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Men's Accessories: The Ultimate Guide To Style And Sophistication

Style is undoubtedly the best way to express yourself. Most people tend to associate style with outfits only, but the term provides a much wider scope. One such aspect of style is accessories. Accessories are an easy way to accentuate your style or even put a new spin on an old ensemble. However, some people naively believe that accessorizing is only for women. Wrong! Men can do it, too, and look like a pro if done right. So, let’s shed some light on this taboo, and then we will dive into the list of accessories that you should own if you want to take your style to the next level.

Men's Accessories

History of Accessories

Since the dawn of civilization, men have worn accessories - from Viking brooches to Egyptian signet rings to Polynesian pearl bracelets. Clothes were a necessity, but accessories have always been about expression. Even the accessories which we consider womanly were sported by medieval officials. High heels were worn by Persian cavalry in the 15th century to better secure their feet in stirrups. European aristocracy later used them to appear taller and more majestic. Makeup, rouge, and those enormous white wigs were mostly the domain of European men. So, before judging, you should have proper clarity regarding things unknown to you.

History of Men's Accessories

Here is the much-awaited list of accessories that every man should own

1. Bags

Hope you are not planning to carry all your items in your cargo pockets. It will look unappealing as well as potentially misshaping your pockets. Why not carry a bag? Bags are one of the most important and convenient accessories to carry around a lot of essential items. The type of bag you choose will depend entirely on the occasion. For work, a leather satchel or over-the-shoulder bag, such as a record bag style, can look both professional and fashionable, or while going hiking or on vacation, you can carry your shoulder bag.

This is the bag you can try

Laptop Bag

2. Watch

When it comes to choosing a watch, ordinarily you will consider one which suits every occasion. Of course, if you are not low on cash, it may be that you can afford to purchase more than one, meaning that you can go for something a little more elaborate when it comes to occasion. E.g., analog watches look best in formal as well as traditional, and digital watches are good for casual attires. If you are keen to improve your physical health, a fitness tracker might be more suitable for you. Do not make the mistake of thinking that they all look like traditional sports watches as some are rather stylish. Smartwatches are another great choice if you are tight on budget, and it is high on utility and versatility.

Add this beautiful watch to your wardrobe

Titan Rosewood Watch

3. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are blessings on days when the sun might not be so kind to you. Your sunscreen will protect you from the heat, but what about your eyes? Ensuring you always have a pair of sunglasses on you is advisable. For those who wear glasses or contact lenses, you should look into getting a prescription pair, allowing corrected sight as well as protection from the sun. We are not diving deep into what glasses will suit you as we have a detailed blog already, customized as per face shape and occasion. A fair warning would be, don’t go for the glasses that suit others as they might not suit you because we all have a defined face shape.

Try this classy sunglass

Fossil Sunglasses Brown

4. Belts

Belts are straps of leather or canvas or other material intended to be threaded through the loops on your jeans or dress pants to keep them up. But they do more than just keep your pants up. Their color enhances highlights in your ensemble and accessories, and the metal buckle can complement your watch, rings, and necklaces. Again we have a detailed blog already, customized as per outfit, material, and occasion. Go check it out to have a complete understanding of belts.

Try this strong belt

Blackberry Leather Brown Belt

5. Footwear

Footwear is the perfect definition of attention to detail. No matter how dashing your outfit is, if your shoe is not complementing your outfit, it will be easily noticeable. Also, you should know which shoes go with what outfit or dress code. Casual shoes like sneakers go with smart casual outfits. White sneakers work with a wide variety of outfits – but they catch dirt easily. If you want to avoid scuff marks, go for a solid black sneaker. Or you can play with combinations like blue and brown. A navy suede looks particularly great with jeans.

Dress Shoes

If you don't dress up much, a casual loafer is a great option. If you wear a suit sometimes or a suit is an integral part of your daily outfit, you want a dress shoe that's going to work with your suit. Double monks are a stylish option that stands out. A black Oxford is simply the best option that you can get in dress shoes, absolutely professional and straight business. Besides you can also choose from derby, brogues, and loafers.

Considering a Chelsea boot with formals is also a good alternative if you are into boots. With jeans, maybe go with a chukka. Blue suede chukkas will get you the deserved attention. If you want a chunkier casual boot, look for something with a combat boot design. This looks great with jeans, and you can also dress it up with a sports jacket if you give it a nice shine.

Buy this exclusive footwear

Flying Machine Open Back Slip on Shoes

6. Jewelry

Simplistic is best when it comes to jewelry unless you prefer to go for an over-the-top look. Jewelry is an important accessory as not only will it help you to stand out from the crowd somewhat, but it can also be seen as trendsetting. A simple silver bracelet can look striking. Although many advise restricting to one, there is no harm in wearing a necklace and a bracelet together. For a more specific guide you can visit our blog on jewelry for men where we have specified each type of jewelry even if you are considering piercing, we have a separate blog on that.

Try this amazing jewelry option

H&M Men's Rings

7. Ties, Bow Ties & Pocket Squares

Although these days, ties aren’t a necessity (not really if you are not working at a significant position or have important meetings or seminars), when wearing a suit and shirt, they do complete the look. If you are opting for a tie, pick the Grenadine ones. Grenadine is a textured open-weave silk that creates visual interest even in a plain color. Also pick a second option, something a little less formal, like a knit tie or a subtle pattern (pin dot, a tiny dot pattern, also goes with anything). Darker colors like burgundy, dark green, and purple are the most versatile.

Men's Ties

Bow ties are straps of fabric that go under your shirt collar and are tied in a bow at the front, covering your top button. They’re super fun and will make you stand out from the crowd at your next formal gathering. If you’re not into making too much of a splash, bow ties also come in cotton, silk, polyester (among others), and a variety of colors. Pick the color that complements your blazer.

Pocket squares are square pieces of cloth intended to decorate the breast pocket of a suit or blazer. These are usually made of polyester, silk, or cotton, and come in a variety of colors and patterns, and can be folded into myriad shapes. Matching your pocket square with your tie, bowtie, cravat, or ascot and making sure these complement the color scheme of your ensemble is what creates next-level style.

Bow Tie & Pocket Square Set

8. Cufflinks & Tie Clips

Cufflinks are made to pass through the buttonholes on dress shirts and secure the fold around your wrist, preventing the cuff from sliding over your hand. Cufflinks are made to pass through the buttonholes on dress shirts and secure the fold around your wrist, preventing the cuff from sliding over your hand. Cufflinks come in all shapes and sizes, and if you’re wearing a tie clip, rings, and other accessories, you’ll want to match your cufflinks to those. There’s no end to the creativity you can express with cufflinks.

Tie clips (or tie bars) are pieces of metal intended to keep your tie centered on your shirt and keep the thin end securely hidden behind the forward-facing thick end of your tie. Match the metal with the color of your watch or bracelet.

Try these tie clips and cufflinks

Cufflink Set

These are some of the accessories that you should not miss out on if you want to step up your style game. However, one inherent accessory that we all possess and very few own is confidence. Yes, guys, confidence is the king that completes your look. So be more confident while sporting any outfit or trying any accessory.

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