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10 Must-Have Men's Trimmers For Summer 2024

Men and their barber have a love story better than the entire Twilight series. That person sets your hair and beard game just to the point where you exude confidence and unlock the ultimate potential of your passed-down genes. But this love story can be sometimes heavy on the pocket, especially if your hair grows out a bit too fast. And with the summer coming on, it is time for your summer physique to rise and shine not with hair of course. Considering all the problems you have not considered yet, it is the right time to invest in a trimmer. ‘But there are so many trimmers out there, how will I even get the best?’, rest easy bro, we have done the homework on your part and would love to present you the 10 best trimmers for you to buy:

Beard Trimmer Intro

How to Buy the Best Trimmer for You?

What best suits your need might not suit others and vice versa, hence the question is quite subjective, but there is a list of basics that you need to find in your trimmer.

- Look for a trimmer with durable, sharp blades that offer precision.

- A long-lasting battery ensures convenience for regular use. Particularly if your grooming sessions are long, you might want to consider a trimmer that can work with and off the cord.

- A good trimmer should handle various grooming needs, from beard shaping to body grooming.

- Waterproof design is on the higher end of the budget but make sure your trimmer must be immune from minor splashes.

- Look for multiple attachments if you want your beard game always on point.

- Ease of cleaning is an important factor to consider. You don’t want a grooming session of your trimmer followed by your grooming session.


1. MENHOOD Grooming Trimmer 2.0

MENHOOD have always defined new horizons when it comes to men’s grooming, and with their battery Powered Waterproof Cordless Grooming Trimmer 2.0 is no different. Boasting a 4000k LED Spotlight and Power Status Display, it ensures precision even in low-light conditions. With wireless charging support and a sensitive skin-friendly design, it caters to diverse needs. Its exceptional 150-minute runtime ensures prolonged usage, while its waterproof nature adds convenience, so don’t worry about water splashes. This trimmer combines advanced technology with long-lasting performance, offering an efficient and reliable grooming experience for men seeking precision and adaptability in their grooming routine.

Menhood Grooming Trimmer

2. Zlade Ballistic TURBO 3.0 Manscaping Body Trimmer

The Zlade Ballistic TURBO 3.0 body trimmer is a versatile grooming essential that every man should own. Tailored for all body grooming, you name it they have it, be it private part shaving and beard or pubic hair grooming. It offers a waterproof and cordless build, ensuring flexibility and ease of use. With its wireless fast charging capability and travel lock feature, it guarantees convenience and portability. The inclusion of a 1.5mm Sensitive Comb ensures meticulous grooming, promising zero nicks or cuts. This trimmer embodies innovation, offering specialized features for sensitive grooming needs, making it an ideal choice for those seeking meticulous and safe grooming experiences.

Zlade Ballistic Grooming Trimmer


3. Philips Multi Grooming Kit

Philips is a known name in the electrical industry and with their trimmers, it is no different. The Philips Multi Grooming Kit, a versatile 9-in-1 grooming solution, offers comprehensive grooming from face to body. This all-in-one trimmer provides various attachments for diverse grooming requirements, accommodating facial, head, and body grooming. Featuring self-sharpening stainless-steel blades, it promises durability and precision without the need for oil. With an impressive 60-minute runtime, it caters to prolonged grooming needs especially parts where you need your time. Its maintenance-free design simplifies upkeep, and easy to glide over your skin with a solid grip while the enduring blades promise longevity. Philips delivers a multifunctional grooming kit that merges durability, efficiency, and versatility, making it a reliable choice for men seeking a comprehensive grooming solution.

Philips Multi Grooming Kit


4. MI Beard Trimmer

The MI Beard Trimmer for men offers a versatile and comfortable grooming experience. With a full-body waterproof rating of IPX7, it ensures convenience in various grooming environments. Its impressive 90-minute runtime, coupled with fast charging, ensures uninterrupted grooming sessions. Featuring 40-length settings, it provides precise grooming options. The dual-use functionality, allowing both cordless and corded operation, adds flexibility. Equipped with a charging indicator and travel lock, this trimmer ensures ease of use and portability. In sleek black, MI's trimmer embodies functionality and adaptability, catering to diverse grooming needs while maintaining user-friendly design and efficiency.

