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The Ultimate Guide To Haircuts And Styling Tips For Balding Men

Updated: Mar 17

Life for men from teens to mid-twenties means tackling a lot of skincare and haircare-related issues. Just as we say goodbye to pesky acne, hair concerns start cropping up by our early 30s. Whether it’s by choice or fate, early hair loss can be emotionally taxing as well. Suddenly, life becomes more about an inner ‘coming to terms’ conflict than conforming to the template of a desirable man. Research reveals that two out of three men face the problem of hair thinning by the age of 30. However, this can be slowed down and delayed with the right treatment at the right time. But if you have not been able to identify it on time and searching on the net lately for haircuts for thinning hair, your Facebook and Instagram algorithms are now probably blowing up with ‘Kya aap ganjepaan se hai pareshaan?’ ads. Amidst all of it, it can be quite difficult to find the right haircut and tips. So, here we bring a list of hairstyles to pick from

Saif Ali Khan Sporting hairstyle with bald look

1. Buzz Cut

One of the most macho hairstyles out there. If your hairline is intact and you are seeing thinning near the crown, this is your sign to go for the buzz cut instead of covering it with surrounding long hairs. Buzz cut involves cutting your middle hair short and skin fading your sides to create the illusion of volume at the top. The length of your middle hair should be adjusted according to its density. If your density is low, keep the length as short as possible to avoid sudden visibility of the scalp. Pair it with a beard and you are all good to turn heads.

Shahid Kapoor in a Buzz cut look

2. Crew Cut

An upgraded version of buzz cut where you keep the sides short. If you have noticed thinning near the crown or noticed that you are starting to lose hair, then trimming your hair down to medium-short length can help you combat hair loss and also help in the easy application of products related to hair treatment. If you are facing a receding hairline, make sure to brush the front hair forward to mask thinning areas. Apply product and lightly tousle for added texture. To get that rugged masculine look, pair it with a beard and you are good to go.

Virat Kohli in Crew Cut Look

3. Spikes & Fringes

Easily done with medium to short-length hair. Brush your hair forward and push your front hairs upward with your fingers to form a spike. Add some texturing clay or powder to get that matte look. On the sides, you can keep short to fade depending on the volume at the top. Make sure to mix the gradient well or sudden visibility of the scalp will reveal your efforts to hide your balding. Spikes do well if you have a decent hairline, but with a receding hairline, texture fringes are best to go for. Add a bit of life to the fringes with texture powder or clay, and you are good to go.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni in Spike Look

4. Medium Pompadour

This medium pompadour with tapered sides is key to unlocking a suave look. With a bit of extra length up top, you’ve got options to play with your hair: either style it slicked back or keep it flat to the front – it’s your call! Not to mention, this makes for a great hairstyle to camouflage your receding hairline and flaunt a smooth, sophisticated edge. Pompadour is the easiest fix you can get for thinning hair. Adding dry shampoo and some gel can further enhance the fullness of the coif, while a side part and sleek angles keep the look polished and refined.

Abhishek Bachchan in a pompadour look

5. High and Tight

Take notes from this easygoing military hairstyle to nail a natty look even while experiencing hair loss. The textured top adds some much-needed volume to your hair, while the tapered fade works wonders to downplay thinner areas. No more excessive gel or complicated routines are required with this one – it’s that effortlessly cool! Also, the less you use products on your hair the longer they are going to hold on to your scalp.

John Abhraham hair style

6. Ivy League

The simple Ivy League haircut will always be a classic style. It’s a go-to option for any man, including balding guys. To create the illusion of a more uniform hairline, try brushing the hair to the side but do not slick it down. Unlike some haircuts, this does not call attention to the hairline. Get a sleek Ivy League and you’ll be sure to exude confidence. If you are into medium-length hairstyles, go with a clean side part and slicked-back quiff.

Ivy League Hairstyle for Balding Men

7.  Sleek Comb-over Razor Fade

This hairstyle is both classic and contemporary. The combover razor fade takes the sophistication of a traditional side part and gives it a modern twist. It features a precisely defined part that would highlight your sharp, chiseled features while making your overall appearance edgier. This hairstyle has recently been sported by football star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo sporting sleek comb-over hairstyle

Who said balding men have no choice for hairstyles, take a look yourself and go for what suits your needs the best. However, there might be a few things that you need to keep in mind

8. Grow your Other Mane

If you’re thinning or balding on top, growing out your facial hair is always a good idea. Sideburns, a beard or goatee, and a mustache will create balance and draw attention to your face instead of your head. Moreover, it provides that masculine aura you have been searching for.

Thick Beard Look

We have a complete guide on beards and mustaches that you can try according to your face shape. Watch The Below Video.

Some Additional Maintenance Tips & Tricks

- Don’t Get Your Hopes Too High

These hairstyles and cuts are intended to make the most of hair that is thinning or falling out. They will be flattering; they won’t make you look like you have a lush, full head of hair. Don’t expect a new hairstyle or cut to erase baldness, but rather to complement or make it less noticeable.

- Goodbye to Long Hair

Even if you’ve always worn your hair long or prefer to be able to pull it back into a biker ponytail or hipster top knot, long hair isn’t a good match for thinning hair. The longer your hair, the more it exaggerates and draws attention to the sparse and bald areas. Plus, you need a huge amount of product to set the hair which can trigger hair loss faster. Also, these high knot styles put a lot of tension to the front hairs which is one of the reasons for receding hair lines.

Men with long hair

- Attention to Brush

If you still have some length to your hair, you should pay close attention to the type of hairbrush you’re using – and when you use it. Wide-toothed combs and specially designed detangling brushes are best to prevent hair breakage. The worst mistake you can make is brushing your hair after washing your hair. When it’s wet, brushing your hair can strain and snap your hair, so only brush your hair when it’s dry.


- UV Protection

If you do opt to shave your head, get a short buzz cut, or go for an undercut, your scalp is going to be subjected to a lot more sunlight and damaging UV rays. Make sure you don’t neglect your noggin when applying sunscreen to keep from getting a painful sunburn on your head. In case you are skeptical about sunscreen, which you shouldn’t be, go for hats when going out.

Sunscreen application

- Stick to a Treatment

Visit a dermatologist and ask for a well-designed hair treatment plan. Minoxidil, Finasteride, and Ketoconazole shampoo are some of the most prescribed medications. But if your hair is still in good shape and you are noticing you are balding, go for natural medications to begin with. Whatever you may try, allopathy, homeopathy, or ayurveda, stick to the regimen and be consistent to see results.

Hair Treatment

- Vitamin Supplements

Whether you are losing hair or not, you should have multivitamin plant-based supplements or Ayurvedic daily if your vitamin requirement is not adequate. Supplements nowadays need not be boring capsules. You can find various hair gummy supplements with various flavors rich in vitamins on different websites. Find an authentic website and set your vitamin levels.

Hair Vitamins Supplements

Who said, balding men have to lose all hope and just see their hair go away? With proper treatment and hairstyle, you can not only hide your balding but also regain a sufficient amount of lost hair. But that is only the scenario if you spot it early and still have some canvas to work on. For people who have lost all follicles, a hair transplant is the only option available. While some men prefer to shave it all off and let that scalp shine with all your masculine aura.

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