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8 Must-Have Suit Colors For Every Man’s Wardrobe

Updated: Mar 29

Growing up in an Indian household, we never came across the significance of the colors of the outfit. I still remember my mother pulling me out in a green t-shirt and red shorts with slippers on. God that was embarrassing! This is one of the major reasons why we men struggle with colors. Gentlemen, you are ignorant of the fact that the color of your outfit speaks volumes to those around you. And today we will be talking about the king of corporate outfits, the suits.

Whenever we talk about suits, people tend to imagine them in magnificent black suits which is again a color block. Not that we are against any color, but there are so many wonderful colors other than black. Choosing a suit color is one of the most neglected aspects when men are shopping for a suit. Many men will choose a suit color based on personal preference rather than what color would match their skin tone or which color is best for the occasion. But don’t worry we are here to sort things out.

Men suits intro

1. Black Suit

Black is traditionally the color of sophistication, classy, and elegance with a touch of power and authority. People tend to wear this color more often in top executive positions. It can be worn when you want to intimidate or outshine your competition. It is the most formal color in men’s suits but that doesn’t mean they should be avoided for fun events like proms, and weddings. Black suits look good on almost every skin tone and evoke deep emotions. Besides this, the sophisticated color is great for long travels as it hides wrinkles. Not to mention its versatility, as it goes with almost every color and is incorporated into almost any style. Upscale, chic, and perfect for formal occasions you must add color to your formal wardrobe.

Try this black suit

Black suit For men

2. Grey Suit

Grey can come in different shades like charcoal or dove gray with a uniform message of loyalty, dependability, and good work ethic. Grey signifies maturity, wisdom, and conservative, just like your decisions in life should be. The color is a class in itself, whatever suit you choose having any grey suit is a class of class. Darker shades like charcoal signify greater authority. The color serves intellectuality and efficiency, now you know why the gray matter of your brain is named so. The versatility of the color is very high as it goes with almost all the colors in your wardrobe. Being a color of the neutral family, they are great for traveling. They are a great choice for those who are bold enough to sport colors and patterns beyond the standard white shirt and black tie.

Here’s a perfect grey suit for you

Men's Grey Suits

3. Navy Blue Suit

Another business classic, brighter and youthful but still a powerful man’s choice. Navy is often considered the best color for an interview as it suggests a trustworthy and warm personality. A navy blue suit will not only make you appear more serious but it is also associated with productivity. Just like its above two counterparts, navy is versatile and goes almost with all colors. Darker shades of navy command authority, and medium to medium dark are people-friendly. You should avoid bright navies as they are childlike and carefree. The next time you have an occasion to speak publicly or have important presentations to clients, try Navy as it suggests you are an expert in your field.

Buy this chic navy blue suit

Navy Blue Suit

4. Brown Suit

Brown or those that fall into the earth tone category are the best colors when it comes to building rapport with others. Earth tones are warm, comfortable, and approachable looking as well as portray you as someone with affluence. Other earth tones like moss and olive green along with brown are the hottest trends in menswear this year. A recent study has shown men get more compliments while donning earth tones. Invest in the color brown if your wardrobe is empty on the color and be ready to collect the compliments thrown at you.

Try this unique earthy tone of brown

Brown Suit

5. Red Suit

Red is not a color that we see often in business settings. Just like the color, donning it can be very dangerous. If you get the shade wrong, you will look cheap and gaudy. However, the right shade can impart strength and leadership to your image. Since it is an attention grabber, you will stand out on any occasion, whether you like it or not. Not an everyday go but you can use it sparingly in your business wardrobe. Since it is already a bold color, you would like to keep your layering minimal. Pair it with a crisp white dress shirt and minimal accessories for a clean and bold look.

Look powerful in a red suit

Red Suit

6. Purple Suit

Purple comes from the blend of the bustling energy of the red and the calm soreness of the blue. Purple has mixed interpretations, for some, it is the color of royalty and mysticism, while some associate it with creativity and artistic personalities. These suits are unique in their way and can reflect you as a thinker of a different caliber. The color has been a trending color for menswear designers since 2017. Bordering on novelty but can be striking with the right complexion. Unusual colors like this should be kept dark to stay presentable.

Look dashing with this regal purple color suit

Purple Suit

7. Green Suit

The color green is the symbol of growth, energy, and of course wealth and success. Just like purple, the color can be striking with the right complexion. Incorporating a green suit is much easier than purple. Pair darker shades of green with white or black shirts to get the maximum out of the color. You can try colors like olive green, mint green, and pastel green to have a professional yet elegant look.

Try this color of green and look best in this suit

Green Suit

8. White Suit

White resembles purity, peace, and sublimeness. It is versatile and goes well with any skin tone. While white suits may be plain, simple, clean, and sterile. It still conveys that you are classic and timeless like no other color. However, it can be quite a tricky job to keep the color white for long and that is quite the reason why many people avoid this color. The white suit is incomparable if you can keep it clean and unspoiled.

Choose this white colored impeccable suit

White Suit

With all these unique colors, it can be easy to get confused and lost but don’t worry we are with you till the very end.

1. Business vs Pleasure

Business demands professionalism and formality in its suit and color. In case of full business dress limit it to charcoal gray, and navy, browns, blacks, and medium grays are also good options depending on the occasion. Usually, men don’t wear suits on casual days, but if a special occasion comes up like prom or wedding, then we have to be ready. Since we are making it out of our pleasure it's worth looking at less common colors: green, tans and khakis, browns and blues, etc. Which for some, is harder to do than others.

Business Suits

2. Versatility

A simply cut suit in a solid, dark color can go a lot of places. It works fine in a business setting with or without a tie depending on the look you need. You can even break it up and wear the jacket or the trousers separately when you need to. As you get into more unusual and casual colors the suit becomes less versatile. You won't be able to use it for much more than social events. So, try investing in colors like blue, grey, and brown which go well with any occasion.

Versatile Suits

3. Goals

What are your goals behind wearing suits? Some like to wear a suit for fun and show off their dressing skills, while some want an edge over others, for casual tones, light and medium colors are great options, for a comfortable and approachable look that doesn’t intimidate others, browns or medium grays. For the power dressers, the dark tone feels like home such as navy blues and charcoal grays, unbroken by any pattern beyond a light pinstripe at the most.

Suits Goals

4. Complexion

We have an entire guide on skin tone and colors accordingly on our website. A simple go through it can help you develop strong combination ideas. A lot of problem comes from contrast rather than colors and it can be adjusted by choosing the right shirts and neckties. And sometimes, no matter how favorite a color seems to you, you can not wear it to the place where you want to build an impression, e.g., pale-skinned men tend to look washed-out in a black suit, for example, and would do better in navy blue or a dark gray.

Suits colors combo for your skintone

Watch the below video for more understanding of the right color combinations for your skin tone.

That’s all you need to know before picking up the suit for your next meeting or prom. However, the color of your suit is going to be the first thing that people notice. It covers most of your body — whatever the color is saying, it's going to say it loud. All along with it, you have to carry your confidence. The color speaks about your choices and the confidence will speak about your personality. If you want to know more about what color you should pick, you can book a one-on-one session with our fashion experts. We will be very happy to help you.

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