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The Modern Gentleman's Guide to Etiquette

Someone rightly said, ‘A gentleman is not defined by the content of his wallet or the cut of his suit. He is defined by his manners and the content of his character.’ Good manners and etiquettes are what represent a gentleman, but it is disheartening that these traits are becoming so rare in this modern world. In a culture of instant gratification, habitual laziness, and increased gender equality the importance of etiquette is completely diminished. The strong sense of etiquette that prevailed over the years regarding dressing, sexual politics, gender equality, and so many other topics has simply boiled down to just being a nice guy with common sense.

Man opening door for the woman

Proper etiquette is of paramount importance for men as it not only reflects their individual character but also contributes to a harmonious and respectful society. Etiquette serves as a framework that guides men in their interactions with others, helping them navigate social situations with grace and consideration. Demonstrating good manners showcases a man's respect for others, regardless of their background or position, fostering a sense of inclusivity and unity.

In professional settings, impeccable etiquette can significantly impact career prospects. Polished communication, punctuality, and respectful behavior towards colleagues and superiors create a positive reputation that can open doors to advancement. Moreover, etiquette extends beyond formalities; it influences personal relationships and contributes to building lasting connections. A man who values and practices good etiquette exudes a sense of reliability and integrity, qualities that attract trust and admiration.

In today's interconnected world, where diverse cultures converge, understanding and embracing proper etiquette is even more crucial. It enables men to engage confidently and respectfully across various cultural contexts, fostering global harmony. Ultimately, etiquette empowers men to project their best selves, enhancing their self-confidence, relationships, and overall quality of life.

History of Etiquettes

Adapting Etiquette to Different Social Contexts

Every social situation has its own set of etiquettes because the behavior of a man is highly influenced by his environmental and social factors. The way you behave when in a meeting or dining with your potential soulmate on your date night is going to be a bit different from how you conduct yourself when playing video games with your mates. In light of that, here are some key social settings and a handful of advice that will help you be the best you in each one.

1. Guidelines for Proper Dating Etiquette

Dating decorum can be quite tricky as they more than often demand first impressions. You will be lying if, before every Tinder meeting, you are not nervous and anxious. Due to this anxiety, you might miss out on some small etiquettes that women never fail to notice. Here are some simple things that you should take care of:

1. Keep aside your male ego and text her first and say something specific regarding her profile.

2. Take the lead and effort in organizing the first date. Women love men who have clarity in what they are doing.

3. Don’t keep your date waiting, it is the worst thing you can do to destroy your first impression.

4. Hold the door open for your date if both of you reach at the same time or meet outside the restaurant or bar.

5. Offer your date the best seat or the seat she wants. Pull out the chair for her like a true gentleman and then sit on yours.

6. Put away your phone and have a genuine talk. Don’t press too much on asking anything your date is uncomfortable with.

7. Treat the staff with the respect they deserve. This should be a general rule, rather than a dating ethics. Every one of us has dignity, calling them with a whistle or with a snap just portrays your upbringing.

8. Even when you know that you and your date are poles apart and it’s not going to work, stick around for a few drinks instead of rudely calling it off. Always keep in mind, if the same happened to you, how will you feel?

9. Offering to pay on 1st date is okay, but never insist. If she wants to split the bill, then the most gentlemanly thing you can do is to agree to it.

10. Don’t leave more than a day between messages if you want the correspondence to continue.

Dating Night

2. Essential Office Etiquette Principles

Whether you like it or not, it is your co-workers with whom you spend most of the time after your family. With that in mind, you should ensure your best to maintain professional and friendly ties with your colleagues. This will not only help you to handle pressures and overtime, as well as stay afloat the corporate politics.

1. Don’t follow up on unanswered emails or texts immediately. This can be irritating at times. If there is something urgent, call them.

2. Don’t passive-aggressively CC somebody superior into an email chain. It’s the ultimate stupid move. Even if you achieve your desired result, they will remember, and they will continue to make your life difficult in whatever way they can.

3. Don’t call people over trivial things. Leave a text unless it is too urgent to call. Calling can be a bit too intrusive.

