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Men's Belt 101:Understand It Better

Gone are the days when a belt was just another utility item for your outfit. If you carefully look into the wardrobe of a well-dressed gentleman, you will surely find various types of belts for varied occasions. Belts have evolved much more than just an accessory to hold your trousers at your waistline. In this competitive world, where even the finest of details are counted, your belt game can help you stand out from the crowd in ways you can’t even imagine. Over 100 years have passed since guys first started sporting belts in their outfits in the 1920s, and as leather belts are still the top choice in the show, many people are unaware of how the fashion and functionality of these straps have evolved. So, buckle up as we will take you through each one of those so that you can buckle yourself in the right way next time.

Different Men's Belts

a. The Basic Rules

1. Leather is the best option that you can blindly opt for. Whether casual or formal, a leather belt rocks both looks. However, there are other materials which you can choose in neutral colours.

2. Match the colour of your belt frame to all the metals you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing a silver frame, go for silver cufflinks, brooch, lapel pins, metal watch straps, etc.

3. Match your belt colour to your shoes, watch strap, and bag so that nothing sticks out.

4. Pick the right size. Don’t pick a belt that is too long, and the tail hangs out, neither pick so short, that you can’t tuck in the tail even in the first hook.

5. And the last and universal point is don’t mix up casuals and formals. There is a reason that the companies are having two sub-sections.

Basic belt for men

b. Types of Belts

While belts can be classified on various factors like colours, materials, or frames, we have kept the classification simple and effective.

1. Leather Belts

Undoubtedly the oldest and the finest player in the game. Leathers have been in use so much nowadays that we acknowledge the material for its simplicity and elegance. Leather in itself has various types like synthetic leather, bonded leather, top grain leather, and full-grain leather. The two best colours of choice are black and brown. While black one easily melds into your outfit, brown needs special care like matching it to the colour of your watch strap and shoes.

Black Leather Belt for Men

Although versatile, smooth leather belts go best with formals. It acts as a streamlining factor between your upper half and your lower half. If you feel your outfit has too much colour, you can use a brown or black belt to neutralize it with ease.

Tommy Hilfiger Leather Textured Belt

Tommy Hilfiger Leather Belt - Buy Now

2. Canvas & Nylon Belts

These are one of a kind in the casual sections. These belts come in various buckle types, especially Release buckles or Click buckles. As the name suggests, buckle up on free days with just a click. Not only it is convenient and easy to wear, but this belt is also often sported by people who are more into adventures. So, this can be a personal favourite for those who have a passion for sports. Wearing this feels cool, and the click sound perfectly passes the vibe check.

Klok Belts For Men

You can mix it up with any casual wear. Whether it is to fetch your kids from school or a casual friends meet, these provide you with the versatility and range of motion you deserve.

Kastner Canvas Belt

Kastner Canvas Tan Belt - Buy Now

3. Braided Belts

Braided belts are also part of the casual section but have a uniqueness of their own. The rich look and texture have a different vibe of their own. These belts are generally made up of rayon, waxed cotton, nylon, or other materials depending on the brand. All these materials give the belt a stretch factor along with an aesthetic edge.

Braided Belts for men

These are best for activities that require a little room for movements like golf or cycling or picnic cricket, badminton games, or beach volleys. Non-fussy and complements almost any casual outfit to enhance your holiday mood.

Jack & Jones Braided Belt

Jack & Jones Braided Belt - Buy Now

4. Dress Belts

These are just a sub-section of the leather belts which preach top formal looks. They look smoother and feel sturdier than any regular leather belt. They can be characterized by small elegant stitches around the edges and are hand stained to give a premium look effortlessly.

Dress Belts for Men

However, this belt would be least used as this will always remain the top choice for black tie events, weddings, funerals, shows and operas, graduations, and events that generally require you to put your best show in your formals. Black is the safest colour as it can blend easily with outfits. However, if you want some flair, you can add sober colour belts to your collections too.

Men Navy Blue & Burgundy Solid Reversible Leather Belt

Tommy Hilfiger Reversible Belt - Buy Now

5. D-ring Belts

This also falls under the casual section, but the frame has a dang look to it. Usually, these belts are carved out of lightweight material or canvas. The frame has two rings in the shape of a D, hence the name. To wear the belt, slide the tongue of the belt through the D-rings. After sliding the tongue through both rings, you pull the rings apart and slip the tongue back through them and tighten.

D Ring Belts for Men

D-ring belts are good for a casual outfit and sometimes seem too casual. Too much spunky pattern is bad even for a casual outfit, so go for an original and genuine pattern or colour. People have this preconceived notion that casual always means funky colours or patterns. Something sober can also be casual.

Zoro D Ring Blue Canvas Belt

Men Blue D-Ring Canvas Belt - Buy Now

6. Box/Plate Buckle

How about a belt with no holes? Box buckle style is a rectangular piece of metal. It looks solid from the front but is hollow on the other side. On the other hand, plate buckles are designed to be decorative and are almost always large. You can visualize cowboy belts as plate buckles. The strap inserts through the frame, and a prong pokes through the hole in the strap to secure it in place.

Box Buckle Belts for Men

It is a good formal alternative for formals if you are bored with holes. This is also another type of belt that the police personnel uses other than the Klik belts. These are generally made leather straps; however, you do get other materials in this. As always black and brown is the safest choice to pair with formals.

Blackberrys Brown Box Buckle Belt

Blackberrys Box Buckle Belt - Buy Now

Hope we have been able to give you all the information regarding these leather straps and now you will never mess up any occasion wearing the wrong belt with the wrong outfit. In the added part, you can now try some other types to change your taste as well. For more such cool and interesting information related to fashion follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel to be on the top of your style game. Join our WhatsApp community for more interesting content regularly.

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