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The Ultimate Guide to Men's Piercings - Styles, Tips, and Safety

Updated: Mar 29

Proper style and elegance pierce even the strongest of peers. Gone are the days when piercing was a girly thing to do, modern men have actively stepped up the game of piercing to new heights. And if you are new to the world of piercings, and want one, this is probably the best guide that you can get your hands on. Coming straight to the point, piercing is not a DIY project that you will find on YouTube. Anything that is associated with your body with a sterilized needle, needs a professional pair of hands with a certain level of expertise. So, what is this guide for? This guide will provide you with various ideas of how a man can be pierced and some groundwork for the areas of your body that you can experiment with. So without further due, let’s dive into it.

Body Piercing For Men

A small disclaimer to those who are new to the world of piercing

A. Expect What You Pay

If you are stingy and are looking for a budget piercer, forget the idea of piercing at all or get ready to pay a ton to doctors or surgeons after your piercing. Isn’t it clear like daylight that if you are getting a piercing at a cheap price, they are cutting corners somewhere, and most likely those are the corners of your safety, quality of jewelry, and hygiene? Don’t fall for these discount psychologies, where your health is at stake. Always opt for quality service and check for reviews before going.

Man getting ear pierced

B. Metal Matters

Always remember titanium is gold when it comes to piercing. It is the purest metal you can put in your body. It is hypoallergenic, and only in very rare cases do people react to it. In case you are cutting on the budget of jewelry, know this, low-cost jewelry is made from mystery metals which people can have reactions to, often the polish is not up to par and tiny scratches and pores in the metal can irritate the inside of a piercing or can harbor bacteria. Always ask your piercer if they use internally threaded jewelry, and what grade of metal they use—watch for titanium, gold, or high-polish steel.

Ear Studs

C. Sterile Needles Over Piercing Guns

Although you have seen all over YouTube or Facebook that a piercing gun saves all the pain and is much easier to deal with. Klik! And your piercing is done. But that might not seem the case. A piercing gun cannot be properly sterilized, and they use a blunt stud to create a hole. Experts say that this is more painful than the needle. The needle on the other hand is far more accurate for the task and can be sterilized. With the sharp edge, the needle creates a precise and perfect puncture wound your implant needs. Not to mention the more precise and smaller the wound, the safer and easier the healing.

Piercing Needles

D. Check the Sterilization Logs

You can assess yourself if the piercer and his instruments are hygienic or not. All instruments must be from stainless steel. If you see rust, that is a red flag. You should always ask the piercer to sterilize the instruments in front of you. If anything is not in a sterilized format, as in packaged or sterilized not in front of you, that is again a red flag. The piercer must use gloves during the entire process and should change them immediately or sterilize them if they touch anything else than you, the instrument, and the jewelry in the room. Many piercers nowadays use steam as a sterilizer, and it is a very effective one. Try to find one with it.

Sterilization Gloves

Now, let’s see the different types of piercing you can try as per your preference

`1. Ear Piercing

Beginning with the most common and basic one, we have ear lobe piercing. Either one or both is a choice we leave to you. But for those wondering, if I have to pierce only one side which side do I choose? Always choose the side of the face that looks good and photogenic or the side that you sleep on less. The jewelry options for earlobes are endless. You can experiment with rings, cross dangles and chains, Huggies, or black plugs. Going for something more advanced, you can try piercing the helix, located on the cartilage at the top of your ear. Black or Titanium rings are top choices for helix. Tragus piercing is another option that you can try if helix or earlobes are too mainstream for you. It is the small flap near the cheek that keeps your earphones from falling out. A small crystal stud or a black ball labret makes it look cool.

Ear Piercing

2. Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow piercings are a great style statement for men. Generally, rings are the best options to try for eyebrow piercing, but you can also go for ball labrets. Although it is one of the coolest piercings, keep in mind, that eyebrows are one of the slowest-healing piercings. The reason is that they are surface piercings and can easily react to dirt, sweat, and so forth. To prevent infection and for quick healing, follow a proper aftercare routine as instructed by the piercer.

Eyebrow Piercing

3. Nose Piercing

Nose piercings might seem like an unknown terrain to walk on. The nose might feel sensitive to some as they feel that the piercing will obstruct the air out of the nostrils while some assume that this piercing drives right through the hard piece of tissue at the base of the nostrils. But both of these are not true. According to piercing experts, there is a ‘sweet spot’ (gap) in the nose, between the tip and septum cartilage. Nose piercings heal fairly quickly but only the right ones. Piercing through the cartilage can take much longer to heal and also they don’t fit a person’s face aesthetically. A pro piercer knows exactly where the spot is, and makes the process painless and quick. A flat back stud is a preferable option as it is more secure than a regular nose stud, or a nose ring.

Nose Piercing

4. Lip Piercing

Lips can be pierced at any spot, at the sides, down the middle, along the top and bottom. Just like tongue they also need an oral aftercare. With an alcohol-free mouthwash rinse internally. Apply piercing aftercare 2-3 times daily and remove any of the sebaceous crusty material that may collect around the piercing. Although you can expect some tooth and gum damage, and expect a lot of swelling at first.

Lip Piercing

5. Tongue Piercing

As we dive down, we are coming to the uncommon and sensitive parts of the human body. Tongue piercings can be performed top-down or bottom-up. The piercing sits in between both sides of the tongue muscle in a layer called the medial-lateral, and they generally heal up in about 8-12 weeks.

Tongue Piercing

One thing that is associated with the tongue is oral risk and many people have been avoiding it in recent times due to dental health. Tooth damage can happen especially since the bar needs to be long to accommodate tongue swelling. As it recovers, make sure you downsize appropriately. It is better to avoid alcohol post-piercing because it might cause swelling and inflammation. Remember to follow all the guidelines and post-piercing treatments as advised by the piercer.

This is all you need to know before getting your first piercing. Not only the beginners, but we also hope this blog is beneficial to all who love piercing, from beginners to intermediate to pros. Another important thing is, if you are getting a piercing, be confident enough to carry it. Getting your lip or eyebrows pierced and then covering it up with a cap or mask in a room full of people will not do justice to the hard work of your piercer. Carry it as you own it. Also, check your corporate manual before getting one, some workplaces don’t allow it. For more such interesting and informative blogs, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also join us on WhatsApp to be a part of the largest grooming platform for men.

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