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Men's Shacket 101: A Complete Guide To Buying & Styling In 2024

With this summer season going on where it is too hot across India, The Indian summer can be brutal, leaving men confused about what to throw on. One minute it's scorching, the next you need a light layer. This year, ditch the wardrobe woes! Shackets are your perfect ally, and this blog will be your guide to rocking them through the summer and into the monsoon or for your summer break into a hill station. ‘Ayein?’ What is that? The clue is in the name, it’s an item of clothing that has the design aesthetic of a shirt, coupled with the warmth of a light jacket. It bridges that gap perfectly between seasons. In warmer weather, it can be worn as a jacket, and in winter it's light enough to fit under a coat. Well, then let’s dive a bit further so that you stop scratching your head.

Virat Kohli in a Shacket

What are Shackets?

Men’s shackets are also known as shirt jackets and overshirts. As we have said earlier, this style is a mash-up of your favourite button-down shirt and jacket. A shacket transcends the seasons since it’s versatile enough to wear layered in the winter or as a lightweight covering in the summertime. Think of men’s shackets as thicker versions of the essential button-down. When Mother Nature turns down the temperatures, cover up with a shacket.

Different Types of Shackets

The Basics

Excited to add shackets to your closet? As you browse the internet for the perfect shirt jacket, keep a few things top of mind:

- The style of shacket you decide on depends on the weather. Milder weather calls for an overshirt engineered with lightweight fabrics like canvas or cotton. If it’s cold year-round, seek out men’s shackets in fleece or lined with sherpa to keep off the chill. Flannel or wool shirt jackets add a timeless, textured component to your cold-weather attire.

- If you lean toward jeans and tees as your everyday look, opt for a shacket with a casual feel. Flannel offers a laid-back aesthetic and is ideal for layering over solid T-shirts and hoodies.

- Structured cotton overshirts translate into a polished and elevated finish that looks great over a button-down.

- Activewear takes you from the sofa to the street with ease. Don’t forget a performance fleece shacket to add a modern impression to your men’s jogger sets.

- A looser fit allows you to wear your shirt jacket over thicker hoodies in cold weather. When the sun starts shining, throw your shacket over a graphic tee or short-sleeve button-down. You’ll get year-round usage in a slightly oversized overshirt.

- Look for a reversible shacket that offers two different style options to maximize its versatility.


How to Style Men’s Shackets?

If you have a decent idea about layering, you will do fine with your shackets, but if you struggle with layering, then also don’t worry we got your back and after these combinations, you will be a master of shacket combinations:

1. Plaid Flannels

Flannel cotton or wool both have a beautiful textural handle, with a soft fuzzy nap that seems to bring out the best in plaid patterns, softening the edges of the lines. But understanding flannels can be a bit difficult for beginners, so let’s solve the hardest problems first. Flannels come in different colours. To play safe you can go for neutral tones like beige or grey. Beige flannels give you a nostalgic workwear vibe. Complement the shacket with dark pants and you are all good. While the grey flannels will give you a casual streetwear look. It is bold but keeps the outfit monochromatic with the help of the black hoodie and white sweatpants. It’s a really simple and versatile look that anyone can pull off.


But if being simple is not your style you can go for blue plaid. It’s a statement piece for sure and could be layered over just about anything, but pair it with a navy hoodie and cropped beige pants for a contemporary streetwear aesthetic. For an outdoorsy vibe, opt for big bold checks and seek out an overshirt made from flannel cotton or wool. This version riffs off the traditional lumberjack shacket, looking an instant touch of rugged workwear. Layered over a tonal green tee is a nice detail, while the navy blue pants complement the tones in the check. It goes to show that just two or three colours are all you need to create a compelling look.

Try This Shacket

John Player Shacket


2. Black & White Shackets

Neutral tones like black are one of the safest options to go for. Throw your black shacket over some light colour or stripes and pair it with white beige or brown chinos or you can ditch everything and go for an all-black outfit by pairing a black turtleneck with a black shacket. Sophisticated and chic, the boxy overshirt adds breadth and tone to the look and is nicely complemented by the dark slip-on.


Pair a navy tee with navy trousers and break the monotone magically with white. Pick up any sober light-tone tee and pair it with white chinos and a white shacket, You can see we are breaking the monotone again but this time with the tee. Whoever said breaking can cause only pain and suffering, show them your innovative shacket look and all the seasons of Breaking Bad!

Have These Classic In Your Wardrobe

Snitch White Shacket


3. Shades of Blue

Blue is one of the most versatile and rewarding colours if pulled off right. Channel the safari look with a navy blue shacket over a playful orange tee and complement it with beige or white shorts. With a shacket designed like a field jacket, the breast pockets add some extra visual interest to your look, and also give you a handy place to store your sunglasses after the sun goes down. Powder blue textured shackets layered over a white tee and paired with black trousers can add depth and texture to your overall outfit. For a posher look, you can pair a neutral-tone tee with a navy shacket and tapered chinos with desert boots.

Give This A Try

Andamen Blue Shacket


4. Shades of Green

Green might not be so popular among men, but this colour has its charm. Plus, there is an arsenal of shades that green offers to choose from. For a rugged look, put on your olive green shacket with distressed cotton fabric akin to a trucker jacket, and pair it with a black tee and navy denim or black trousers. Put on your combat boots to bring out the ultimate swagger in you. Olive greens are handy when you want to slay a predominantly black look but want to add a bit of spark to break the monotone. For a casual look put on your teal shacket paired with a white tee and grey denim or chinos and put on your canvas for a playful look. But why stop here? Try some complex combinations with your navy tee and cream or beige chinos and put on your khaki-green shacket paired with Chelsea boots. My man, you are now not only green but a green flag for any woman out there.

Add This To Your Wardrobe

Green Shacket For Men


5. Beige, Cream & Brown

Get ready to drape into some earthly tones. Starting with a powder blue shirt or white see-on navy trousers paired with a beige shacket. Assemble the look with desert boots or blue sneakers as you like to break the look into formal or casual. You can go all white with a white turtleneck and white trousers layer with a beige shacket and complement the look with beige loafers.


Get an off-duty casual look with navy trousers and, a navy tee paired with a cream shacket. Pair with white sneakers. The simple yet vibrant look of just two colours makes it minimalistic yet aesthetic. Brown can be a defining colour for a shacket when you pair it with a grey tee and olive chinos. Pair with brown boots to complete the autumnal look.

Try These

H&M Beige Shacket
Jack & Jones Brown Shacket

Now you are all set to add some shackets to your collection. Not to mention the magical combinations we have offered you and the new combinations you will be able to crack yourself after reading this blog. Explore short-sleeve knits and button-downs in madras plaids, quirky-conversational prints, tie-dye effects, simple stripes, or whatever you like if you are confident to carry it. Stock up on shackets as much as you can as they are all-weather outfits, irrespective of the weather you can pull off a shacket whenever you like.

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