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5 Leather Jacket Styles To Add In Your Wardrobe

Ever thought of rocking a leather jacket like a Rockstar? Leathers are often stereotyped into the biker category, but you don’t need a bike to rock this material. While you may think this style statement is inaccessible to you, all you need is a good fit and knowledge on how to wear it.

Leather Jackets for Men

The leather jackets are so chic that they can be worn by anyone and everyone. If you are a businessman and are in a misconception that it is not for you, then you are losing out on a chance to look dapper. A leather jacket is a staple in every man’s wardrobe and you must give it a try. If you have not yet tried them out, let’s look at the 5 easiest ways, you can incorporate them into your outfit routine. 1. A Basic Bomber

The Bomber is the most OG leather material you can rock your look with. Leather is also great heat resistant which will keep you warm in the coldest of the days. What’s inside stays inside, unlike your ‘Chuglikhor’ friend. If you don’t love experimenting with your look and want something classy, this is the piece you are lacking. Wear it over a shirt or a t-shirt. Denim and chinos go best with it. You can have one in brown or black to start with. This is the simplest form of a leather jacket and is also the lightest. Don’t forget to pair it with a set of boots to take the look a notch higher.

Karthik Aryan in a leather bomber jacket

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2. Rock the Rockstar Jacket

If you are an extrovert and love parties, add some bling with this in your wardrobe. If you love experimenting with your looks, then why not try it in the leather section. We might have the right thing in store for you. The Rockstar Jacket, or the statement jacket whatever you call it, has the much-needed backbencher vibe you were looking for. Since this is an over-the-top choice, make sure to keep your t-shirt, pants and sneakers simple. Let the jacket do all the talking. The level of bling varies in this style, as you can pick them according to how much of it you would like. Be a badass text, or wild zippers, or embellishments, or all of these, whatever may be your preference, are prepared to join the bad boy club with this one.

Mens Tribal Rock Punk Gothic Rivet Studded Leather Jacket

Leather Rockstar Jacket - Buy Now

3. Brace The Blazer

Let’s be in the ’90s, wear your blazer and greet your valentine in the manliest and war-hero vibe possible. With its lean fit, and glossiness of the leather material, it gives a retro vibe to your outlook. You can even keep it unbuttoned so that it gives you that killer aesthetic look as you move your way on a windy day. What is more attractive than a man walking down the street or entering a club in a killer leather blazer? It might not be your first choice to go for a blazer, but if you have the height and are broadly built to carry it, Why not? Button it or leave it open depending on the weather. A Chelsea or high ankle boot is the best suited for this. A t-shirt with denim is the most preferred for this style.

Brown Leather Blazer

Leather Blazer - Buy Now

4. Style It With A Shacket

If you have sloppy shoulders and want to accentuate your upper body then this must be your first choice. It looks like a shirt with double pockets, buttons, a collar and cuffs. If you want a sophisticated version of leather, then this is what you should pick for yourself. You can pair this with mandarin collar shirts, t-shirts without collars and turtle necks. Chinos, denim or joggers, you can pick any according to your style choice. Sneakers will be the best pick to go with this, if not you can also go for loafers or moccasins.

Vicky Kaushal in a Leather Shacket

Leather Shacket - Buy Now

5. Be The Bike

Last but not the least, Biker Leather Jacket. These are available in various styles; however, they are insulated and are thicker compared to other styles. It is made for a biker to travel in adverse weather. Even if you are not a traveller like Kabir in YJHD, you can still pick this if you reside in extremely cold areas. This Biker Jacket is handy to wear in a club, a date night, a party with friends and many more. Pair this with the thinnest t-shirts and comfy denim as the jacket itself is thick in nature. Boots are the best choice to go with it.

Brown Leather Biker Jacket

Biker Jacket - Buy Now

If you are not sure, whether you should incorporate leather in your outfit routine or not, then try any one of these five small ideas, and you will notice yourself what you had been missing out on this long. In this generation which is obsessed with casual looks and accessories, be a saviour of the OG classics.

"A leather jacket always makes you look cooler, sometimes more chic, and it elevates your look to make you look like you've purchased something expensive to set yourself apart." ~ Tan France.

Now you know what styles and how to wear them. If you still are not sure what suits your personality and what curated look books to understand, connect with our panel of experts now.

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