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An Ultimate Guide To Men’s Intimate Hygiene

During the last few years, grooming products have claimed about 46% of the Indian Markets which shows how men are slowly getting accustomed to grooming which they once levelled as, ‘Kya Ladkiyon Ki Tarah Makeup Kar Raha Hai.’ However, the community of men is still getting used to the term ‘intimate hygiene and grooming’.

Man covering his intimate part

Intimate Hygiene for men has always been an unexplored arena, however now with various companies coming up with interesting products which help men to understand more about it. Just by using condoms while being intimate is not what hygiene is about, there is more to this. So, let’s talk about this and a few tips that will help you groom your intimate areas.

1. Cleaning Your Shaft

If you are just cleaning your shaft from the outside and think that you are rocking your intimate hygiene then you have got the wrong idea. When you masturbate or pee, the left-overs of your pee, sperms, or seminal fluids remain inside the skinny covering of your penis which is the main reason for the bacterial attacks and foul smell. This might hinder your intimate moments with your partner as well. Due to this hindrance, your mood will be 'Mogambo Khush Nahi Hua'.

Penis Not getting cleaned regularly

While showering hold your shaft and fold back the foreskin of your penis and apply the foam of the intimate wash that you prefer with your thumb thoroughly and then rinse off with water. It is advisable not to use soap or Dettol as their PH is comparatively higher than intimate washes.

Man Matters Intimate Wash for Men

Man Matters Intimate Wash - Buy Now 2. Your Butt Crack

As funny as it may sound, the majority of men do not clean their butt hole properly during the shower. Cleaning it once after you are done pooping is not enough and also major problems appear during winter when temperature drops and people use tissues instead of water. The left-over faeces invite several bacteria and viruses to a grand feast and you often find your butt itchy all through the day. Bacteria will be like 'Ab Tera Kya Hoga Kaalia?'.

Men having itchiness in buttcrack

Clean your butt hole with lukewarm water and a few drops of Dettol, intimate wash or the soap you use. Also clean it properly after using soap or intimate wash as left-over soap foam may cause rash or itchiness. You wouldn’t like to scratch your butt probably during your meeting with your boss right? It’s ok to hesitate to try things that you have never done before, this will be a step towards loving yourself better.

Intitmate Wash by Skin Elements for men

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3. Trim it Down, Clean it up

If all you see during the shower is a dense bush of hairs, how will you know if it is being properly cleaned or not? Trim down a bit of that pubic hair so that your private areas get the freshness they deserve. Also, the pubic hairs accumulate dirt and sweat which causes itching and contributes to a foul smell. On a lighter note, even your pubic hair due to itchiness might be yelling at you 'Itna Kaise Seh Lete Ho? Humse Toh Naa Ho Paayega'.

Men Trimming his body hair

We recommend you use a full body trimmer and clean up as much as you can. Try to avoid shaving as the skin down there is pretty sensitive and you probably won’t like a cut down there. While trimming your balls, grip them properly and then trim as trimming them while they are hanging will be difficult and you may cut your loose skin. If you are too afraid of trimmers down there, you can use thin scissors too.

Philips Body Trimmer for Men

Thin Scissors

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Philips Body Trimmer - Buy Now 4. Moisturizing After Trimming

What major people do is after they trim, they just let it be. This is not right. After trimming wash your genitals with cold water so that the pores are all closed. Take a towel and dry your genitals. After drying apply aloe vera gel which is a brilliant moisturizer and if you have mistakenly cut your skin while trimming, aloe vera gel forms a protective layer over it and prevents it from bacterial attacks. Bacteria telling you politely 'Humse Bachna Hai Toh Aloe Vera Laga Lo'.

Men moisturizing after trimming pubic hair

Also, it is not possible to always clean up your intimate areas with water and moisturize it again whenever you sweat, especially after a tiring day at work. To deal with this problem, you might use intimate wipes during the night before sleeping to give a touch of refreshment to your intimate area.

PeeSafe Intimate Wipes for Men

Wow Aloe Vera Gel

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5. Swapping Towels and Underwears

Swap the towel you use at least once a week otherwise the foul smell of the towel will be your body odour. Also, all the dirt and bacteria that have accumulated on your towel will come back to your body and private parts. In cases of underwear, swap them every day. Wearing the same underwear covered in sweat and dirt is not only gross but also very much unhygienic. People near you would be wondering 'Itni Badboo Mujhe Aaj Tak Nahi Mehsoos Hui'.

Men Showing his underwear

Unless you follow this step, no matter how tough is your intimate care routine, your privates will always itch and emit a foul smell. Also, remember not to wear underwear just coming out of the shower. Dry it completely, and then wear; and if you sweat profusely, then try to buy cotton ones as they are good with sweat control.

Jockey Boxer Briefs for Men

Bath Towels for Men

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Being an ‘Asli Mard!’ is not just by wearing clothes or giving off the macho- vibes, you should take care of your overall hygiene and grooming too. Here, are a few insights on how you should be taking care of your intimate areas.

Though grooming for men is on the go, the community is still miles away from intimate hygiene. It is either they are too shy to talk about it or they couldn’t care less what’s below the belt and if not taken seriously, rashes, infections and other genital diseases would be a common phenomenon. Take care of your intimate area and rock your intimate moments. Not sure where to start your journey. Connect with us to get a personalized hygiene regime.

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