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Can Plus-Size Men Wear Horizontal Stripes?

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Of course, they can. The world has always had an unlikeness for the people who have been a little more plumpy or looked bigger than the standard “sizes” that are assumed by humans. Now as times are changing, so are the mindsets of people. Everyone is now known for their identity and achievements more than their appearance. In the fashion scene, they have received a lot of recognition in the most positive manner. They have been even nicknamed the “plus-size” models. This has turned out to be a greater chance for curved people to come out more confidently ever and showcase how well they too can turn the world into a better place.

Plus-Size Men

Clothing has always been a difficult choice in general for any gender. But now that everyone is aware of the fact that it is not a big deal to look the way you are and be proud of it, but also make the fullest use of all the choices you have in your wardrobes. So, it’s all about how you wear it rather than should it be worn or not.

Stripes are for everyone

Stripe is an interesting choice for both formal and casual clothing alike. It is important to know the differences between the two kinds of stripe: Horizontal and Vertical. While there has been a long going debate as to how vertical stripes are more preferable as they make us look taller and much thinner than any other clothing choices. But we are here to break the myth. Horizontal striped shirts or t-shirts can also be an excellent option for a gentleman if he wants to be seen out of the crowd.

Plus-size men in horizontal stripes burgundy t-shirt with jacket

The science behind the stripes!

In 1867, this guy called Helmholtz thought of clearing the air of how horizontal stripes are not just for slender people. His experiment proved that when fat men wore horizontal stripes they looked taller too. However, it depends on the type of stripes they wear.

How well can one conquer the game of stripes?

Though there have been claims that undermine the power of striped clothes, it is this one type of clothing that never goes out of style and has failed to capture attention. Being a curved person, there are unlimited options for you to try in each of the following clothing dresses:

- For shirts

Shirts are always the classiest choice for any kind of event. It can never fail to amaze anyone, but the way you decide to flaunt it is where the suspense and excitement lie. Work your way with a lot of colors and experiment as much as possible with horizontal or vertical stripes. Though it is like each type of these stripes department belongs to a particular group of people (skinny dudes), it is greatly dependent on your body type more than any specified type of clothes for curvy people. Try contrasting colors like darker colored stripes with a lighter color shirt or vice versa.

- For t-shirts

One of the essential item in every kind of wardrobe, for both men and women, are tees. Comfy, casual, and charming all at the same time, striped t-shirts can never be replaced by anything good in this world. If you haven’t tried any of the tie-dye tees in the market, then what are waiting for? Get set to be the next style icon at your workplace.

Plus-size men in horizontal strip t-shirt

- The best kind of layering

Jacket or sweaters is the kinds of attire where one can found wavy stripes that spin like wheelers. Cover up those flabby parts that you were ashamed of always with a color-popping blazer or cardigan which can alter the way people look at you from then on.

- Trousers or shorts?

Not just the layers or the upper clothes are the ways to impress someone but did you know that you can also work wonders with your pieces of denim, pants too? Though it might seem like a bizarre idea for many, it can turn to be the best choice for many. So one can very well pair a plain tee or shirt with maybe neon-colored bottoms that are designed with admirable horizontal stripes.

Plus-size men in cream horizontal stripe t-shirt

Simple hacks to make horizontal stripes look more fantastic:

1. It is all about how well you present yourself or your clothes. So if it is custom-made or ready-to-wear clothes, try to add in both horizontal and vertical stripes in the same outfit, so there will be less attention to your flawed body parts.

2. Another great tip is to smartly trick your acquaintances by layering up the right way. For instance, if you a horizontal striped t-shirt, then top it with a contrasting vertical striped blazer.

3. The fabric talks way better than your dressing style itself. Sometimes it is very tricky to match the appropriate fabric to your body type. So most of the time, it is important to notice what flatters your frames perfectly.

4. Accessorizing any look can make it more flawless and well-suited for any occasion. Finish off your already dashing horizontal clothes look with a pair of sunglasses or a retro-inspired hat!

Plus-size men looking stylish in horizontal stripe tees and beige pants

The secret lies in the way you flaunt it in your own best way. Keeping in mind the fads and your interests, match every outfit so that it showcases your complete personality. Life is short and we got to try everything very soon, so come up with your hacks to turn to be the next trendsetter in the block! For all those who are insecure about their shape and size, never be ashamed of who you are and always be and keep inspiring people with your signature styles and trending clothes.

“Confidence will make you happier than any diet ever will”

One place where you can find the right kind of advice for all your queries on clothing is Enzo League. Our experts here examine your body type and keeping your interests and modes in mind, they design out the best, well-carved clothing map that would completely erase all your worries in the dressing section.

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