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The Ultimate Guide For Men’s Socks

Socks are the most effortless and subtle accessory that makes you look cool and aesthetic without much effort. A good pair of socks can both uplift and enhance your looks and compliment your outfit. Socks are a boon in disguise for all the men who do not like to wear a lot of accessories. Get inspired by celebrities and businessmen as they show their creative minds with a staple suit and funky colourful socks. Did you know, just wearing a sock that matches your trousers or shoes can make you look taller?

Men wearing socks

Life is too short to wear simple white socks every day. Do you know what kind of socks goes with which kind of shoes? Which sock suits a particular occasion? Which fabric best suits your skin? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then let us find them together in this article. A. TYPE OF SOCKS TO CHOOSE FROM

What socks to wear purely depends on what shoes you choose, what outfit you are wearing and what your comfort level is. Having a set of all types of socks and owning a few more pieces that you use regularly is a sign of a smart gentleman. Let us know in the comment section how many pairs do you own (P.S: the ones without holes :-P)

1. No-show/Loafer Socks

No-show or loafers socks for men

The name says it all. These socks don’t show themselves outside your shoe when you wear them. These recent trends go best when you gear up your casual look with loafers or sneakers and want to show your ankle. These are not very popular with formal outfits but again, you are free to experiment. Make sure you get the ones with extra support or silicones as they are very tricky to stay in place while removing and wearing the shoes.

Loafer Socks for Men

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2. Ankle & Quarter length Socks

Ankle Socks

Generally associated with sports activities, ankle-length and quarter-length socks look quite good. Hit the gym, or perform any sports activity, they have got your back. Wearing these with casual looks along with sneakers or loafers will make you look silly. Also, during formal outfits, if suddenly your leg shows up, it is a major turn off. This is the most used type of socks as they are not too long or short. It’s perfect with casual shoes or sneakers. This is style is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe.

Ankle Length Socks

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3. Crew Length Socks & Over the Calf Socks

Crew Length or Calf Length Socks

If we talk about socks, these are the socks that come to mind. Crew Length sock ends just below your calf muscle while over the calf socks completely covers your calf muscles and ends just below your knee. Majorly these socks go with formal, semi-formal, and semi-casual looks. If you don’t want to play football, don’t experiment with casual looks like shorts and sneakers. These are not in trend nowadays as well as not very sweat-friendly. If you still want to choose them then you are either style savvy or old-school in nature.

Calf Length Socks

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There are some basic rules to every accessory or outfit you wear to look your absolute best. Let us know the basic rules you need to know to rock those socks:

1. The most basic rule is to match the colour of your socks to the colour of your pants or shoes. Unless, you want to use it as an accessory, wear it with confidence.

2. Choose socks according to the season. Don’t go with no-show socks in winter and quarter length in summer. This will obviously make you uncomfortable.

3. Wear your socks according to needs. Don’t pull the no-show socks to the ankle and don’t roll up over the calf socks to crew sock length. Each sock serves a different purpose. Don’t cover the holes by folding them.

4. White socks are a big turn off unless you are wearing them for workout sessions.

5. Break rule no.1, you can safe-experiment with different shades and prints but keep in mind not to make them too much contrasting. Also, don’t break rule 1 if your height is short, as it breaks the consistency and makes your short legs noticeable.

6. If you are going bold with colour pops sock, then keep in mind to keep your outfit plain to let your socks do the talking. Contrast on contrast doesn’t go well.

7. Have a lint roller handy so that it can control the lint and does not make your sock seem too old.

Men wearing matching blue socks


The fabrics make a huge difference to what we wear. They all are knitted and you might not notice the difference just by seeing or feeling it. Of course, they make it in such a way that it should look soft. The trick is to get you to buy them. You should know about fabrics as that is the factor that decides how comfortable it feels. It shouldn’t be itchy, it should have good sweat absorption and maybe take less time for the small hole near the toe to get big. From the least popular to the most expensive fabric we have all sorted it according to your budget:

1. Cotton Socks

Cotton socks are the go-to when you say socks in general. They are easily available, retain heat, are soft, and stretches easily. Pima cotton can be really high-quality stuff from this fabric segment, but when it comes to socks, cotton is not really the best option. 2. Woolen Socks

Woolen socks held the upper edge than cotton socks. They are wrinkle-resistant, stretchy, durable, absorb moisture and odour. When comes to socks, wool is your friendly fabric. 3. Bamboo Rayon Socks

Bamboo rayon socks or popularly referred to as bamboo socks are made from chemical processing bamboo plants. These fibres are breathable, silky, and antimicrobial. These are also quite a popular option when it comes to sock and the best part is, it is sustainable. 4. Modal Socks

Modal socks are quite popular nowadays. The fabric is stable, strong, soft and yet durable. This is quite the element for socks. It is indeed one of the expensive and luxury fabrics to choose from.

5. Cashmere Socks

Talk about the elegance and beauty of fabric, cashmere is the top choice in luxury socks. This premium fabric is super lightweight, soft, insulating and quite expensive. These will keep your feet happy forever.

Men wearing printed kasmere socks

And you thought they all feel alike! Maintain the durability of socks by washing them regularly (it’s good for the sock as well as for people around you) Choose from any of the following materials but one piece of warning would be to try to avoid polyester socks. They are not at all good for your feet. Here you have an ultimate sock guide, utilize it for your best. Wear any type you like, wear any fabric you like, experiment the way you want but always remember to wear with confidence.

Men wearing black socks

“Whether we're talking about stocks or socks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down”~ Warren Buffet

Now that you know which socks to choose, allow our style experts to help you choose the correct outfit so that you can rock those socks to shock everyone.

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