MI Beard Trimmer


5. Bombay Shaving Company Trimmer

The Bombay Shaving Company Trimmer for Men is a grooming marvel offering convenience and performance. With 2X fast charging capabilities and an 80-minute runtime, it ensures prolonged and efficient grooming sessions. This multifunctional device serves as both a hair trimmer and a shaving machine, catering to diverse grooming needs. Its cordless design and 38-length settings provide precise beard grooming options. The inclusion of a flash USB cable ensures rapid charging. Backed by a 2-year warranty and presented in sleek black, Bombay Shaving Co's trimmer embodies reliability and versatility, making it an ideal grooming companion for men seeking efficiency and style.

Bombay Shaving Company Trimmer


6. Vega SmartOne S3 Beard Trimmer

The Vega SmartOne S3 Beard Trimmer for Men redefines grooming with an exceptional 160-minute runtime, ensuring prolonged and uninterrupted grooming sessions. Featuring IPX7 waterproofing, it promises convenience and reliability in various grooming environments. With 40-length settings, it offers precise grooming options for diverse styles. Presented in an awestruck and ergonomic design adds aesthetic value. This model embodies versatility, combining extensive runtime, waterproofing, and a multitude of length settings, making it a top choice for men seeking an efficient and adaptable grooming companion.

Vega S3 Grooming Trimmer

7. BEARDO Ninja-X Vacuum Trimmer

The BEARDO Ninja-X Vacuum Trimmer revolutionizes grooming with its 2-in-1 functionality, blending beard trimming and cleaning. Incorporating a unique vacuum suction mode ensures a mess-free grooming experience. Featuring ceramic blades for precision, an LED display for ease of use, and three-limit combs for varied grooming styles, it caters to diverse needs. This innovative trimmer promises meticulous grooming without the hassle of stray hairs, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an efficient and tidy grooming solution that combines functionality with convenience and ease of use.

Beardo Ninja Trimmer


8. VGR Professional Beard Trimmer Kit

The VGR Professional Battery Powered Rechargeable Cordless Beard Hair Trimmer Kit is a versatile grooming essential suitable for men, families, or even pets. Powered by a rechargeable battery, this cordless trimmer offers convenience and portability. Accompanied by guide combs and a brush, it ensures precise grooming for varied needs. The inclusion of a USB cord facilitates easy charging. Presented in a vibrant multicolor design, this trimmer embodies versatility, catering to diverse grooming needs for men, family members, or even pet grooming, offering an efficient and adaptable solution in a single kit.

VGR Professional Beard Trimmer

9. Philips Multi Grooming Kit

The Philips Multi Grooming kit, a 13-in-1 versatile grooming solution, caters to face, head, and body grooming needs. Utilizing Power Adapt technology, ensures precise trimming, offering versatility for various styles. With an impressive 120-minute runtime and quick charge functionality, it ensures extended grooming sessions without interruption. This all-in-one trimmer for men presents a comprehensive grooming experience, accommodating multiple grooming requirements in a single device. The inclusion of various attachments, coupled with the extended runtime, positions it as a reliable and adaptable grooming tool, promising efficiency, and convenience for diverse grooming needs.

Philips 13 in 1 Mutli Grooming Kit


10. Morphy Richards Kingsman Pro 12-in-1 Body Groomer

The Morphy Richards Kingsman Pro 12-in-1 Body Groomer redefines grooming with a comprehensive multi-grooming kit. It comes with fast USB charging, ensuring minimal downtime. Featuring a versatile kit with 5 face, nose, and ear hair blades, 7 beard combs, and provisions for private part shaving, it caters to diverse grooming needs. Backed by a 2-year warranty, the Kingsman Pro, presented in sleek black, ensures reliability and durability. This grooming powerhouse by Morphy Richards is an ideal choice, combining multiple functionalities, long-lasting performance, and warranty assurance for a complete grooming experience.

Morphy Richards Kingsman Pro 12-in-1 Body Groomer


This concludes the list of our top 10 recommendations that you can go for according to your needs. From the ease of manoeuvring to top-notch precision, we have covered every need that you have. Go through the list, pick up your trimmer, and let’s make the summer a little more hygienic and comfortable. Want to know more about grooming tips then watch the below video.

In case you don’t like our recommendations and love to carve out your path, we have already added a mini guide for selecting the best trimmer as per your need. For more such interesting information subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Join our WhatsApp group to be part of one of the largest grooming communities.   

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