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How To Choose The Right Mustache For Your Face Type?

Whenever we say mustache, our inner Indian just screams uncle. Well, we can’t blame our minds as we have seen how Bollywood has portrayed evil potbellied uncles with those big staches. But keeping that generalization aside, the stache with or without the beard is a cool and sexy feature of a man. Thinking about keeping a stache and keeping a stache can be quite different. Why? What is so challenging about some petty whiskers? Just have to grow them, and we are done. No brother, that is probably the easiest part, the difficult part begins after growing them. Keeping in mind the face shape, not all staches will fit all faces. Also, once you have grown it, you have to maintain and groom it.

Ayushmann Khurrana sporting a moustache

Overwhelmed? Then you have come to the right place. We have created a comprehensive guide of the most popular mustaches and the steps to find the one that perfectly complements your style and face type. Once you have mastered the basic tricks to pull it off, you will have a style that will suit you for life. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best mustache styles, suited for your taste and face shape.

Face Shape & How to Determine Yours?

Knowing your face shape is a very important step to begin with. This will not only help you with stache, but also with getting the haircut, beard, spectacle, sunglasses, and so much more. Normally there are 7 primary face types, round, square, oval, triangular, heart, oblong, and diamond. As we have said earlier, not all staches will complement all faces. So, to know what mustache will suit you better or which face type you are, watch this YouTube Video on “How to find your face type?”

Face Shapes


Facial Features

Even though you have made no mistake in selecting the right stache according to your face shape, the desired look can still be a far cry because your facial features might not complement your mustache. This can be a disadvantage as well as an advantage depending on how you implement it. For instance, some men with thinner lips may choose a bold and full mustache style to balance that out. Others might use a mustache with sharp edges to balance their softer features. Focus on choosing a style that brings out your best features instead of highlighting your less appealing ones. We Indians might not be blessed with the best of genes but the art of ‘juggad’ is not unknown to us.

Facial Features

Understanding the Maintenance

If you are determined to keep a mustache, then be prepared to maintain it. We honestly suggest you if you are not willing to maintain it, then don’t keep it at all. In general, mustaches require a little more care than the average beard as they need to be kept tidy to keep their shape. You want to ensure you know the time each style takes to maintain and groom before committing.

Moustache Kit

Maintenance Tips

  1. Investing in quality beard balm, oil, and wax.

  2. Separate brush or comb for beard.

  3. Commit to trimming and training your mustache into shape regularly.

Just letting you know all the hassles that come with your whiskers so that you know what you are committing to and what to expect.

Notice Your Hair Growth

Once you have committed to growing facial hair, keep an eye on it. Is it thick and dense or thin and patchy? This will set the limits for your mustache style. Some styles work better for denser, curlier hair types, while others pair well with thinner, straighter strands. Also Notice the growth rate, and how fast it grows. This will give you an idea of your trimming intervals. Although we say trim it regularly for the best results but you and we both know, you are not going to follow it.

Facial Hair Growth

Much like growing a beard, a mustache requires patience and discipline. It will take a while for facial hair to grow nice and bushy so you can shape them. Some men find it easier to grow a full beard and then trim their way to their favorite stache style, whatever suits you. Once you have about an inch of growth, you are ready to transition from beard to mustache style. Hope that’s enough of a disclaimer, now, let’s get down to business with each face shape.

  1. Oval Shape

With a rounded shape at the top and bottom and a longer face with little jaw definition, the oval is one of the most versatile face shapes. Oval faces are proportionally balanced, so guys with this face shape can experiment with almost any mustache style. Most men look best in a more understated style like a simple handlebar, pencil, or small pyramid style as extravagant and large styles can throw off the already even proportions of this face shape.

Oval Shape

If the hair on your upper lip is coarse, you can choose any mustache style for your face shape. But, if it grows in a patchy manner, you can give a pencil mustache a shot, as it's not very thick but will require some maintenance to keep the lines clean. But as you have one of the most gifted faces, try all the styles and see what suits best for you.

2. Square Shape

Square faces generally have wide hairlines and angular jaw, dimensions are as long as it is wide, and the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are the same width. When choosing a mustache style for a square face, ensure the defined angular jawline is highlighted. With this in mind, there are just a few moustache styles that won't suit you but most of them, for example, a classic chevron or a Selleck moustache will go with your face shape.

Square face

Avoid big bushy styles that cover your sharp features and make your face look wider. You can rock a thick, extravagant mustache and still emphasize the masculine traits of your face. However, smaller mustaches can sometimes not fill out the upper lip area, creating the illusion the mustache is floating. Hence it is better to avoid them.

3. Round Face

Round faces are short with soft features, the widest part is the cheekbones, forehead, and jawline are similar widths. Stick to small angular mustache styles with sharply defined edges to complement the rounder features of this face type. Narrow styles like pencils can help create height between the nostrils and upper lip, lengthening the face. Horseshoe also goes well with this face.

Round Face

If you wish to play safe, you can opt for a beardstache as well. Try and avoid anything that's bushy around the lips and go for a style that goes a bit lower towards your mouth. This way your strongest facial features will be accentuated with the moustache style.

4. Triangular Face

The jawline is the most noticeable feature of a triangular face. It measures broader than cheekbones, narrow brow line, the jawline is the widest part. This face shape does best with a style that adds width to the narrow jawline and helps fill out the small pointy chin. Simple mustache styles look best with this face shape. Softer, small mustache shapes help contrast the sharp jawline, while large mustaches can widen the appearance of the cheeks offsetting the narrow jawline. Avoid thin styles like the pencil mustaches that make a triangle-shaped face seem larger and disproportionate. Pyramids and handlebars are your best options to go for.

Triangular Face Shape

5. Diamond Face

The diamond face comes with a pointy chin, cheekbones that are the widest part of this face shape, a narrow forehead, and a jawline. This face type benefits from having some facial hair. This face shape benefits from a narrow, bushy mustache that offsets the cheek without adding too much width. Softer styles like a handlebar or thicker pencil can soften the sharp features of this face. you need a moustache that's minimal as well as understated, for example, a pencil moustache with stubble This moustache style is simple and doesn't put much emphasis on the jawline. Wide bushy styles like the walrus will make a face unproportionate and draw attention to the pointy chin.

Diamond Face Shape

For more ideas about mustache for your face shape and maintenance tips watch the below video

Now that you have learned how to identify it, go ahead and get the best mustache style for yourself. Just like growing out your hair or beard, growing out your mustache is also a manly journey to embark on and embrace it. It is simply amazing how these little journeys teach us the essence of patience and discipline besides giving us a new look. For more such interesting information subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Join our WhatsApp community to be part of one of the largest grooming communities in India for men.

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