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Beard Dyeing 101 - All The Secrets Leaked

Dyeing a beard is not something new. Dyeing facial hair might be in trend recently but people had dyed their mustaches for ages. You have often seen your father or uncle doing it, to hide their age in the profession. And it is absolutely fine to dye your whiskers just like your hair. If you are keeping a beard, you should opt for dyeing if you are dying your hair. Two shades on the same face don’t go well. Although, dyeing which was earlier done by people to hide their age has now slowly lost its pace. It is good to see elder men sport the salt pepper look more nowadays brimming with confidence. But anyway, it is a matter of preference. If you want to dye your beard, here is a complete guide that you might find useful.

Beard Dyeing

Why should you dye your beard?

Have you thought about it well? Or you want to do it just because it is in trend. There are always two sides to a coin, and you should make your choices carefully where artificial colors and chemicals are involved with as precious features like your mane or whiskers.

Pros and Cons of Beard Dye

Pros: 1. It can enhance your looks instantaneously. 2. Great way to hide your age. 3. Good dyes can leave a natural and nice look that you might appreciate 4. Change is important in every aspect of life, even in your looks. Never stop experimenting. Cons: 1. As much as it can enhance your look, it can destroy it instantaneously too. The results might just turn the opposite you have expected. 2. It is much better to go for natural ways like yoga and healthy diet habits to reverse aging, than using artificial chemicals. 3. No matter how sulfate or ammonia free the claim is, at the end of the day, they are pure chemicals. 4. Look out for allergic reactions or infections, as some dyes might not just suit your tone, but also your skin.

Now let us look at the steps that will get you through this whole process like a professional - Grow Your Beard

You need to have a minimal amount of facial hair before you are thinking of dying it. Those with a scarce amount of facial hair or a subtle need to grow their whiskers out before the procedure. The extra length of the beard helps in holding the color better. If you color your beard when it is short, the bottom half of your beard will look dyed while the top part will be of natural color. Have the patience to grow an ideal length before you jump.

Growing your beard

- Choose A Dye

This is the most crucial step in the whole procedure. You need to be careful while choosing the color as you have to carry it for the next several months. If you have zero knowledge of skin tones and dyes, you can read our guide to hair dyes, and you will have ample ideas about the colors that go with your tone. You can even consult your barber and take his advice. But if you are hellbent on the real meaning of DIY, then the safest path is to choose a color closer to your natural hair color or dyed hair color.

A pro tip would be to choose a color that is one shade lighter as beard dyes take a darker shade than they appear once done.

Dye color as per your skin tone

- Wash Your Beard

Don’t just buy a dye and start coloring. We understand your impatience but everything must be done to bring out the best results from your dye. Before you start, take your beard wash and wash it properly along with the skin beneath, with your fingertips. Rinse the foam off and let it dry. Don’t use conditioner as it might form a protective layer over your beard and prevent the color from getting absorbed into your facial hair.

Wash Your Beard

- Prepare The Dye

An easy and simple step that you can do yourself. Carefully follow all the instructions provided on the packet and mix the base color and the developer. Some dyes can be used multiple times, hence take the amount you need and properly seal the packet if you want to use it the next time.

Prepare the Dye

- Apply & Leave

After the solution is mixed properly, start applying the mixture up and down properly through your beard. Apply the dye on visible patches and make sure that every strand of your hair is covered. Once you have applied the dye, keep a close eye on the color. To check whether you have the right shade or not, wash a smaller section of your beard. If it seems fine, you can then go ahead and wash it. If not, you can re-apply the color to get a bit darker shade.

Apply and Leave Dye

- Wash Out with Water

Wash out your beard when you see the desired shade. Run it under some cool water and wash it off. Continue washing your beard till the excess color comes off. If the color comes out darker than expected then use some shampoo to light it off, and if it comes lighter, re-apply some from the paste.

Shampoo Your beard

- Maintenance

Might not be an important point in the procedure but maintenance is important so that dye stays vibrant for a longer period and you don’t have to spend extra effort and time touching up in the middle of the week. Use color-protectant products that help in maintaining the color, while also protecting your beard.

Beard Maintenance


1. Here is a list of things that you should take care of in your dye journey 2. Steer clear out of paraben and sulfate products as they are harmful to both your skin and hair. 3. Choose your color well, because once done, it won’t come off easily. 4. If you have any ceremony or meeting to attend, dye one week before, so that the color settles well and comes out naturally. 5. It is always advisable to have your first dye session under the supervision of an expert. Once you have seen everything in and out, you can go for DIY. 6. Dye is just the beginning; the aftercare is much harder and costlier. If you are ready to take proper care and invest in products, then only go for it. 7. Last but not least, a patch test is a must. Apply the color on a patch of skin and leave it for some time to check if your skin shows allergic reactions to it.

Bearded men

This is all there is to it. Dyeing is not a big deal nowadays to hide age. Surprisingly, you can see youngsters nowadays seem much older than those who are above 30. It is just a shortcut, if you want to improve your overall health and reverse aging, you should invest in yoga classes and healthy diets. Nevertheless, we should have a taste of everything this world has to offer. Experimenting is not a bad thing you know, but you should know when to stop and find the real purpose behind it. To know more about men’s fashion and grooming tips, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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