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Wanderlust Unleashed: The Ultimate Travel Essentials Checklist

Things hit differently when you see them in real life rather than on social media. There is indeed something special and spectacular about that sunset at the beach or that sunrise in the mountains. Living these moments accounts for the best experiences of our lives. Scientific studies have shown that breaks and vacations are an excellent way to deal with productivity blocks. Already started packing your bags? Well, you should. But you will know traveling is not all about fun and enjoying things, the planning and the packing phase can be quite hectic. In this guide, we will be taking you through some travel essentials that you need as a beginner or you are missing out, and tips for packing your stuff. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Travelling Intro

Here is a list of things that you might think of incorporating into your travel essentials, to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable

1. Travelling Pillow

Doesn’t matter if you will be traveling for days or a few hours, there can be chances that you have to catch your flight or train early in the morning or late at night, and now you need a peaceful sleep for the rest of the journey. Traveling pillows come as a blessing in these situations. These are maneuverable and, you can get them to support your neck no matter how awkward your sleeping position is. It helps in getting you that comfortable sleep so that you wake up full of energy all set to enjoy the roads.

Travelling Pillow

2. Power Bank

If you are traveling by train, you might be lucky to get a vacant charging port but in planes, there is zero chance. So, it is always helpful to carry a power bank along with your charger. Also, You need to keep your phone charged pretty much constantly. Since you'll be taking more pictures and videos, listening to music, using other applications like GPS and social media, and perhaps viewing more videos than usual while traveling, your battery may run out more rapidly. Purchase a portable charger if you have any concerns about the longevity of your phone's battery and even if you don’t you should carry it for emergency purposes.

Power Bank

3. Headphones

Honestly, this one is unskippable even when you step out of the house. Chances are there that your passengers might not mind their own business and poke their noses into yours. Also, can’t eliminate your luck of getting an annoying crybaby as your co-passenger. Headphones are the official sign for your DND mode. You can use the flight/train as a diversion to view the entertainment system and listen to your music. Having comfy headphones is a must if you are traveling for long distances, especially the Bluetooth ones. Honestly, who would struggle to detangle every time you want to play a track? On the added side, they provide a certain amount of freedom as the medium of connectivity is wireless. You can easily charge your phone with your playlist on.

Bluetooth headphones

4. Soap Paper/Sanitizer

Thank us later for this awesome suggestion. Sanitizers and soap papers are saviors when you need a quick washing of your hands, like before a meal at a roadside Dhaba or restaurant on your way, or while using a latrine on the train or in public space. Also, it is not possible to always bring out your handwash or soap every time you need to clean your hands.

Paper Soap

5. Mini Iron

Despite your best packing efforts, some wrinkles and creases are inevitable. That's where a pint-size steam iron or garment steamer comes in. Most are under two pounds, meaning they take up very little space and are perfect for quick touch-ups anywhere — just don’t expect it to de-wrinkle a full garment in record time.

Mini Iron

6. Grooming Kit

Traveling accounts for an experience you are going to treasure for a lifetime, so you can’t simply afford to miss anything, be it in terms of looking your best, smelling your best, or styling. The grooming kit is a must-have in your travel pack to make your trips picture-perfect and very chill.

Grooming Kit For You -

Grooming Kit

a. Shaving Cream, Razor & After Shave

If you love to have a clean shave look, then these are an integral part of your grooming kit. As for some men, facial hair tends to grow faster than others, so it is always handy to keep your shaving kit handy. Even if you don’t shave, the aftershave is the equipment you would like the keep with you. Take some on the fingertips and roll around your face before going out.

b. Trimmer

If you don’t like clean shave and love to keep a full beard or stubble, you need to maintain it if it is a long trip. Also, we can’t overlook the earlier point that some men tend to grow facial hair faster, and if you are one of them, the trimmer is going to help you maintain your beard.

c. Beard Oil and Cream

Beard oil and cream are essential to keep your beard moisturized all through the day. You can skip the beard cream, but beard oil is a must, especially if you are going to the hills. No one likes flakey beards, and it is also unhygienic. A good beard oil will stop the flaking by moisturizing not only your beard hair but also the skin beneath it.

d. Comb

Being locked in an airplane or train for a long time and not feeling refreshed might make a journey tiring. You should also brush your hair if you want to feel clean and fresh all the time. Additionally, it is a good idea to have it in case your hotels don’t provide one. Better to carry one than to repent.

7. Cross-Body Bag

Besides your main luggage, you should carry a small cross-body bag for your essentials if you are not planning to carry your trolley everywhere you go. A small cross-body bag will effectively carry your wallet, ear pods, medicines, snacks, specs, and even a small bottle. Easy to carry and comes with high utility.

Cross Body Bag

8. Plastic Bags

These can help you in emergencies. Not to mention why you might need one if you feel nausea while traveling in a car. Besides, it can be used to carry your swimming shorts or suits if it is a beach vacation.

Plastic Bags

9. Roll your Clothes

The best way to prevent creases and make the most of your space is to use the roll method. Lay tops facedown, fold in the sleeves and roll from the bottom up. For pants, put the legs together and roll from the waist down. Once you’ve rolled everything, place pants, and tops in your suitcase before walking shoes and accessories; then, fit in other oddly shaped items, like grooming tools.

Roll Your Clothes

10. Pack as Priority

If you know you’re getting off the plane and going straight to dinner or a meeting, or you are traveling from a tropic zone to a mountainous place, you know your jacket is the first thing you need when you land. Plan your outfit and put that into your suitcase last. That way, when you arrive, you won’t have to dig through everything else to find it (plus, it will be less likely to wrinkle). This strategy is a great excuse to think about what you’ll wear in advance, so you don’t make one of the biggest packing mistakes, waiting until the last minute to pack.


11. Heavy Stuff Sinks

Just like heavy stuff sinks, put all your heavy stuff at the bottom. Keep weightier things like shoes and books by the wheeled end of your suitcase. This placement helps your bag stay stable when upright and stops other items from getting smushed.

Heavy Stuff Sinks

12. Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a great way to achieve organized packing. These blocks keep your suitcase organized and stacked together easily — no more playing the puzzle with your odd-shaped stuffs. Plus, the best packing cubes are lightweight and thin, so you won’t lose any precious suitcase space and get a stress-free packing experience.

Packing Cubes

This is all the essential stuff you need to carry while going on a vacation. You can add to these according to your priority, but the basics are unchangeable. Also, the guide to packing your luggage will help you save all the stress and time during your pre-trip period. So, keep chill and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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