a cool, casual, weekend outfit or the warm, baggy home outfit, hoodies slay both occasions ambidextrously. We all are more or less are accustomed to it, but let us see how we can style it with other garments of our choice to get altogether a new look.

Indian Men wearing a yellow hoodie

1. Bomber and Hoodies

If you are looking for nothing extravagant and just a casual weekend look with a touch of speciality, we have the bomber-hoodie outfit for you. Pair up your grey, black or blue hoodie with the contemporary bombers be leather or cotton or wool. The class of the bombers and the simplicity of the hoodie will give an ideal stand out game. Add light blue or black denim and sneakers to the party, and you are ready for the casual city vibe.

Bomber Jacket with hoodies

2. Coats and Hoodies

Coats have always symbolized corporate life and always had been labelled as formal wear. Guess what happens when corporate and casual wear blend together, BOOM! We get a new weekend style. Try out your white or yellow hoodies with the brown or black overcoats the next chilly morning and you will see for yourself how well the two go hands in hands. Seal the deal with casual trousers and sneakers.

Coat with hoodies

3. Parka Jacket and Hoodies

Parka jackets are your go-to on cold windy or rainy days. Pair them up with hoodies and you will see how your parka has come to life. To nail the look, just keep everything contemporary and clean. Experimenting too much on this look will ruin it altogether. You can go all black for that understated vibe. Tailored trousers are your best options to complete the smart, and casual look.

Parka Jacket and Hoodies

4. Denim Jacket and Hoodies

This is the best possible combination to have in this segment. Pairing your white, black or grey hoodie with the denim jacket, especially the blues, gives you a scorning hot casual look. You can try out other colours too according to your choice. Complete the look with skinny black denim and white sneakers to unlock its full potential.

Denim Jacket and Hoodies

5. Leather Jackets and Hoodies

Leather jackets are one of the best options for winter. Along with the hoodies, they provide plenty of warmth and the combination is also stylish and sleek. Opt for a biker’s jacket to keep the look rough and tough. Add black and blue slim denim to get more of that urban feel. Don’t go all monochrome; break the black of denim and leather with a grey hoodie in between as such.

Leather Jacket and Hoodies

6. Shearling Jacket and Hoodies

Pairing shearlings with a hoodie can be a dynamic style statement. Since both the outfits are on the heavier side, it is better to leave out black and look for softer shades. A Grey hoodie is a great go-to, as the colour is versatile in nature and goes with anything. Pair your trousers to an opposite shade to further soften the texture of this outfit.

Shearling Jacket and Hoodie

A General Guideline on How to Wear Hoodies:

There are thousands of combinations, one can rock their hoodies in, but there are certain guidelines that should be kept intact irrespective of the combination you try

1. Go for an evergreen hoodie colour that complements your skin, instead of following the latest trends. 2. Quality matters over quantity. Only go for pure cotton designs for optimum quality and longevity. 3. Layer it with other outwears to bring the most out of it. 4. Pullover hoodie over zip-up hoodie any day. 5. Break up the shades if the outwears are heavy and blend in. 6. Monochrome is not a bad idea, but a bit of contrast always catches the eye.

Men in different jackets and hoodies

If you are a person who hates hoodies and has only worn them in your homes, then try these combinations to find your new casual weekend outfit. Even a simple comfort garment like a hoodie can be a style statement if you have the right knowledge. To learn more about yourself, what works for your personality, connect with us, one of the best men’s grooming platforms in India.

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