4. Return calls, or at the very least text back if you don’t want to talk. We know it can be at times very frustrating but what if the same happens to you?

5. Stop bitching about your co-worker to other co-workers. You don’t know who knows who and you can easily become someone’s target. Deal with it like a man, if you have a problem with someone, ask them for coffee and sort it out.

6. Never throw someone under the bus in a meeting or in front of others. If you need to give someone a suggestion relating to the way they conduct their work, do it one-to-one, in private.

Essential Office Etiquettes

3. Navigating Outdoor Etiquette

If you often hear, ‘You are the last person I would go out with’ or are the reason for your friend’s constant eye rolls, then this section is quite important for you. Whether it is a night out, movie plans, or eating out at restaurants, there are some etiquettes that you need to learn:

1. Often, we tend to sit in the best seats anywhere (train, cinemas, waiting rooms, etc.) which might not belong to us. Even if you are well settled there, if the owner appears, you should be ready to leave it.

2. Hold the door open for the people behind you.

3. Don’t look at your phone in the cinema, dimly lit exhibition, or the like. Even if you’re bored. You may as well light a distress flare.

4. Don’t broadcast videos or music in public. This might ruin the moment or atmosphere of the people around you.

5. Need to use the toilet but got the window seat on the plane? Gently tap the person next to you on the shoulder to let them know you want out. Don’t try to clamber over them while they sleep. If you hit turbulence and end up in their lap, it won’t go down well.

6. Control your temper. Venting it out in public will make you look like a toddler having a tantrum. Probably not the best vibe to replicate as a fully-grown, adult man.

Movie Etiquettes

4. Guide to Proper Conduct At Gym

The gym can be a scary place if you are just beginning. A lot of the time we just imagine ourselves in scenarios in mind like what will people think of us and all. Trust us nobody is free enough to think about what you are doing at the gym. People are busy fighting their own battles everywhere and like every place, the gym has its very own etiquette guide too:

1. Don’t play on your phone while hogging a machine or bench. If the gym is busy, let someone else sit in between sets rather than taking up space fiddling on Facebook.

2. Always wipe down any equipment after you’ve finished using it. Nobody wants to find a sweaty blueprint of your body on the machine.

3. Put things in their places once you’re finished with them. Don’t put 5kg plates or barbells in a row of 7.5 kg.

4. Be clean and wear clean clothes. Keep deo handy. Your gym kit bag should be emptied every time you use it.

5. Never give out unsolicited training advice, or if someone gives some to you, simply smile, thank them, and continue your workout exactly how you were doing it before they stuck their nose in.

Gym dumbells

5. Mastering House Party Etiquette

There are special rules for when you’re in somebody else’s home and when somebody is in your home. So before you go barging in traipsing mud and dirt onto the hallway carpet, or want to ensure that people go away talking about their visit for all the right reasons, take a minute to get familiar with the manners:

1. As a guest, don’t even think about arriving empty-handed, even if the host hasn’t asked you to bring anything.

2. Familiarize yourself with the house rules. Are shoes allowed? Should you leave the door unlocked? Get to know it all straight away to make your presence as stress-free as possible.

3. Don’t arrive too early or too late. Just be on time.

4. As a host always greet your guests at the door and make them feel welcome in your home immediately.

5. Participate in conversations and introduce your guests to one another, especially anyone who has come on their own and may not know anyone.

6. Everyone loves a drink, but also ensure you’re stocked with alternatives for those who are driving and children.

7. Always see your guests out and thank them for coming.

House Party Etiquettes

And with this, we complete the most comprehensive guide on etiquette for every situation that you will find yourself in at some point in your life. Situations and how we react to them define who we are.

In addition to etiquette, you also need to match your body language. Watch the below video to build positive and confident body language.

If you know it all then well and good but if you are lacking in specific ones, incorporate them with the help of this guide and be the modern gentleman. For more such interesting information, tips, and tricks follow us on Facebook, and Instagram, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and join our WhatsApp community to be part of one of the largest grooming communities for men.

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