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7 Unique Gift Ideas For This Valentine’s Day

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Valentines is a season of love and care. Gifting is a symbol of appreciation and affection. In the olden days, people used to write poems, create sculptures, make art and gift it to their loved ones. However, the most sought-after gift was the love letter. We all have seen great examples through the cinema. “Kabootar Ja Ja Ja…” was one of the ways people sent the note and even some of them used their siblings or cousins to play cupid in their love story. Now the times have changed and everything has reduced to posting a picture on social media.

Men Gifting to a Women

Let’s keep up the valentine’s spirit this year and express our love with passion. From romantic dinners to boxes full of chocolates, if you have tried it all and want to do something different this time, we have a huge array of ideas for you. Keep up the tradition of flowers and gift cards with some interesting gifts as well. If you are bored of the same old ideas and want to gift something unique and new, here is a list that will entice you.


If your partner is one of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S character Monica then they will definitely adore these gifts. They love to keep everything organized and clean. If they are the ones who scream “NO TOWELS ON THE BED” or “NO SHOES ON THE COUCH” then they fall into the category of perfectionists. He/She is not rude, they are just adorably cute.

These organizers are what they need. They make your life much easier when there is less clutter around and makes your partner happy seeing everything in place and in the right order. Order these to make your valentine’s day special. Because everything will not just be clean, it will be “MONICA CLEAN”.

Women's Jewelry Storage Organizer
Men's 6 compartment leather organizer

Women’s Jewelry Box – Buy Now Men’s Leather Organizer – Buy Now

Women's Accessories Hanging Organizer
Men's Double layered gadget organizer

Women’s Hanging Organizer – Buy Now Men’s Gadget Organizer – Buy Now


These options are for the Divas and Dudes out there. If your partner is trend-conscious and very obsessed with their outfits then these are the best options as they are specially curated from the style experts for the season. Such people never say no to clothes. They feel the world gets better each time they own a new piece.

Jackets and Coats are a staple and you can never go wrong with these. They are in trend as well as in the category of neutrals which makes them match most of the Indian skin tones. Help a fashionista build his/her wardrobe and they will love you more. So here you have options that make it easier for you to choose. You can also introduce them to Enzo League by gifting any of our services.

Women's Olive Jacket
Women's Purple Jacket

Women’s Olive Jacket – Buy Now Women’s Purple Jacket – Buy Now

Men's Olive Leather Jacket
Men's Brown Wool Coat

Men’s Olive Leather Jacket – Buy Now Men’s Wool Coat – Buy Now


Did you know perfume or body odor plays an important role in the attraction of a person? If your partner uses a certain perfume always the chances are that you might notice their presence even before they present themselves as you associate with it. If your partner does not smell good or have a particular scent then gift this so that they can create an impactful impression.

It’s always bliss for a partner to understand the other’s tastes. Especially when it comes to fragrances, if you know what suits them well or what scents they should adorn then you are a perfect couple. Perfumes are always considered to be a form of excitement in a relationship, which is why it is one of the common gifts given. These are a few exquisite perfumes that you can choose from.

Women's  Chimerique  Perfume
Mystiq – Fragrance Oil for Women

Women’s Perfume – Buy Now Women Fragrance Oil – Buy Now

Paco Rabanne Men's Perfume
Jaguar Men's Perfume

Paco Rabanne Men’s Perfume – Buy Now Jaguar Men’s Perfume – Buy Now


Cards and love letters are always an old-school method of expressing one's love to one beloved. After which the trend of greeting cards started to emerge. Why not write one for yourself and gift it to the person as they will cherish it always. If you are not much of a writer, hire a calligraphy writer and express your feelings in a beautiful way.

There are small local gift makers who personalize cards. Get one done and present it with roses in a retro style. Have you ever tried writing one before? Let us know through your comments. These personalized letters can be a boon for introverts. As you are so shy to express your feelings, you can tell it through a letter.

Letter Sheets with envelope

Letter Sheets with envelope – Buy Now


If your partner is a party lover and loves to host parties or attend them. They will surely love these options that you will see ahead. Glasses and cocktail maker that looks like souvenirs are a must-have for a party host. The shot glasses, the bar set, and others can be the best choice for your loved ones as it also adds a unique possession to elevate your bar space. Pull your sleeve-up, order these products and get ready to rock. “Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai..!”

Wall-mounted Liquid Dispenser
Portable Leather Bar Set

Wall-mounted Dispenser – Buy Now Portable Leather Bar Set – Buy Now

Shot Glass Organizer
Quirky Beer Glass

Shot Glass Organizer – Buy Now Quirky Beer Glass – Buy Now


For those who are adamant about routines and want everything on their rules, then it’s time to enhance their playfield. If they are keen on sports and fitness gift them a subscription from their sports club. If she loves her me-time in the salons, gift her salon or spa subscription. If grooming and maintaining their looks is what they love to do, then present them with a grooming or styling package. By enhancing the experiences of what your partner loves the most, your compatibility and understanding will increase. Here are some of the subscriptions and services worth giving a try.

Cult Fitness Membership
Lakme Salon & Spa Services

Cult Membership – Buy Now Lakme Salon Membership – Buy Now

Decathlon  Sports E-card
Enzo League Couple Styling Session

Decathlon Sports E-Card – Buy Now Couple Styling Session – Buy Now


These recommendations are for those who have just fallen in love and not know the person well enough. If you are trying to still understand him/ her and want to pick the best gift, these options might entice you. These gifts are an easier choice for anyone who is not sure what to pick for their beloved. They are useful, attractive, and memorable. The golden rose can be a memorable romantic addition and the indoor plants can always remind your beloved about you. Order any one of these and your partner is sure to be impressed.

Unisex LAptop Backpack with USB Charger
Golden Rose for Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Unisex Laptop Bag – Buy Now Golden Rose – Buy Now

Indoor Self-Watering Plants
Motivational Wall Frames

Self-Watering Plants – Buy Now Motivational Wall Frames – Buy Now

Find your perfect gift for this year’s Valentine through this and you can also keep other options in mind for anniversaries as well as birthdays. If you are still not sure what to give, connect with Enzo League for personalization.


Make your life and relationship special by enjoying each and every moment together. Let this valentine add more love to your relationship and May you live all the best moments together. Every day is Valentine if you love your partner extremely.


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