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6 Reasons To Choose Manscaping

Ever heard of the term? Okay, let’s break stuff down. It is a humorous term that blends the word man and landscaping. In short, removal or trimming the body hair down for a better and groomed body. Wait a minute, that is illegal in the world of men, these hair are our pride. Well, the Anil Kapoor era is gone. Even that man himself has trimmed the hair down with his age.

Manscaping of Indian Men

Stop being a stereotype and accept the present. Manscaping is simply getting cleaned up, that’s all. Still not convinced? Maybe these 6 facts can help you convince yourself.

1. Impressive Looks:

Whether you go to the gym or not, whether you have abs or not, a manscaped body will always look more defined and toned. Science says, not only a manscaped body will make you look tidier but also make you look larger. All these will boost your confidence by leaps and bounds.

Man checking in mirror for manscaping

2. Hygienic for You:

Hair is always collecting all kinds of molecules. To name a few of the common ones are, sweat, dead skin cells, dirt, urine and so on. Since the majority of the men don’t groom themselves properly these can turn into the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. Keeping the body clean means there is no holding ground for these invisible enemies.

Body Trimmer for Men

3. Confidence Booster:

It is simple Psychology, men who take pride in their appearance are successful both in their personal and professional lives. Manscaping will make you sharper and slicker which will make you look good and feel good too. Get rid of those extra hairs and see how much your life changes on a serious note.

Confident Mahesh Babu

4. Less Hair, Less Sweat:

Sweating is a natural phenomenon that cools your body down. With less or no hair, your body will be able to regulate body temperature better than before. This means, your body need not sweat more to cool itself down during the summers. Less hair also means less sebum as sebum is generally produced for the nourishment of hairs.

Hrithik Roshan in War

5. Odour-free body:

This is technically related to sweating. Less the sweating, less is the body odour. As hair reduces the effectiveness of antiperspirant, it scores a clean sheet in the smell department. After all, it is a dream of every man to have an odourless body. That is why we spend money on deodorants.

Indian men Odour free after manscaping

6. Improves Your Sex Life:

Your girl may say that she prefers the natural you but stats say that men who manscape daily tend to have a better sex life than others. In fact, a well-groomed body may give your sex life a new level of intimacy as there is no barrier between two souls in fire. Being a manscaping means you take your partner’s and your health hygiene very seriously.

Couple having a wonderful Sex life

Convinced with the reasons and think it is beneficial for you? Check out few products to start with your manscaping journey.

  1. Veet Men Hair Removal Cream

Veet  Men Hair Removal Cream

2. Philips Body Trimmer

Philips Body Trimmer

3. LetsShave Full Body Trimmer

LetsShave Full Body Trimmer

Whether it’s for hygiene reasons or confidence or your sex life, there are many benefits of manscaping. The experience overall makes you feel majestic, confident, younger and cleaner. Try it out and see the results yourself. Ready to get started? Flaunt your toned and crisp body with our wardrobe collection. Not sure what to wear. Don’t worry, our stylist team is always at your service. We are just one appointment away from you.

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